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  1. I’ve sailed under the Golden Gate many times. But that was on an aircraft carrier 😝
  2. Agreed, at least on the Pinnacle class ships.
  3. Guess I’ll be the contrarian here. Our first cruise was on the Ryndam many years ago. We had a great time (10 days) and were hooked. Fast forward to last year and 11 days on the Koningsdam. So far as the ship experience goes, was the best ever. The stern pool area was great with the larger pool and plenty of shaded areas to avoid sunburn. The Cat V cabin was a bit smaller but well appointed. The biggest improvement was music, dancing and entertainment area near the bow. We had a great time every night. A far cry from the old ocean bar. Remember the guys that received a free cruise in
  4. Makes me very glad that I booked next years 21 day Caribbean cruise in February. Got the cabin that I wanted at a reasonable price with basically everything included. Prices have gone up considerably since then.
  5. You are truly a man of uncommon good sense.
  6. Very possibly. Our cruise is not until February. Hopefully by then, the plague will be a memory with things pretty much back to normal.
  7. I did. The stern pool area tends to become pretty crowded on sea days. Are they intending only one person at a time in a hot tub? Only 3 or 4 in the pool? Only 50 or so in that entire area? I can’t even fathom that this is their intention. I’m USN retired and frankly I do the cruises to be back at sea. And the chow is a whole lot better 😆. I’m not trying to be contentious here, but it’s ludicrous to think that those sort of restrictions would be in place.
  8. If all of us are vaccinated, what is the point of any mask requirement? We spend a lot of time hanging around the stern pool. Wearing a mask there is ludicrous. We are scheduled for 3 weeks in February. If I have to wear a mask aboard, will cancel. I can understand possibly having to wear them at ports. That is their decision to make.
  9. Didn’t know that. Its not a big deal. I’ve read that the prices have gone up considerably since I booked in February. If that is so, probably would not have saved money anyway. Thx for the info.
  10. Finally got to 4* a couple of years ago. Have never been contacted direct for anything. I did book direct in February. 21days on the Niew Statendam for Feb next year. Got the package and cabin I wanted. Haven’t heard a peep since then. Will likely be transferring to my travel agent shortly. Understand that the price has gone up substantially since then. It came in at 10G.
  11. Your point is well taken. But it was a simpler time. There were only three major TV networks and right or wrong most folks pretty much believed what they saw on the news. Nowadays many go to “news” sites that preach the political gospel that aligns their preconceived notions. Not quite the same thing.
  12. You were not supposed to tell anyone about that. And you left out Subic City. 😜
  13. My stance exactly. We are not going until Feb. 21 days on our 1st B to B ever. Will be my longest cruise since the Vietnam war. 🤣
  14. Just to clarify, we are booked for 21days on the Nieu Statendam next February. If final payment comes around and assuming that being vaccinated is mandatory, if we are required to wear masks in public spaces I’ll cancel. Just can’t see that being much fun.
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