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  1. The princessluxurybed checkout web page says "Shipping For Mattress (6-8 Week Delivery Time)" so I would think a call to them would be order at the end of the 8th week. "For any questions about your order: Toll Free: (855) 757.2972 Email: retail@princessluxurybed.com "
  2. Has your mattress arrived ? If so is it what you expected?
  3. Just another marketing scam from a clothing sales outfit to convince people to pay more for less.
  4. I certainly do know what I am talking about considering that I actually live in an area that has what are considered the best restaurants in California. Anyone can issue awards. LA is well known for that. Actually cooking to a high standard is a different. I am amused by you using the phrase "hot spot for pop ups". A phrase that indicates fly by night operations that have no long term commitment to their customers.
  5. The question was about the Grand Princess and I answered in that context. Maybe you should read the question. Sabatini's claims to be Italian. It would help if the food actually tasted like it was prepared by someone familiar with Italian recipes and Italian food. It tasted nothing like food you find in in Italy. For example the seafood wrapped in parchment was bland to the point of being almost tasteless and had a strange texture. I have eaten much real Italian food. Unfortunately Sabatini's is based on the food of some restaurant in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is not known for its food.
  6. It is the same as the one on the Princess web site. I was underwhelmed by the food in Sabatini's.
  7. Make sure you check with the actual government of the countries you will be visiting whether you will need a visa or not, and how to apply for one. Do not rely on third party sites for such information. A colleague of mine foolishly relied on information from a third party site and went on a business trip to India without getting a visa. He never made it past immigration and was deported for lack of a visa.
  8. How is Princess going to know that they lost your custom? HAL is another Carnival Corporation line so it is no big deal to the parent company.
  9. It is a ship sailing in salt water. Ships rust. Even a ship that has been in dry dock, been sand blasted to bare metal, primed and top coated with anti-fouling paint will show rust within a few months of leaving dry dock.
  10. When I boarded the Grand Princess on September 23rd, 2019 there was only one chair in the Balcony stateroom. I immediately politely asked the steward for a barrel chair. She said she would find one and put it in the room. When we returned several hours later a barrel chair was there for us to use.
  11. Not sure why you did not make the booking via the web page?
  12. Yes we have separate Captains Circle accounts. They were created automatically by Princess when we first booked a cruise with them.
  13. Which cabin door on which ship? Each cabin has at least 2 doors so which of those are you referring to?
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