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  1. They now sell passes pre-cruise in the Personalizer
  2. How does the thermal suite work? Do I make an appointment time or just drop in? Any tips / hints to make it a relaxing experience?
  3. Mine was even less than that with a discount applied! Quite a bargain.
  4. I find Chico's clothes fit me well especially their Travelers line. I am a 5' 4" curvy size 16 top and bottom with a slim waist. I found this one for a late October western med cruise. I see it dressed up, or down, with colorful scarves and bling. https://www.chicos.com/store/product/zenergy+upf+neema+knitinset+dress/570249474?color=1249&catId=clearance It's also on Amazon.
  5. I agree with Caribill -- no automated call system.
  6. I found this website useful https://www.zigzagonearth.com/things-to-do-le-havre-cruise-port-excursions/#tab-con-8
  7. I have been using these when we travel. https://www.amazon.com/Selection-Single-Coffee-6taste-2packs/dp/B00JXCMVZ8/ref=sxbs_sxwds-stvp?keywords=Japanese+single+serve+coffee+in+filter+packs&pd_rd_i=B00JXCMVZ8&pd_rd_r=938f87fe-c506-4171-aca2-8e437d390c9e&pd_rd_w=YWGrr&pd_rd_wg=wogkH&pf_rd_p=a6d018ad-f20b-46c9-8920-433972c7d9b7&pf_rd_r=MKTHSF8MKP6NEH868AW9&qid=1568219179&s=gateway
  8. Just make sure you do not put the used grinds down the sink or toilet.
  9. Some specifics would help --where is your connection?
  10. Dunrobin Castle from Invergordon. Great Falconry show -- we did a private tour out of Invergordon to get the right timing for the Falconry. I still follow their Facebook page. http://www.dunrobincastle.co.uk
  11. We used Princess as we wanted to go to Orkney. Fabulous cruise.
  12. We are planning to take Tram 19 from the Piazza Risorgimento, where we are staying, to visit the Borghese Gardens (Villa Borghese) but not the Gallery. The Museum of Modern Art appears to be the best stop to get off at. I cannot find specific entrances to the gardens --are there any? What route would you suggest via the lake and through the Pincio end of the gardens to return to the tram to get us back to Piazza Risorgimento? Does the return tram run on a different set of lines parallel to the outbound ones? Are the bus stops at the same location? Thanks
  13. We decided on Pig-in-the Wall for a unique experience and a minute from the Duke of Wellington .
  14. I think the Premiere Inn, West Quay has AC. Keep in mind it can also be chilly in June.
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