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  1. If you read the article carefully you will see that the timeline of it finished in the latter part of 2019. The elliott.org seem to be trolling for stories on how to handle credit card disputes. The article even states that elliott.org that the customer handled the situation incorrectly and did not actually suffer any problems. They caught 2 King salmon and complained. Seems to be they are like the customers you hear of that buy clothes at Walmart wear them until they are dirty and then demand to return them because they are dirty.
  2. If you read the story carefully it becomes obvious the event occurred a year ago.
  3. It is all part of UCSF being a public institution and fulfilling its duty to the public. Typically UCSF School of Medicine publish a Grand Rounds video once a week and recently they have concentrated on the pandemic. The channel is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCprcipiXNXTzJYJfN02rHsA They have a lot of videos on other topics. They also have essays on new research results in various field at their web site. I found some that are truly amazing.
  4. You may want to look at UCSF Grand Rounds from last week "An Update on Covid-19 Testing, Treatments, and Vaccines" Has some interesting information on developments that could in future help make life better as far as dealing with the virus.
  5. cruiseindustrynews does not compete with cruisecritic so it works...
  6. I tried pasting the correct link in and the system does not allow it!!!!
  7. The locks on the Princess ships are electrically operated. They could be made to work in a similar fashion in a quarantine situation. I suspect that in a emergency situation the power will be withdrawn from the locks and the doors will be able to be opened. That is how I have seen electric locks work in the past in fire situations.
  8. In that list I forgot to include the various strains of influenza. The point is that people in the past said there was no way of developing inoculations against a variety of viruses and this has proved to be false. In the last 50 years there have been deep advances in molecular genetics, biochemistry in general and the understanding of immunology. At least one of the vaccines being developed for use against SARS-CoV-2 has been demonstrated to invoke a T-cell response which typically results in long lasting "memory" of the immunological response. Further testing will show if this is true as this particular vaccine goes through stage 3 testing. From all I have read, until this pandemic there has not been a concentrated effort to develop a vaccine for use against a corona virus that went all the way through the necessary steps. SARS burnt out fairly early on, partially to rapid response and isolation of patients amongst other things. MERS does not seem that easily transmitted and there are not enough cases in any given year to have a good sample of persons for testing a vaccine against. We will wait and see what progress will be made with SARS-CoV-2. I suspect you will be surprised.
  9. You do realize that there are ways of locking a door from the hall side.
  10. Actually there are 2 different pneumonia shots that cover different infectious organisms
  11. Almost like how the population of European origin arrived in Australia. But the survivor show at that time were show trials for what would now be considered petty theft that led to a sentence of transportation.
  12. But there are vaccines for the virus caused diseases smallpox, measles, shingles, chicken pox, etc
  13. The same problem happened to my wife's account several years ago. We notified Princess customer service and they had the IT department fix the account. Something got messed up in the database. I assume by My Personalizer you are referring to the Captain's Circle account.
  14. Probably all that pollution in West Virginia. I know no one that wants to go to West Virginia. I know people that have left West Virginia and moved elsewhere because is so bad there. Definitely not a place you would want to partake of boat related activities.
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