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  1. You are not silly at all; my eyes are teary just reading all these posts. Enjoy every moment and please let us all know how your cruise was.
  2. So do I! Beautiful city and very easy to get to the airport and cruise port. I'm booked on the Koningsdam 2-2-22 Hawaii/Mexico cruise and can't wait, love the ship!
  3. Had my 2nd. Pfizer shot last Monday. Also had no reaction to either shot.
  4. They do a terrific job! They call 1 week ahead (got my call tonight for next Monday) and also send you an email reminder. When I got there for my 1st. vaccine, the line had about 12-15 people in it. Everyone had a mask on and maintained distancing from each other. I was in line 10 minutes, got the vaccine and then sat in another room for 15 min. to assure no reaction. Everyone was very polite and it was done in a very orderly, polite manner. All you have to show is your driver's license. If you want, try their website early in the morning and also later at night, the availability of appo
  5. Suggest you try MUSC. Their web site registration allows you to choose MUSC location, date and time and you make appointments for both first and second vaccine at the same time. I chose their Mt. Pleasant location; go there for shopping, dining, day out, etc. so why not go for my health. I received my first vaccine 2 weeks ago; getting the 2nd. vaccine next Monday. Available dates change so keep checking it if the dates offered are far out.
  6. Hi Jacqui, Please add me to the Future Cruise Listing: 12/20/21 Zaandam 14 day Caribbean Holiday cruise B/B with 1/3/22 Zaandam 128 day Grand World Voyage I am SO looking forward to this!!! Thank you, Gloria
  7. Hi Jacqui, Please add me to the Bon Voyage list: Date: 01-03-2022 Ship: Zaandam Grand World Voyage Thank you! Gloria
  8. Hi Jacqui, Please add me to the Future Cruise Listing: Amsterdam - 04-Jan.-22 Grand World Voyage Thank you! Gloria
  9. The afternoon of the day you board the ship there will be a table set up (usually in front of Pinnacle Grille) for taking specialty restaurants dinner reservations. Find out the time this will be. They will have the dates for the Gala nights. If you wish to change your reservations you can do so then with no problem.
  10. Getting a kick out of your writing style, keep it coming!
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