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  1. Kylie, Thanks for posting and stirring up some life on this board. We are booked on American Jazz in November after frustrations with CDC limitations on big ship cruising. So far it sounds like a fun time is coming.
  2. We have done lots of Royal Caribbean and Celebrity cruises and we are booked on American Jazz --Memphis to New Orleans-- in November 2021 for our first river cruise. Thanks for all the responses so far. When is coffee and the self-service breakfast available in the morning? What are the dining room hours for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner? When the dining room opens are there lots of guests lined up to storm in when the doors open? How does the dining room staff handle the surge? (an overused word these days.) Are snacks and refreshments available all day? Are drinks e
  3. How are TA's surviving during these no cruise times? I assume their commission is paid when the cruise is paid in full or after it sails. What happens if a FCC is applied and the actual $ collected is much lower? Does that reduce the commission paid? What happens when a booked and paid in full cruise is cancelled and refunded? Must the commission be paid back? From my experience it takes considerable time to negotiate and process a Lift and Shift. Many of us like and use TA's and what them available for all the gyrations and be there for us when cruising finally starts.
  4. A good place to find any company contacts is here: www.elliott.org/company-contacts/ It has a section for cruise lines. Hope this goes through.
  5. I have to ask... Why would you want to book and pay deposit for being two different places at the same time? What am I missing??
  6. We have 7 day B2B booked on Jewel in Boston for September 2021. My TA just confirmed with RCL that there is no problem with this booking.
  7. I was told if the B2B cruises are "linked" it will be possible to apply the FCC's to the combined total. My B2B cruises are not until November 2021 so I won't know for a while.
  8. I am ready for the cruise experience. We were on the last US cruise which ended in late March. Our September cruise is now cancelled. We have one booked for May and if the CDC allows this cruise to happen we will adhere to whatever restrictions are placed. So my answer is I will go with the flow.
  9. Does Celebrity travel insurance need to purchased at booking time or can it be added just before final payment due date?
  10. Here is an article just released from AARP "This Is What a Coronavirus Infection Feels Like" https://www.aarp.org/health/conditions-treatments/info-2020/covid19-symptoms.html Sounds to me this is not as bad as the flu or other seasonal viruses. The new media hype has made this into a major event and causing lots of panic. Sad.
  11. Royal Corporate and Insurance company processing takes time. It may take several weeks or more and may require followup documentation to get the compensation you are due. Folks with virus related issues have reported on Cruise Critic forums that they received their refund or FCC's or both but took some time. Have patience and it will happen.
  12. When I saw this thread last month I ask C&A what they will be doing for the welcome aboard amenity on my upcoming Grandeur cruise. After a month of waiting here is the response from "Royal Guest Experience Management"... "Currently, we are just trailing cans of water versus bottles of water for environmental purposes onboard the Vision of the Seas between January 04, 2020 and March 28, 2020. During this trial period, the ship will provide our members with canned water in their staterooms on embarkation day. This will not affect your current sailing onboard the Grandeur of the
  13. But you have to call every time. It never sticks.
  14. The water taxi landing on Front St. in Philipsburg has a free public restroom.
  15. I always pre-pay gratuities long before boarding and I intend to keep this up because I want to support the hardworking folks. I accept this help the cruise line meet the guaranteed agreed upon wage but I would hope once this is met the worker gets extra. What is the tactful and effective way to give the stateroom attendant extra? The obvious is to leave cash in the envelope the last night of the cruise but I would like to let them know sooner than the last day that I care (and maybe get extra attention). Any suggestions on how to accomplish this? Give a cash tip the first and last
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