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  1. Bumped so I can find it again easily in preparing for our 21 day B to B in February.
  2. I have no problem with getting the test. The problem is the two day time frame. We are scheduled for 21 days on the Nieu Statendam next February and have to fly out of PHL. We normally fly out 3 days ahead because of the possibility of snow in our area. This means that I have to find someplace reliable in FLL. I can only hope that the protocol will change enough to make things a bit easier.
  3. Unless I am completely misunderstanding the new protocol, HAL has made the testing even more difficult for us. We are scheduled to fly out of PHL two days before our scheduled 21 day B to B on the Nieu Statendam next February. Had planned to do my best to get the test on the day before the flight. Now we would have to do it the morning of the flight. Its just getting out of hand. Going on our longest cruise was supposed to be something to look forward to. Now it has become something to worry about. The whole trip (including 1st class airfare) was booked directly with HAL (first time we’ve ever done that) way back in February of this year. This has changed from something that is supposed to be fun to something that is just causing a lot of stress.
  4. I don’t know folks. Maybe I’m just getting a bit dense as I grow older. We are scheduled for three weeks on the Nieu Statendam commencing 2/23. We always fly out of Philly 2 days before the cruise. (there is always a chance of snow so we leave ourselves some cushion). That means we have to be tested on the day before we fly out and have the results in our hands. If the drug store fouls thing’s up we are screwed. For the first time after many cruises I have to wonder whether it is worth the hassle. Maybe we should consider just flying to one of the islands for a couple of weeks.
  5. You and some of the other folks may be right. We are booked for 21 days on the Nieu Statendam beginning 2/23. We can live with a few reasonable restrictions so long as we can hangout at the stern pool without being required to wear a mask.
  6. You may well be right. If so, our cruising days are over. I’ll be damned if I am going to spend all that money and have to go back to wearing a mask because of the idiots who have refused to be vaccinated.
  7. I’ve sailed under the Golden Gate many times. But that was on an aircraft carrier 😝
  8. Agreed, at least on the Pinnacle class ships.
  9. Guess I’ll be the contrarian here. Our first cruise was on the Ryndam many years ago. We had a great time (10 days) and were hooked. Fast forward to last year and 11 days on the Koningsdam. So far as the ship experience goes, was the best ever. The stern pool area was great with the larger pool and plenty of shaded areas to avoid sunburn. The Cat V cabin was a bit smaller but well appointed. The biggest improvement was music, dancing and entertainment area near the bow. We had a great time every night. A far cry from the old ocean bar. Remember the guys that received a free cruise in exchange for dancing with unescorted ladies? I do. The biggest disappointment was the Crows Nest. The “entertainment “ was poor at best in the evening and we missed the relatively quiet atmosphere during the day. And also the larger promenade decks on the older ships where there was actually room for lounge chairs. We will be on the Nieu Statendam for 21 days next February. 1st B to B ever. And the longest cruise (excluding 9 and 10 month cruises with the USN). Booked this 5 months ago and was able to get a decent price. It appears that pricing has gone up considerably since then so for once I was ahead of the curve. Can’t wait.
  10. Makes me very glad that I booked next years 21 day Caribbean cruise in February. Got the cabin that I wanted at a reasonable price with basically everything included. Prices have gone up considerably since then.
  11. You are truly a man of uncommon good sense.
  12. Very possibly. Our cruise is not until February. Hopefully by then, the plague will be a memory with things pretty much back to normal.
  13. I did. The stern pool area tends to become pretty crowded on sea days. Are they intending only one person at a time in a hot tub? Only 3 or 4 in the pool? Only 50 or so in that entire area? I can’t even fathom that this is their intention. I’m USN retired and frankly I do the cruises to be back at sea. And the chow is a whole lot better 😆. I’m not trying to be contentious here, but it’s ludicrous to think that those sort of restrictions would be in place.
  14. If all of us are vaccinated, what is the point of any mask requirement? We spend a lot of time hanging around the stern pool. Wearing a mask there is ludicrous. We are scheduled for 3 weeks in February. If I have to wear a mask aboard, will cancel. I can understand possibly having to wear them at ports. That is their decision to make.
  15. Didn’t know that. Its not a big deal. I’ve read that the prices have gone up considerably since I booked in February. If that is so, probably would not have saved money anyway. Thx for the info.
  16. Finally got to 4* a couple of years ago. Have never been contacted direct for anything. I did book direct in February. 21days on the Niew Statendam for Feb next year. Got the package and cabin I wanted. Haven’t heard a peep since then. Will likely be transferring to my travel agent shortly. Understand that the price has gone up substantially since then. It came in at 10G.
  17. Your point is well taken. But it was a simpler time. There were only three major TV networks and right or wrong most folks pretty much believed what they saw on the news. Nowadays many go to “news” sites that preach the political gospel that aligns their preconceived notions. Not quite the same thing.
  18. You were not supposed to tell anyone about that. And you left out Subic City. 😜
  19. My stance exactly. We are not going until Feb. 21 days on our 1st B to B ever. Will be my longest cruise since the Vietnam war. 🤣
  20. Just to clarify, we are booked for 21days on the Nieu Statendam next February. If final payment comes around and assuming that being vaccinated is mandatory, if we are required to wear masks in public spaces I’ll cancel. Just can’t see that being much fun.
  21. 567,000 Americans have died. 95% were over the age of 50. HAL cruisers tend to be on the “mature “ side. As of Jan 18th, 196 people had died after getting vaccinated. Of these 129 were in nursing homes. These are facts that are easily verified. I’m old enough to remember polio rightfully scaring the hell out of Americans. Fortunately it was at a time when Americans trusted science and when Jonas Salk developed a vaccine, we all got it. We live now in an age of “information overload “ where any damn fool can develop a following. It is quite true that even the acknowledged experts don’t always get things right at first. But I will continue to follow their recommendations over some self appointed guru posting from his basement.
  22. Unfortunately, the effects of COVID do include death or long term debilitating side effects. I may “believe “ that there are little green men on Mars. That doesn’t make it so.
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