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  1. We also received updates for 3 our of 4 pending bags that they are now in transit with delivery scheduled for next Tue. So that leaves one more in limbo but it's progress. From the FB group it appears they did work today and get some out. Hopefully that continues and they'll get them all out in the next few days.
  2. They're clearly not spending much time on the bags. Based on the FB group it doesn't appear they have shipped a single bag since Fri since no one has gone from pending to shipped. I emailed HAL on Fri to find out why things hadn't been shipped by Fri as we had last been told and got back the same message we all got a few weeks ago with the Oct 16th date removed and no new date included. And the same paragraph below which indicates they are not giving this ANY priority. We have over 2,500 pieces of luggage to ship via DHL and Federal Express. Each bag or box must be individually pre
  3. Some did but many of us are still waiting. The 3 bags with my husbands tags arrived last Tue but the 4 with my tags are still showing as pending by FedEx. This means they haven't been turned over to FedEx by HAL yet. The last email we got from HAL indicated that all bags should be shipped by Fri Oct 16 but since many as are still waiting they didn't even come close to getting them all out. Either that or they misplaced a bunch of them (they have tracking #s since they printed those out based on how many bags were listed on the paperwork). And of course there has been no update from HAL since
  4. We spent over 60s days on the Maasdam last year (South Pacific and Alaska) and loved the format and enjoyed the zodiacs in the South Pacific. And the 21 day Alaska was great with ports we'd never been to that were more like Alaska was in the 1980s when I first went. Glad we got a chance to enjoy it while it was there.
  5. I hope they keep some long Alaska cruises at least the 14 day or better yet the 21 day they had in 2019. We go to Alaska every other year but I can't see just doing the 7 day standard cruises there. I was really looking forward to the Zodiac tours the Maasdam was going to do there but I'm sure those won't happen now.
  6. Yes the tour company refunded the money immediately when the engine broke. But they never should have gone out that day. We were lucky our ship's escort was one of the engineer's wives and she was in contact with the Shore Excursion Office while on the trip. So when we got back they had the buses waiting for us (I heard one of the other tours didn't have a bus and had to walk back) and many of the Shore Ex and Front desk people greeting us at the terminal including Henk. They also kept the Lido open late for lunch so we could get something to eat. Not a great day but we did have a great cruis
  7. You were lucky. We took the Great Barrier Reef Tour that was a total disaster of many hours on a boat that broke down and didn't get to see anything. And that was after the rainy day in Townesville where our tour got cancelled because of the rain. It really was a bad end to the port stops and obviously the rest of the trip was........
  8. I also have a copy but its still on the ship in the luggage they'll ship back when they have a chance.
  9. Well stupid me didn't look at the photo of the book in the ad close enough. Looks like the book is called "A Captain's Journey" 🙂
  10. Yes he wrote a book which was sold on the Amsterdam during the World Cruise. I think it's called "A Captain's Story" but our copy is still in our luggage on the ship so can't confirm that. I do have a scanned copy of the When and Where that has an "ad" for the Coffee Chat and Book Signing. Of course after this year he really does need to write another one.
  11. I had the same problem but luckily checked them out before we left the ship. They copied the files to a USB stick that we had and that worked fine so I made a 2nd copy onto my laptop. They gave us a blank USB to replace the bad one We later found that one of the USBs with their Video Package was also bad so they replaced that too. They must have got a bad batch of USB sticks.
  12. We haven't seen anything for the on-board credit yet and it was a significant credit for us since so many shore excursions were cancelled. I was hoping it would be applied quickly to cover the airfare we booked on one of the cards but..
  13. And here's the Future Cruise Credit letter which states the credit needs to be applied to a booking by Dec 2021 and the cruise does not need to be depart within that timeframe.
  14. The letter we got on the ship said that the descriptions on the website were written to apply cruises that were fully cancelled and will not exactly match our offers. I've attached a scanned of the letter we got so hopefully that works
  15. I almost feel guilty posting about our trip home after reading about the length of other's travels. We got home about 2 am this morning and it was a very long day but the only delay we had was waiting an hour for the Car Rental Shuttle at LAX. It was a surprisingly easy exit from the ship just after 8 Sunday morning and a quick ride to the airport. Luckily our first flight was at 2 so it was only a few hours at the airport before our flight to Melbourne where we had about a 2 hr layover and then a direct flightto LAX. There were no lines at LAX and it was very quick getting thru and to baggag
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