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  1. I just booked this transatlantic cruise today. Very excited to experience Virgin Voyages. I look forward to meeting everyone once we board the ship in Barcelona. hobie99.
  2. The Canadian government just announced that all cruise ships are banned in Canadian ports for all of 2021. This effectively cancels the entire Alaskan season for all cruise lines. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/24324-alaska-cruise-season-cancelled-as-canadian-government-bans-cruise-ships-for-2021.html
  3. Doesn't matter now since the entire Alaska cruise season is going to be cancelled.
  4. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/24324-alaska-cruise-season-cancelled-as-canadian-government-bans-cruise-ships-for-2021.html
  5. When is your September Alaska cruise? We are booked on the Oosterdam for September 5.
  6. The HAL press release for the new Rotterdam states that the ship will have "single accommodations". Does anybody have the details about these solo staterooms? I assume that they are inside staterooms and am wondering how many will be on the ship? Thank you.
  7. The Norwegian Jewel showed up in Long Beach, California today. She is currently anchored in the harbor.
  8. I'm watching a HAL ship enter Long Beach (California) harbor right now. Does anybody know which ship it is? There are already three Carnival ships (two anchored and one docked) in Long Beach. Thank you.
  9. Great! I look forward to meeting you onboard the Star.
  10. Who else will be boarding the Norwegian Joy on March 8 in Los Angeles for her Mexican Riviera cruise? I look forward to hearing from you.
  11. Who else will be boarding the Norwegian Star on April 9, 2020 in New York City for her transatlantic cruise to Southampton? I look forward to hearing from you.
  12. Hello. I will be on the Joy for this Panama Canal cruise. I look forward to meeting you. Glenn
  13. I will be disembarking the Joy on Sunday, Feb. 2 in Miami (Super Bowl Sunday in Miami). Will there be Uber and taxi availability for transfer from the port to MIA? I'm thinking that there should be plenty of availability because the Super Bowl travelers (to hotels and to the stadium etc.) won't be until later in the day. What do you think? Thanks for your help.
  14. Can I walk from the Santa Fe train depot. on Kettner in San Diego to the Cruise terminal? Is it a difficult walk with one bag? How long is the walk? Thank you.
  15. Hello. I just booked this cruise today as a single. I'm Glenn from Long Beach, California. I look forward to meeting you onboard the Joy.
  16. I look forward to meeting you on the ship. We should have nice warm weather until we reach New York City. I have a drink package so I'll be at the bars A LOT!
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