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  1. Lobster tail is only on a 7 day sailing, we did the 5 day on the magic, and no lobster tail on elegant night.
  2. I sailed in Aug with the Jansen , j&j one dose and was fine checking in on the cruise.
  3. The DOU is in the system when you board. When I went on the Magic in Aug, I went to the Atrium bar and ordered a drink and told the bartender I had the DOU anywhere on the ship, and he told me it was in the system, so the Drinks were on for the cruise.
  4. Same as my wife and I , so guess that is how they break even
  5. We are booked on the Mardi Gras over Thanksgiving, pressed turkey does not sound to good, But wife still wants to eat in the MDR, since we are bringing our Grandson on his first, and hopefully many more cruises.
  6. We did not have to have a Health visa, in Aug on the Magic.
  7. Thanks for your review, can't wait for B2B on Mardi Gras April 2022
  8. Loved the Miracle, with the grapes hanging in the dining room, had the best Alaskan cruise on her, which was also a Premier cruise, won some great prizes.
  9. I Believe right now they are just giving generic pins. We were on the Magic in Aug, and just received the pin with no ship name.
  10. yes they do, they should just give the cabins away for the port fees, and gratuities lol.
  11. Have a great cruise, 52 days for us on the Mardi Gras Thanksgiving trip
  12. I think it is by the towel animal left in the room, vax, no mask, not vaxed, animal has a mask.
  13. By contacting the casino dept. Global casino services.
  14. Maybe had the cards hidden in his mask. lol.
  15. Saw it on the automatic shuffle machine on the Magic in Aug.
  16. We are goer's, Sailed in Aug on the Magic, and had a great time, Booked on the Mardi Gras for a Thanksgiving cruise in Nov., And a B2B on the Mardi Gras in April 2022
  17. I learned how to play craps on the internet, just google it and it will show you how to play.
  18. We use a carnival PVP, she has been very good for us, always gets us the cabin we wanted, and all the other perks, especially when we have casino offers.
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