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  1. I am gold currently and will become platinum after the cruise. I see those extras that come with it. Next cruise.
  2. Just booked the Getaway in July. Booked an inside room and no drink package. This cruise is a replacement (kind of) of our cancelled Panama Canal cruise from March. I will try to upgrade via bidding on room with minimum bid if they send us a bid email. First cruise in a long time not being in a balcony room and having a drink package. We figured we will save a bunch of calories with no "free" drinks and we can just buy a drink here and there if we want one. My question is where do they offer free drinks on board? Do they give them out at the CC meet and greet or at the Latitude welcome back party? Not having the drink package will free us up to have a drink or two on the islands. I always hated to buy any on land when we could have the same drink "for free" on the ship. Any advice for my "on the cheap" cruise would be most appreciated.
  3. That is strange. It shows mini golf in the pictures of the sports area on the website. Are you sure it is gone?
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