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  1. They figured that out at Disney World too so ...new rule ..while drinking or eating while seated.
  2. I’m old but some want to keep me around and think it’s worth it😜. Same with Navigator. We love Navigator and crew.
  3. I absolutely agree that it is. I’m not so worried about these kids but unvaccinated adults that have every opportunity to be. I won’t book a cruise with tons of kids.
  4. Unfortunately, people who don’t want to get vaccinated will make up excuses. We know someone who says that can’t get it due to egg allergy. The RNA vaccines are safe for those with egg allergies. Unless truly allergic to vaccine...they should stick to requiring the vaccine. At least my opinion.
  5. My and other replies was based on being the ONLY ship not multiple ships.
  6. We had no crowds only ship...and my story above..waiter was in shorts and no camera around. Just drinks and a smile. That Regent cruise was very fun and friendly.
  7. Years ago we went there on Navigator. We were only ship there. We all had a good time on beach. I don’t remember eating but we had drinks. A group of us were out standing in the water talking and a waiter with a tray of drinks came out to us offering us a drink. 😀
  8. This is worrisome. We are vaccinated and will get booster when recommended. The stress of all this makes trip not worth it. We have enough stress with some stuff that has happened to us In 2021. We have 2 booked in 2022. We will not be booking anymore until this shakes out.
  9. Was the offer possibly restricted to certain number of cabins and that number had already been sold? Look at the fine print.
  10. But some of us are fully vaccinated and don’t have excellent immune system. It’s just so obvious to me with the demographics on Regent most of the time ...vaccinations must be required. Let’s face it..they don’t cater to under 16 or 12.
  11. Totally agree! We have had several cruises canceled. We are now booked for 5/22 and 7/22. We won’t go with allowing unvaccinated onboard.
  12. I know which cruise line I won’t go on. This is ridiculous. If you are eligible for vaccine it should be required in my opinion.
  13. May 5 cruise, San Francisco to Vancouver. There are more with charge than free ones. At least in the 4 ports we have chosen so far.
  14. We did have some shipboard credit to help but not enough. L
  15. I’m booking excursions for May 2022. Surprised how so many have a fee instead of free. Anyone else notice this?
  16. I totally agree! I don’t want to be on a cruise unless vaccines required. Actually, it would be too risky. They are private companies...why should a governor decide.
  17. This is not a cruise I’d go on. After several canceled cruises..next is May 2022 from US port. I agree with ALL being vaccinated and so can be somewhat normal onboard. If someone gets sick with covid it should not be a serious illness...just like risk of many other illnesses. The guidelines listed on link...im out.
  18. I agree. We are fully vaccinated...pfizer....if they decide we need booster...we will get booster. I don't want to worry about faulty test results or delayed results. We have 3 international trips booked..2 roll overs from canceled trips. If things dont get better by 2022 ...I’m getting doubtful of actually making any. Im not willing to add that stress to the existing stress of our travel to and from ship.
  19. I understand. I’ve been doing all the distancing, etc. Haven’t hugged my kids or grandkids in a year. Haven’t seen some in person for a year..others outside at 10 feet. I don’t want to forever keep people 6 feet from me. I probably will never be comfortable with crowds again..but 6 feet social distancing forever no. I do believe we should have more space in public places. Hard call to know right balance.
  20. I am immune suppressed and my dr said to get a vaccine. The risk is a maybe lower response but some is better than none. I had no problems after either shot.
  21. I can’t take the yellow fever vaccine. It’s a “live” vaccine. The Covid vaccine is NOT.
  22. Yes, we had already given up on our 5/31 sailing. We used fcc to book after June 2020 canceled. 😢
  23. That would mean much lower attendance unless on a night before a sea day. When in port many of us are up early and would not go to a 10 show. Maybe they could try doing it a few nights of the cruise.
  24. You are lucky. Things aren’t organized very well in Texas.
  25. Aren’t seniors living in group settings in 1A ...first to receive along with health providers. I know NOTHING about the Villages. Just asking.
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