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  1. I MAY book a cruise for February of next year. But actually going on the cruise remains contingent on a vaccine prior to final payment. Have no desire for a cruise with social distancing and masks.
  2. Nobody can answer your question. Too many what ifs. Can only answer for us. No vaccine, no cruise.
  3. Yes. But only after a vaccine had been approved. No desire to deal with face masks and social distancing on a cruise.
  4. I spent 3 years there in the 70’s at the old Subic/Cubi Pt naval complex. Those were good years. My son was born at the Naval hospital in 1978. Beautiful county.
  5. I realize that the weather was less than sunny and warm on your cruise, but am wondering if you were able to use the hot tubs on the open stern area. Would like a do the 14 day itinerary next year, but am concerned that we might find that area a disappointment compared to the normal pool. Any thoughts appreciated.
  6. I did call HAL direct which is something I have only done rarely. Also spoke with a rep from the TA I have used for years. Both tried very hard to help to no avail. To be clear, the problem is more mine than theirs. Could I have booked the B to B? The answer is yes. Unfortunately, could not find a cabin that was acceptable. I freely admit to being very picky about location, so have no one to blame but myself. I should have done it last month when on the Koningsdam. Live and learn. In any case, since I haven’t been to the ABC islands in a long time, am look forward to it.
  7. I am very appreciative of the information. Spent hours yesterday trying to book the B2B with a cabin I could be happy with. No success. Wound up booking the 10 day to the ABC’s which I haven’t done for years.
  8. I really appreciate the information. Although I finally made 4* last year, have never done a B2B. It all sounds pretty painless 😀
  9. Looking to book a back to back cruise next Feb in the Caribbean out of Ft Lauderdale next winter. The question is how is the turnaround day handled. Do we have to get off? Or are we more or less sequestered somewhere?
  10. Just off Koningsdam. Plenty of Splenda and similar stuff. No noticeable change from last year
  11. Sitting on the balcony at the Embassy Suites watching the traffic on 17th street. Leaving for the Koningsdam at 11:00. Even after all the HAL cruises, still excited. 1st time as 4 star. Finally
  12. Good. We are boarding Wednesday.
  13. Yup. Gotta get the papers.
  14. Apparently getting a good PCC is the luck of the draw. After a significant number of HAL cruise, finally made 4*. Have never booked direct with any cruise line as I felt I might do better overall price/benefits wise. Over a week ago decided to at least give the PCC a try. Spoke to a man whose name I’ve seen mentioned here. Very nice. We spoke for a bit and he promised to forward me his contact information. End of story. Never followed thru as promised. Will continue to book with one of the large resellers. I may not get the VERY best price but get a very good one.
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