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  1. What I would like to know is, how much fcc will I get ? I called princess and was told that I would get double the cruise total including the fcc and that I would only the value of what I paid in cash with an extra 25% added to what I paid. So I’m confused!!
  2. I received this email after having my cruise canceled for the second time, I booked the second cruise with fcc From the prior cruise and also paid an additional $864.92 So, how will this work out if I want fcc instead of a cash refund? My trip was paid in full when princess canceled. Tia
  3. Update ***** I called and spoke to someone in corporate and was told that the notes from the agent stating that I was upgraded to a mini suite mysteriously disappeared but they could offer me a free balcony breakfast or specialty restaurant free for the mix up. I decided to wait to see if the price drops for the mini suite to book an upgrade and pay the difference. I really appreciate everyone’s advice and help in resolving this situation, I have learned a lot about human nature in this thread some of you have been very helpful and some of you have been very rude but I appreciate all opinions..I will update everyone on the final outcome and if you have any advice for me please share thank you all
  4. Why would I make that up for a thread??? Being that my writing skills are horrible I would not waste my time ,buddy. You seem pretty bitter about something that has absolutely nothing to do with you...chill ...everything is ok😒
  5. No I didn’t re-fare I used my original booking price
  6. 40% off I paid in full when I booked the original cruise no yes
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