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  1. For us, the level of service and the "kinder-gentler" environment make it worth it. The uptick in the menu is a plus, too.
  2. It's normal. In our experience, the closer it gets the worse it gets! 😉
  3. We had only one guarantee booking. Never got an upsell offer. It really depends on how the cruise is selling.
  4. OP, for the very reasons you mentioned I believe Royal Caribbean is the line for you at this stage of your lives. We love HAL, but have taken our grandkids on Royal Caribbean cruises. They loved it! Now we're sticking with Holland America as it offers the product most aligned with our desires in a cruise. Good luck to you!
  5. If it's a reflection in the water, the tower should be on the left. A water reflection doesn't change sides.
  6. I don't think it was designed as a reflection. Here's a tile with the image printed upright.
  7. Has anyone else noticed that this Koningsdam tile has been misprinted? The outline of the top of the Hotel New York in Rotterdam is upside-down! Turning it right-side-up and placing it at the bottom (as it is done on some other tiles) would overprint the artwork of the ship. Looks like they needed to draw another view of the ship. Oops!
  8. Prinsendam was a good example of small ship pricing. Their itineraries were notably higher per diem than HAL's larger vessels. I guess it's just human nature that folks want more (or, in this case less) but don't want to shell out for it. I loved the Prinsendam's feel, yet I thoroughly enjoyed Koningsdam. My upcoming cruises are on Nieuw Amsterdam and Zaandam, as those are the sizes I prefer now.
  9. Just a way to provide suite perks without having to construct the additional real estate.
  10. There is no telling what any area of the ship will feel like. As others have said, have a cover-up available if the room is cold to you.
  11. Thank you, VMax1700 and Copper10-8 for the definitive words. End of story!
  12. While it's a blessing the crew members are spared the horrors of these disasters, it must be torture for them to be so far separated from those they love. I pray that the HAL crews' families are all okay.
  13. We have sailed Princess, Royal Caribbean, and Disney as well as HAL. Each cruise was enjoyable on different levels. But it seems HAL is just a fit for us. We enjoy their ships and their crews. The food is right up there, too. I think I could best describe our experience with Holland America as "comfortable."
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