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  1. On top of that in 2019 there was the, Conception, dive boat incident off of Santa Cruz Island. The Conception rapidly burnt late at night and 34 people died. The investigation indicated that there were grey areas in the regulation of vessels under 100 gross tons and a change in the safety laws was made as a result. It seems some of the existing regulations had been skirted. https://www.noozhawk.com/article/small_vessel_rule_changes_following_conception_dive_boat_disaster_20210110 This change will also improve safety for people that go on small boat excursions in Alaska.
  2. I live 15 minutes from downtown San Francisco. I have been there for decades and well before the Enron scam. Never had a real problem with the grid. No problems with vehicle being broken into. Family members and friends have not had problems with break ins. The biggest problem I have seen over the years was the Loma Prieta earthquake back in '89. Now that was a wild ride. The power went out for a brief time then, in the neighborhood I lived in. The wild fires due to climate change tend to be in areas with little population. When a block or section of grid is shut down to prev
  3. I doubt he has ever been within a thousand miles of San Francisco. Probably just a home bound near do well that watches faux news.
  4. I spend a lot of time in San Francisco and never once have I seen a discarded hypo or been bothered by a beggar. I have not had problems with the electric grid either. Maybe you just stop watching Faux news and get back to reality. I am looking forward to the cruise terminal reopening in San Francisco. It is one of the prettiest locations for a cruise terminal.
  5. When was the last time you had an influenza inoculation? The reason I ask is because the way they are created is different now a days.
  6. Texas is such a wonderful example of what lack of regulation does. A little cold and the grid goes down and people freeze to death plus buildings get damaged due to frozen pipes bursting. No regulations to require the electrical power generation system, including the supply of gas to the power generators, to be weatherized. No regulation requiring lagging on water pipes to inhibit freezing. Now imagine no effective regulations for shipping as happens in some parts of the world...major disasters due to overloaded ships capsizing, etc..
  7. Never saw that occur. There was always more than more than enough butter at the tables I sat at. I suspect that maybe someones spouse was hiding the butter. ; )
  8. I would think there is more action in Dominoes than in American Football with all the standing around in that game. 😉
  9. That will not indicate if your T-cells have a memory of the spike protein.
  10. The Grand Princess left Puerto Vallarta this afternoon and the next port of call is Long Beach.
  11. You missed some good food if you did not bother to eat a meal there.
  12. I suspect that Barbados has its own rules regarding passenger vessels and pandemic prevention measures. On top of that the cruise line would have performed a risk analysis and decided it was not favorable.
  13. I was on the Grand in 2019 after the dry dock and she was in excellent shape. Plumbing was one of the items that was worked on during the dry dock.
  14. A slight correction. The figure for San Francisco includes embarkations and port calls to San Francisco. From sfport.com/cruises : "The Port of San Francisco hosts over 80 cruise ship calls and 300,000 passengers annually at the James R. Herman (Pier 27) and Pier 35 cruise terminals. Itineraries include round trip cruises from San Francisco to Alaska, Hawaii, and Mexico, as well as repositioning calls and coastal voyages in the spring and fall."
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