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  1. I just missed a cruise due to illness. They have sent a credit to cc for taxes. Haven’t gotten the cc statement yet. TA notified them a couple days before cruise.
  2. Wow! How could they not refund. That tells me no way I’m going back to PG.
  3. We went on PG late May 2012 so long time ago. We had a few showers but not too bad. We enjoyed the cruise. I do think Regent has better cabins and service. I don’t think I would go during the height of their cyclone season just like we don’t go to Caribbean in August and September.
  4. Wow..I’ve never seen that but it does make sense to be inconclusive of all cultures. In US it’s obviously 21 except I turned legal Sept 1 (I think) 1973 in Texas as a 20 year old. Law changed for a short time to 18. Strange times.
  5. I wonder if he was 21 and looked young. However, some cultures do let teenagers have wine at dinner. Shouldn’t berate a server though..the policy is 21..period.
  6. I think the problem is on Grandeur, not Splenor.
  7. I love your short daily tidbits of your long cruise. 😀
  8. I could tell on my last Mariner cruise in November that something was up. There was lots of availability and then suddenly all waitlisted. Many many new passengers were on board from UK. No problem but I didn’t have that opportunity if only offered outside US. That does not seem fair.
  9. I’m not against a few kids…but a cruise with very many no. If I wanted that I would be on mega ship with my grandkids and the activities for them.
  10. Exactly, we usually only book May or late August in summer months or LONGER more expensive cruises during summer. This has worked so far.
  11. No, that is THE Captain. For many many years he was on Navigator. After COVID he went to Mariner. We saw him in November. He will be missed.
  12. This actually brought me to tears. We sailed with him many times on the Navigator and last saw him on the Mariner. Special person.
  13. When we went late May years ago the weather was pretty nice but a few showers. When we went from Australia to New Zealand in January we were chased by a significant typhoon..waves broke a window in Compass Rose…it was exciting 😜…but it’s like traveling the gulf and Caribbean in August…you just never know.
  14. People with rheumatoid arthritis and severe damage will not be able to hold down the button constantly. I sure hope this does not spread to the other ships.
  15. I’m actually amazed we made it to Greenland summer 2022 on Voyager. We did miss 1 port but made it to Nuuk after DAYS and NIGHTS of terrible fog. The fog horn never quit but it was worth it.
  16. The decision is up to the Captain. Some may be more comfortable in bad weather than others.
  17. We have found we always have to tell the butler after boarding even though we have sent in request. They are very quick so all ok.
  18. Thanks…I’ll be on Navigator, splendor, and Explorer so I guess no “new” interiors for us.
  19. Based on your knowledge…what is the dry dock schedule for each of the ships? I have 4 future cruises booked and curious.
  20. Does the soundproofing issue seem to be mainly in below penthouse cabins?
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