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  1. Not sure which measurements you want. Remember this gets wrapped around the luggage handle. Does this help? Post Cruise Luggage Tag.pdf
  2. Found a post-cruise luggage tag. Lots of stuff to fill in. I plan to print labels to just stick on.
  3. Does anyone have a picture of the post-cruise luggage tags? I want to prepare labels to stick on rather than writing.
  4. What is " a "cruise package" from the phone carrier " I always put my phone in airplane mode to avoid the high roaming charges. I don't think phone carrier data package is available onboard. Just voice and text.
  5. Look on Amazon for "Cruise Luggage Tag Holder" and you will find lots of things much easier to use than the sticky labels. They also work for the numbered tags used for disembarkation. Send the luggage tag PDF supplied with your cruise docs to your local office supply store to have it printed in color. I use FedEx printing and its less than $2 for 4 tags. Just cut out the tag and slip into the reusable holder. No tape or staple needed.
  6. During my last few cruises the Wash and Fold bag (discount or free with perks) was only available on selected days. We are going on a 12 night cruise on Serenade later this month. Does anyone know on which days this will be available?
  7. I always have this problem because my name has a suffix. C&A seems to not remember the suffix and it takes special effort from my TA to get this right.
  8. That is not the only date be careful about. We sailed Anthem out of Bayonne Jan 19 to Jan 28 2018 which we found out later was a school vacation for some private schools in Manhattan. This cruise was full of uncontrolled kids with rude and disrespectful parents. We realized there may be problems when folks at the muster drill couldn’t be bothered listening or waiting for the captain’s dismissal. Toddlers were running all around in the MDR. At ports they didn’t wait and just cut to the front of the line. Invaded the Diamond lounge by walking in behind someone before the door closed. Continued to be a horrible experience in many other ways. The staff was overwhelmed and brought on extra security while in port in Miami. I wish there was a way in advance to know which cruises to avoid. Now I know to check for Jersey Week in addition to https://www.kosherica.com/ and avoid any of their promoted cruises.
  9. Anybody know what the actual failure was and what it took to repair? Is it now back to 100% or still in need of dry dock repair soon? We are booked for 12 nighter on Grandeur in March.
  10. I had this same unable to check in problem. Sent a message to RCL and got no response. I found I could not use the same credit card for my wife. When I set up a new different card for her I was able to successfully complete the check-in process without further hang.
  11. Seventy years ago my parents gave me a name with a suffix. I am officially the 4th and my US passport has IV after my last name. Most of my other documents don't use this suffix. My problem is getting this suffix on my Royal Caribbean reservation. C&A society keeps dropping this and it is always a problem getting my C&A number connected to my RCL reservation. I get this problem often when trying to do the online check-in and I cannot change my name to add the suffix. Is it really necessary to have this suffix on the RCL documents? Will it cause any problem if I don't use it? Anybody have experience with this?
  12. American airlines has changed our flight to depart at 12 noon from Miami. (was 1:45 PM) What are the chances we could make this? We are scheduled to arrive Ft Lauderdale at 6 AM on Seranade this November. We have too much luggage for walkoff.
  13. There is no easy answer. It depends on where the OBC credit came from and what offer you are moving to. That is the answer I got from the on board agent when I asked a few months ago. One of those RCL mysteries.
  14. I purchased a nice USB powered clock on Amazon last year that worked for a room nightlight and clearly visible clock. A similar one is https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06ZY8767N/ref=dp_cerb_1. For a bathroom nightlight a cheap tealight works great. Battery lasts for the entire cruise when only on at night.
  15. How or when is the balcony discount applied? If I log as myself ( D+) I see a price for balcony room. If I use another browser without logging in and look at the same sailing the price is the same. How to I get the D+ discount?
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