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  1. I had a May 21 booking myself on Sunrise cxl on March 13, with a rebook to Sept booking. Was given OBC, FCC and the rest was to be refunded. I haven't revived that yet but glad to hear some are getting their refund. I still need to accept the offer for my Sept Cruise but hesitating until i get the refund for the May Cxl.
  2. Hope everything works out for you, we took the 25% which was about $700 ( I has a Ocean Suite booked) and also applied my deposit to our next cruise and got $225.00 OBC because we booked about two days after learning of cxl cruise. Although we booked a simple 4 day gateway cruise, it only cost me a little over $650 after discount and deposit for two.
  3. Go on the first day and talk to Spa Manger and let him know that you are staying in Room # and it is not a Spa room but do have interest in learning more. During our last cruise on Breeze in 2016 we did just that, we ended up getting a one day pass and fell in love with the T-Pool, Thermal Suites after that we booked a Spa room for our next cruise and so on. If the Management is still the same (which 3 years probably not) they are good at giving you a deal to get you in. Steiner operates the Spas so they can give you extra deals if you talk to the manger. (Spa Manager not Carnival)
  4. Do you have a PVP, I have mine email me or text me when thing open up or change.
  5. I can't speak for NY, but as the two post above that seems to be the norm at every port. At least for Galaveston and Ft. Laundale we boarded right after the Wedding guest.
  6. We love to fly out of Worcester because how small, quick to get in, and cheap parking. but during our last trip we learned that Worcester can be a tricky airport if you have a time limit. A couple people on our flight let us know because of where the airport located sometime planes cannot land or have to approach from a different side. This happen to us on our way home, we started to descent and quickly had to regain attitude and come from the other side. I thought after them putting in the CAT III system thing would change. Good Luck, hope everything works out. We now fly out of Bradley or
  7. On our sailing on Breeze we had the tag team of Mike and Mike, so it made our cruise amazing. As stated above it was really nice to be able to walk around the ship with nothing to go inside to go back outside, nice and open. After Breeze we went on Splendor, which of course is a ship of it own. We enjoyed it but after going on Breeze, it just wasn't the same anymore. We have Mardi Gras next year, so we will see if it just the Newer ship feeling or Breeze it self..
  8. We had a Spa Balcony last cruise we had on the lido deck. It was pretty awesome knowing if you want to run back to your room to get something or use the bathroom it was just thru the doors and a little walk. No elevator to wait for or stairs to climb. Plus the 24/7 Pizza was really close when getting hungry at night. loved it!
  9. Checked the cruise ship tracker and didn't see anything, and I don't think anything is heading to a dry dock. Was it a older ship with a painted whale tail, then again I'm not sure if any of those are still sailing.
  10. I love getting them, but I did find it funny once that I was walking in IKEA and there was one in a display case. Unfortunately they took the name plate off so we couldn't tell which ship it came from .
  11. Great explantion, I knew a little bit about this but explained some more.. Thank you
  12. I thought my wife and I where the only ones that get in early. One of the big reason why we get a balcony to enjoy the late night in the comfort of our room.
  13. Splendor & Dream class for the Spa Therapy pool. Something about that therapy room! Little disppointed by our net cruise on Mardi Gras with the location and size of it.
  14. I also found having Spa Room give us the ability to the relaxtion room, thermal room or therapy pool to get away from the excitement. Also go to the front of the ship on a odd number and go outside where many people don't go.
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