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  1. I imagine for safety reasons, no ship would include the engine room in a tour. They typically include the laundry room, gallery (kitchen), trash/recycling operations, and the back stage of the theater.
  2. They don't usually have chairs where the lifeboats are since they could hinder safety operations in an emergency. There may be some chairs or loungers where there are no lifeboats.
  3. If these are not showing, they may be sold out...
  4. You will have to go to the Haven area as this is where your room cards will be. If you're worried about missing something at CAS, go into that line first. The worse thing that will happen is you waste a few minutes of your time and you will be redirected to the Haven area.
  5. Erm...Kim got off the ship on the 21st - This is not a live review...
  6. We are considering booking a Villa, but concerned about the mess of getting to the island and back to the ship with the tenders handling two ships. My question was, how well are the tenders handled with two ships? Ugh... This is what I was concerned with...
  7. I agree with you on the poor CS...I am supposed to be on the Star sailing the 9th, but was moved to the Dawn. If it wasn't for CC or fb, I'd have no idea the change. I understand a letter went out, but I, nor my TA received anything. The change shows in myncl.com, and my choice of cabin was changed as well. Also lost OBC showing...Beyond upset we have to deal with this during the holidays. Still trying to get answers.
  8. It's been a few years since we've been to GSC - How does it work with getting two ships tendered into the private island at the same time? We are sailing on the Dawn and will be meeting the Sun at the island. Thanks!
  9. Sounds good. The DW and I are seeking quiet time away from crowds. Happy to hear we can jacuzzi together. Thanks.
  10. We are considering booking the Thermal Spa on our upcoming 10 sailing on the Dawn. Is this available everyday? Is access restricted anytime other than overnight when they do the cleaning? It shows a pre-booking price of $199 pp for our sailing...Am I to assume that if I were to book this on-board, it would be $209 pp? Thanks,
  11. You will be able to do this purchase via the app.
  12. If you are last to arrive, you'll be stuck in the security line with everyone else...That is usually the longest line. Once through here, there will be signage going by different levels - The Suite/Havens are usually the furthest in the back.
  13. Nothing like getting dragged out of a deep sleep to an evacuation...😣
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