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  1. Perhaps you can help me figure this out. I clicked on your link but could not find where one would book a day pass.. I went to the web site and got the same thing but just couldn't figure it out. Have you booked a room there as well? Thanks. OCPAT
  2. Our cruise begin on New Year's Eve. Trying to find out what kind of celebration Celebriety provides. Would this be a night to book a Speciality Resturant? Your input is greatly appreciated. OCPAT
  3. We were on an over night stay and went to Vieques but we didn't do a ferry ride. SO I may be talking a different location. It was fun watching the locals coming to celebrate their weekend off at the park in town. We took the tour on small motor boat. Most of the people were in kayak's and had no idea how to row in their craft. Our boat had to have a man sit on the bow to warn off the poor souls in those boats. Mind you, it was dark with no artificial lightening , scary we would hit them. Any ways we got to the magic spot and it was cool but minimal and did not live up to all the hype. All those boats every night have pretty much minimized the effect. The ferry ride might be worth it since this site was not what we imagined. Check the reviews for the tour you are looking out. Enjoy what you can.
  4. It appears that the museum will be closed for our August Trip. Can anyonce confirm that it will be closed mid-August? We are doing a private sail to the island. Thanks. The info. is this question has been most helpful.
  5. We will be leaving for our Greek Cruise 8/14 with a group and hope the negatives are few and not quite what the preception may be.
  6. I really enjoyed your review and insights. I am working on a group cruise where I have a lot of widows going. Do you think 4 old ladies would fit well into your cabin? I am not asking about the personality aspect more about space and comfort.
  7. Our efforts to find players in over 30 cruise is nil. My group are seniors from Maryland and only want to go out Baltimore, they don't want to fly.. I prefer RCCL so it appears vision is going to be it. Appreciate your insight.
  8. Well in our case its folks who play at our senior centers that I will be promoting the cruise but we would welcome newcomers. I usually can't find anyone who plays pinochle on our cruises. I do know they have open bridge games and some ships have announced other card games going. I think I am booking the cruise in October, 2024 out of Baltimore, if you are interested.
  9. Was that email just for the Odyssey Ship? I wonder if I did that with Vision of the Seasevents, I would be connecting with the right people. TA will be working for his big dollars. Thanks! When we did our South Pacific Cruise they used part of the lounge.
  10. Very valid points. I was thinking a lounge during the day. They are usually empty but their chairs are tough. HAL sectioned off a spot for a knitting group. I am thinking I will get a designated space (s) that we can alternate. I also want to pre-arrange and get it in writing before the cruise as much as I can. My group likes to eat so they will be respecting folks during the busy meal hours and not be playing. Thank you for your contributions.
  11. Hello all, My card playing folks want to do a cruise out of Baltimore. Any advise/wisdom that you can share as far as dealing with the ship and in my coordination efforts would greatly be appreciated. Yes, I have a great Travel Agent and will be using him to the max. But I am looking for maybe inside info. when you have a group. My group may be as few as 5 cabins or 20. Planning is in the early stages. Include why not to do and best practices. Thank you so much. The Cruise Critics have always been so helpful and correct. Most of us will be 60 plus. Some couples and a number of widows. We are slow but at least able bodied. Mostly women.
  12. We are looking at booking the National Geographic Resolution, July 2024. I do not know what cabin to book. We will be going from Greenland to Nome, Alaska. Are the seas rough in late July? If so, we want to do low mid-ship. Will we be able to enjoy a balcony, or would it be too cold? Will it matter if we are port or starboard? We've enjoyed suites for the extra room and perks, but I haven't been able to determine if there are extra perks with a suite. Your advice and suggestions would be greatly appreciated as this isn't the Caribbean or South Pacific and I am truly lost in figuring this out.
  13. Thank you all. yes, I am on the roll call, and everyone has been sharing their information. Bottom line is that HALs guest relations and other offices are saying one thing, the itinerary is still the same and cannot figure out why the Navigator has the change. The purpose of my query here, was to see if anyone knows of a separate person who can officially clear this problem up.
  14. Oh, wise ones, please advise. We are leaving on 10/3 for the South Pacific on the Zuiderdam. The navigator has a changed itinerary, and HAL official are saying not so and cannot explain why the Navigator has a different Itinerary. My TA has been on the phone hours talking to various departments, hours. Meanwhile, folks currently, on the Zuiderdam received confirmation and another TA notified their customer. So, I think the Navigator has it right and HAL hasn't got their act together. I would like a verification though, so I can cancel reservations. Any suggestions who we can contact to get a straight answer.
  15. OC PAT

    Honolulu luau

    How far is the Queen's Laua from the port? Thanks. Great info.
  16. Hal Zuiderdam , leaving San Diego on 10/3, 10/12 in Kauai.
  17. I moved too quickly, and everything was charged to the cc. Thanks to my TA and RCCL Fernando we are now set. Didn't see the option to select payment method. Thanks.
  18. Thank you, so much. You made my night. Will they automatically use it or do I need to direct it to be applied?
  19. Does RCCL allow OBC to be applied for internet packages and excursions? I would rather pick and pay before we board. Thanks
  20. Thank you all. I think I got it. Diamond discount of a free day first. Can we both have our free day on the same time? We both will want to use the internet at the same time, so we then get the package for 2 devices/connections. Should we get surf or voyage? It seems like the general consensus is that the Key is not a good deal because we have to buy 2 packages whereas, be it surf or voyage, we buy 1 package for 2 connections which make more dollar sense. The additional perks of Key are not considered a value for the costs or needed perks.
  21. That is part of my challenge. What would getting by on 1 Voom pkg mean?
  22. So, we have been under the false impression and our faces are red in shame. Yeah, I put my decimals in the wrong place when I figured the percentage. Virus fever brain fog or just stupid, thanks for the correction, again red faced.
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