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  1. So I need to have someone clear this up for me. If I fall asleep in the Solarium, am I using the Solarium in a legitimate manner? What are the legitimate use for the loungers in the Solarium? Are the only for use immediately before and after I use the pool or hot tubs?
  2. The $750 appears to be about 8%, that seems to be about the average value received as "incentives" to book with TA's. Beyond this type of incentive, sometimes you can also get a group rate.
  3. I understand that you didn't enjoy Labadee, but I think you are likely blaming the wrong people. Sure, once you went to the Artisan market some of the vendors may have been too aggressive for your tastes, but I don't think I ever saw anything that suggests the level of sophistication that you're suggesting. It's probably more likely that it occurred on the hometown streets, than Labadee. There have been plenty of times I had suspicious transactions on a CC that I haven't used for a while. The CC data is out there on the dark web, it was more likely that it was just a coincidence that it oc
  4. You can have my free sushi for your free wifi
  5. Now it's clear …. The people that dreamed up the Eden concept and the Edenites were on drugs.
  6. For me that would be great news. I love Labadee and I wish Celebrity would stop there more often.
  7. Thanks for your review, it looks like it was a great trip. After your review I 'm more inclined to take a long trip and I don't think I'd be bored but I think I'd stick to warm weather climates. Maybe a transatlantic that goes south would be my choice. Thanks for the review, have a safe trip home. BBG
  8. Can you find an S-class ship with a similar itinerary?
  9. I think this is a good approach. The few extra dollars is worth it to eliminate any worry. Now sit back and finish planning the details of your cruise.
  10. Perhaps the reason no one is checking passports at the ports is that all of your stops have been in the EU and there isn't any reason for passport control. In Russia you need your passport and visa (included with many guided tours) to exit the port as well as re-enter.
  11. Host Walt, we really miss you.
  12. As you are getting ready to finish your long series of days at sea, are you ready to get off the ship? I don't remember much about your daytime activities, but have you been bored? Do you sense from the other passengers that they are getting anxious to get off the ship? Thanks for your review
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