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  1. I have only ever had two issues using EZ Air, the main one being that not all flights are included so sometimes you can't get the schedule you really want but it is a small price to pay for the great fares. The other issue I had (once) is that my flight was changed (the airline changed the plane and it no longer had first class even though that is what I had booked) but I wasn't notified by either the airline or Princess. I happened to look at the seats and and noticed the change.
  2. It hit my credit card this weekend, yeah!
  3. I called and that is exactly what they did. So now it will be paid back but when is the question. Thanks for the advise.
  4. But even if you did the incentive credit weren't they are still to give you the taxes and flight charges back to your card? I have received my FCC but not those. And they canceled the cruise in March.
  5. As of this morning the flights are still showing up when I go into my Princess reservation (which still shows the cruise leaving in six days) but when I go to the AA website the reservation is now gone. So something is happening.
  6. My flight leaves in less than a week and is STILL showing up both in Princess and on the AA website. At this point I can't get through to Princess (keep getting a fax machine sound). Any thoughts if I should just call AA and cancel?
  7. I have the opposite issue. I am due to fly out in 10 days and as of this morning my flights (except one leg) are still showing up on the AA site. When I called Princess a few weeks ago they told me NOT to cancel the flight; they would. But it hasn't happened yet and I can't back through to them to find out why. At what point do I just cancel the flight?
  8. I called yesterday because my flights still weren't canceled. The lady I spoke with said yes they will cancel them but it could take up to 30 days. She also said that yes the airfare would be refunded. While I was on the phone she canceled the shore excursions we had booked but said I had to cancel any spa reservations or passes my self.
  9. I haven't seen this addressed directly and can't find it on the Princess website. We were on the Sky leaving in April so on one of the cruises that were canceled this week. We made our selection of the type of refund we wanted on Wednesday however as of today however the flights are still showing up both in American and in Princess. Are they canceling the flights or do I need to? We had the flexible airfare if that matters. Thanks.
  10. Will they let you assign them all to one person? I ask because I am usually the one up in the morning getting the coffee for my mom.
  11. I know if you are an Elite or Suite passenger you can turn in your mini-bar for 30 coffee "punches". When it was the card you could give one to each person in the cabin. How does it work now? Does each person get 15 punches, do you have to decide who gets the 30 or do you just share the 30?
  12. If it is the same size as the similar room on the Emerald R402 you can but it is tight. With the sofa bed down you really have to go through the bathroom to get to the front door and all four of you won't fit on the balcony comfortably.
  13. And keep checking as you may not get notification. I had booked a leg back from Europe in first and happened to look and the airline had changed the plane. As a result there was no first any longer. Luckily I found another flight that had first at less $ but boy would I have been surprised when I tried to board the plane.
  14. Sorry to be ignorant but how do you play the casino and cash out to get the OBC back? I have $1000 non-refundable on my next cruise and no way will I spend that much.
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