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  1. We are elite plus on Celebrity and I am 63. Love the ships, service, food.... BUT I agree with you, the entertainment is pretty sad. I miss a piano bar, more music during the day and activities. I do not want to be sold "something" as an activity. Their Beyond the Podium speakers are good but they dont offer enough of them. The same speakers are repeated way too often on other sailings. My opinion Celebrity needs to put some energy into their offerings. Even we "older" people would like more. Many times on our Roll Calls I will start an activities sheet. Card groups, dice games, bar hops, slot pulls. Some sailings with an active Roll call can be allot of fun. Thankfully, I also enjoy swimming and reading and just hanging with my husband too. I wish more people would request some new and different activities when Celebrity asks for reviews.
  2. About four years ago we sailed on HAL, on the Nieu. It was a two week Caribbean cruise. We normally sail Celebrity. We sailed Carnival once and RCCL several times. I dont need allot of glitter and glam but I found the Nieu to be sort of "sad". The pool area, and the adult area were just ok. It wasnt spa like at all. We are not late night partiers but honest to God, we saw more people asleep in their chairs at 7pm and on.... We enjoyed the food and I enjoyed the cooking classes but after our last and only experience I dont see us going back. Maybe in ten years....
  3. Thank you so much for responding so quickly.
  4. Do you know if you the pharmacies sell Prednisone? Its cheap here in the US, but not easy to get a prescription for it. I have RA and when it flares prednisone is a life saver
  5. We just booked the Borghese Gallery last week! Our daughter spent a year in Rome during her undergraduate studies, and highly recommended it. Also booked a cooking class. Other then that our time in Rome will be spent strolling through neighborhoods, people watching and enjoying the great food and wine
  6. its great! I still enjoy Eastbound TA's also but West is the Best
  7. Thank you ALL for your suggestions. I appreciate it so very much
  8. I was just going to ask for recommendations. Great post. thank you
  9. Did a search, sounds like a great tour. Thank you :)
  10. Yes! I am starting to rethink my plans. Considering flying into Sevelle, staying for several days and I have seen several good day tours. then taking the train to Barcelona
  11. I have spent hours researching multi day tours prior to our cruise. We have been to Barcelona several times and thought we would like to see other parts of Spain ( for a week) I would prefer a tour group. I saw several by Viatour that sounded good but there were no customer reviews. (that makes me leary) I am looking for an easy paced tour. Has anyone used a tour company that they can recommend. I know Tauck tours are excellent but they are very expensive and all 5 star. Im looking for something more 4 star to 3 1/2 I would appreciate any suggestions
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