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  1. My cardinal rule is cabins or the carpeted area of the lido deck above. Usually book from mid-ship to aft and avoid connecting cabins. Have rarely heard my neighbors unless we are both on the verandas.
  2. Finally made 4* after a recent 7 day cruise on NA. Have never booked direct with any cruise line. Generally book 10-11 months before the cruise as am admittedly picky about the cabin. Savings by using one of the big online sellers is approximately 12-15%. I certainly have as much “control “ over the booking as the folks that book direct with HAL. Will never understand why folks book direct. To each his own.
  3. We had a Signature last year on the Konigsdam 11 day Caribbean. Loved it. Balcony came with two chairs, one table, and two loungers. Room app 150% of a standard balcony. Had originally booked Cat V and took an offer to pay $600 for the larger cabin. Worth every dollar. But then I am the ultimate balcony rat.
  4. I very rarely comment on this type of thing, but here goes. We have only done around 20 cruises, the majority with HAL. Missed about 5 years do to family health issues. Returned last winter for an 11 day on Koningsdam and thought it was great. Certainly a bit different from our 1st cruise on Ryndam which was a 10 day Caribbean and magical. Did we miss the old-style Ocean Bar? Yes, but thought BB King was great. Found the food (late seating, fixed) just fine, and the servers outstanding. Spent a lot of time at the stern pool and loved it. Plenty of comfortable seating with large shaded areas. Bar service and drinks excellent. When I look at alternatives am not thrilled. Those tiny balconies on the newer Princess ships? No thanks. The “virtual “ balcony cabins on the newer Celebrity ships. As a confirmed balcony rat, no way. To be completely honest, I cruise to be back at sea (20 years USN). I’ve seen a good part of the world already and the Caribbean is just fine.
  5. Enjoying your blog. Home there is more to come.
  6. Thanks for the info. An absolute deal-killer for me.
  7. Is the Veendam one of the ships that butchered the aft pool area?
  8. I’m USN retired and the opportunity to be back at sea is too good to pass up. A comfortable cabin with balcony is a vast improvement on those aircraft carriers that I was on😜
  9. @Wonderingabout. I’ll be generous and assume that your post was intended to be tongue in cheek.
  10. Have never booked direct with any cruise line. Strictly a matter of money. I tend to book very early and able to book exactly the cabin I want. Have never been disappointed. It’s strictly a matter of money.
  11. Thank you for the tip on military discounts.
  12. Sorry about that. Am sitting on the patio watching the sunset and don’t have my glasses with me.
  13. FWIW had the same problem last year and finally just gave up. When you get to the terminal just tip the porter and tell him your cabin number. He will write up a tag for each piece of luggage. Turned out to be a lot of aggravation at home that was easily solved at the pier.
  14. Thank you both. Am assuming that we can specify what type of drinks we would like. Am also assuming that we can board the first launch to the island.
  15. Sounds great. Am sure that it will be more food than we can possibly eat. Does the butler meet you on the ship?
  16. Thank you. Can you tell me a bit about how it works? Does the butler meet you at the cabana or do they leave the ship with you?
  17. Have been there many times over the years. Am considering doing a cabana w/butler as a bit of a splurge. Would appreciate hearing any of your experiences and whether you felt the butler was worth the money.
  18. The only drawback to a stern cabin is that it can become very hot is sailing in warm areas. We did like the larger balcony, but missed the breeze when underway. Have stayed with side balconies ever since.
  19. Can anyone advise on the cost of parking? Thinking of staying here as opposed to our normal stay at the Embassy Suites.
  20. It’s just not that difficult folks. Search for cruise travel agencies online. There are a number of them. Talk to a few, get some pricing, and try it out. I’ve never booked direct from any cruise line and don’t require any hand holding. I generally book early and know exactly the cabin I want.
  21. FWIW I was just able to log in using Safari.
  22. Could not agree with you more. 18 cruises, most with HAL. Have always booked with one of the big on-line agencies. The money is better in my pocket than in the cruise lines.
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