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  1. Very, very disturbing situation. How can HAL be so cavalier about giving out passenger personal information? What are you supposed to do, what action can you do to prevent that information being used by the hacker? Please keep us updated on this. Gloria
  2. Agree completely. I also sail solo and am comfortable doing so. I am very sociable but I enjoy my table for 2 set for 1 at 2nd. seating dining, having the same servers every evening who quickly learn my preferences, and not having to answer the same questions every evening to new dining mates.
  3. Hi Jacqui, Please add me to the Future Cruise Listings that you do so wonderfully. I am so excited to be taking my first world cruise! Embarkation Date: 1-4-21 Ship: Amsterdam Cruise: 128 day World Cruise
  4. I don't remember seeing a Mama Mia offering on my recent sailings. Do you remember what the price for this dinner was? Were there any little talks about the food, etc? Interesting menu; thank you very much for sharing.
  5. Except for me even liking Pinot Grigios, you sound like we might be sisters! Thanks for your good wishes and when I return home I will do a post about my dinner experience.
  6. Thank you for your response, I'm learning more and more about these dinners. I will be on the Oct. 31st. Koningsdam T/A so although it will be a while, I will post about the dinner when I return home.
  7. Hi Jacqui, Thanks for the great feedback; I'm looking forward to the dinner. It's always nice to try different meal offerings and I especially like that there are explanations on the wine and food pairings as I find that interesting and enjoyable. It sounds like a relaxing and fun dinner. Does the Mariner discount apply for the cellar master dinners? Are the tables still the usual set up or are they arranged more in a group mode? Gloria
  8. Actually that sounds pretty good to me and I'd never, ever turn down a Barolo!
  9. Yes. Pull up your booking and go to Dining.
  10. Thank you for sharing your positive experiences and comments. Feedback from people who have actually done a cellar master dinner is appreciated and valued. I especially liked reading that there was a little talk about the wines, region, etc. There is no menu shown on line but since I like just about all Italian food, I've decided to book it and I am happily looking forward to an enjoyable dinner. Gloria
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