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  1. Received an e-mail from NCL informing us that our zip line excursion at GSC has been cancelled. They said "Due to operational needs, the below mentioned shore excursions have been canceled and are no longer available. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause." Interesting they are putting the refund to OBC even though we paid upfront. Not sure why. I guess I am not that worried as we will use it up, providing we can use it for the service charges. I wonder why no immediate refund back to CC?
  2. What do you need to show? So people were just walking in? How is a spa pass holder identified? Thanks
  3. I called today to see how much it would be to just buy the upgrade from inside to Spa balcony and it was $2,000. To rich for my blood. I have a bid in so hopefully I will get lucky. To buy up is way more expensive than in was when I booked originally.
  4. Do they sell buckets of beer at a discount at anytime? I believe they used to and if they still do are they unopened (refrigerate and drink later).
  5. Wow. I thought NCL was keeping things at 75% max until August.
  6. Glad I opted out of drink package for cruise leaving 7/23/22.
  7. Immediately got back an email that said I would hear from them in 24 hours.
  8. How do you submit proof of ownership? Is there an e-mail you send it to? Thanks.
  9. WDW will be less expensive than the Mardi Gras? I find that hard to believe.
  10. They gave us 10% off a future cruise when they cancelled our Panama Jewel cruise in March. They did cancel the whole cruise though not just us. Boy that wasn't the most generous. They cancelled one day after final payment was due (59 days out). We had one year to use it. We did use the 10% on our upcoming July cruise on the Getaway.
  11. Milkshakes and lobster rolls I can understand. Burgers and fries no. Thanks for all of the feedback.
  12. Why would someone purchase items like a cheeseburger at the American Diner? Burger, fries, chicken sandwich and things like that are free elsewhere on the ship. Someone who has dined there please explain. Thanks.
  13. This is on current Getaway sports deck photos. Clearly shows mini golf. I wonder why they don't get rid of this photo if the mini golf course has been removed? This is misleading.
  14. We used them for cruise out of Athens in July 2021. Worked out well. Bumps along the way but they were airline issues. We are using them again for July out of Port Canaveral. That will be interesting. Flying in day of. Assuming we are flying into Orlando. Will need to leave pretty early if we have connecting flights.
  15. Okay. I know we had 2 cruises booked. One booked in Feb 2021 for March 2022 sailing and one booked in May 2021 for July 2021 sailing and we completed most of check in items right away. No big deal but nice to get things out of the way if you can.
  16. I could not remember on NCL. I have been to M&G on MSC and they had a full open bar with anything you wanted.
  17. Sorry you are right. We did get wifi - 150 minutes each. We got the 3x points. We got the $50 excursion credit. Probably won't go to a show or seminar just to get a free drink. Sometimes the art auctions are entertaining. I actually bought a piece years ago.
  18. FCC's. Once those are used up either prices will come back down or NCL will not be sailing with full ships.
  19. When did NCL start the check in not available until 21 days before the cruise? We had always checked in right after we booked. The only thing recently is you couldn't upload vaccination (or something like that) info until the end.
  20. Actually the extra cost is around $400. $277 gratuities, $100 additional fare cost for the "free" drinks and $20 more for the insurance (I guess because you are in a higher cost level). So if I do have a couple events with real free drinks that helps. My wife doesn't drink much, 4-6 drinks on a 7 day cruise. So it looks like 30-40 drinks over the 7 days to break even and if she drinks 4-6 it would be 26-33 drinks for me to break even. I certainly do not "need" to drink that much and I probably wouldn't. I will say it is nice to be able to try anything you want without thinking about it but purely from an economic standpoint it is pushing it for us. If I get a couple $5 local beers on islands that will be nice.
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