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  1. I lost a few things with this update -- checked that we are vaccinated and know what to bring to prove it, unless we have to scan that later. This too will pass!
  2. It's definitely smaller than a US King and wider than a US Queen
  3. We've found the head waiter to be very helpful and will advise on what meals can be adjusted to your needs. We prebook our meal, after dinner, for the next day and have had some delicious sauces etc that are lower sodium. You may want to request GF sauces.
  4. Wonder what Orange means for Majestic?
  5. Yikes. I'll stick with us both on one account
  6. We are on the late October version of that cruise and are on the port side -- not by choice but works for us as we go south to Gibraltar and then east and north-ish to Rome. Need to look at detailed maps of journey.
  7. I have the same question. I also wonder how check-in occurs with two people on one account.
  8. Are we at the point yet when we can scan in vaccine cards?
  9. Our cruise on the Island Princess Oct 19 Southampton to Rome was cancelled by Princess. I have been reading the UK newspapers and find it all unclear for folks traveling from the US to the UK; the rules appear to change rapidly and are written in terms for UK residents. There will be a "Freedom Day" announcement for July 19 that is causing concern for some and joy for others. The rules within the EU are also ever changing by country. While I really want to see my UK family it is a relief not to be stressed by traveling there this year. Hopefully they have their act together for 202
  10. Phone Princess! They are the only ones who can help and reassure.
  11. I am really looking forward to Dine My Way. Hoping I book a table for 2 and actually get one! I have always regarded the perks as gifts and not something I've earned. We always book for itinerary and will never reach elite.
  12. Island Princess. Southampton to Rome No reason why but assume it's due to the uncertainties of Covid. Is the Royal for UK passengers only? At the moment we cannot even get into the UK, even with two jobs, without quarantine. We have been transferred to next years cruise.
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