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  1. On the Infinity recently we found it depended on who was serving. The person in charge of the bar never charged and I guess just made them slightly smaller or used a slightly cheaper brand of spirits. Other servers charged the $ or so price difference.
  2. Perhaps you can explain how you are in a position to guarantee this one way or another? I think there's some merit to the argument that this thread and the ensuing social media and direct approaches to Celebrity some of which were initiated by the publicity given to this matter on CC) had some effect. I'd put more weight on that than the the sweeping statements on what the majority of passengers think and want based on your self-selecting survey of a few passengers by you and your companions.
  3. Are you a journalist or a student doing research speaking to these dozens of people? Was it a representative selection? How do these dozens equate to the thoughts of the "vast majority" you mentioned earlier. Did you specifically ask these dozens of people for their views on free movies and foot stools - if not, how do you know whether they care about them or not. People query why my wife would want to go on a cruise and watch a movie late in the evening before going to bed, but she's not the one spending her vacation wandering the ship interviewing dozens of people
  4. How exactly will this impact food, entertainment, activities? Where's your evidence that the vast majority of people couldn't care less about free movies in their cabins?
  5. Watch out for a restaurant or bar to be named throughout the fleet as "Lisa's"
  6. Let's hope the reinstatement remains in place and the quality of the movies doesn't suffer. I recall, when travelling through Asia for many years a lot of the hotels offered a free satellite movie channel - on average there was one decent movie a day (typically 5+ years old) and the rest of filler made for TV melodramas.
  7. Few things with this model - aren't the flights with the free movies the long flights 5-18 hours in during which a lot of people are doing little else other than watching the free entertainment for the duration of the flight? On a ship, those watching the movies are, on average, probably only watching for a couple of hours a day
  8. and some people go on holiday to sit at a bar and drink beer, wine and spirits (the same they could do at home) or queue to eat food at a buffet they'd probably pass and ignore at the local supermarket.... I suspect very few people actually go on holiday for the purpose of watching movies, many probably choose to to while away a couple of hours in the late afternoon before evening meal, or to fill the "dead" time between evening meal and the late show in the relative peace and quiet of their cabin. My wife and I currently each work about 60 hours a week - we currently don't want our holidays to be action packed food and booze filled partying.
  9. In 12 nights on the Infinity last month the only two songs I heard from the last 5 years were Fireball by Pitbull and Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars, the latter we heard A LOT. Almost everything else I recall was 10-30 years old - recall hearing some late 80s stuff.
  10. Thank you, this is most helpful. I had no idea there were alternatives to watching movies. I’m also grateful for the suggestion that I should try to do other things as I’m on holiday. Next time you are on a plane and the in flight entertainment doesn’t work a good alternative is to look out the window or browse the inflight magazines.... yes, you could describe a ship as a floating hotel, - but every land based hotel I stop in these days (on average 2 nights a week) seems to have at least 50 free TV channels and free high speed internet..
  11. If there is no going back on the free movies, the ability to plug a USB stick in to the TV (virtually every TV has a media player in these days) would, in our case, go a long way to improving the situation. My wife likes going to bed early and watching 30 mins of a movie. On our previous cruises on an S class ship it wasn't unusual for her to take 3-4 nights to get through a movie
  12. On the infinity 2 weeks ago on demand movies were $14.99 (or thereabouts). There was only one free choice that was not on demand and changed daily - like it or lump it. This was significantly less than previously on the Eclipse, which were also on demand. The system has always been glitchy though in our experience. Wife and I decided we would bring our laptop next time - we have 1000s of films and TV programmes on our home Network so it's easy for us to bring a good selection with us.
  13. We noticed a definite dip in quality at the buffet this year on the Infinity. On our last cruise on the Eclipse 3 years ago - there were some good themed evenings in the Buffet (Seafood, Chinese, Indian, Grill Night). This year the themes seemed much more basic and slight - German Sausage, Nachos, Crepes are the ones I recall
  14. We did notice on our recent cruise on Infinity how plain and basic the majority of the tableware is in the MDR. Even in a modest mid range restaurant on land I would expect to see better tableware. The majority of the tableware, particularly the soup and dessert dishes, and coffee / tee cups, were very plain. I feel the dining experience would be lifted considerably with a better choice of tableware
  15. The CD was someone called Luigi. Didn't see him about too much, but didn't go on the lookout for him either. One of his Activity managers (chap from Turkey) did a lot of the pool stuff, nice enough chap but very very loud on the microphone. There were No belly flop contests! Re the music - not exactly "First World Problems" IMO (as suggested by someone earlier) To hear the same very small playlist of repetitive music for 12 days is not what we expect. I have a music collection of over 45000 records of all genres, so enjoy music. Some subtle background music adds to our enjoyment.
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