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  1. Thank you - i fully believe i’m winning right now Titos is flowing freely cheers
  2. I’m on speaking terms with excel but we aren’t friends haha pkg was in the neighborhood of $72/day. black friday purchase
  3. I considered attempting to keep score on the drink package like you did in one if your reviews …too much math though
  4. Rooms were ready on time about 1pm. all unpacked and ready to wear out my drink pack 😂 All UDP lunches and dinners are scheduled and ready to go too ✅
  5. they’ve been free and included every time i’ve been to barefoot. thx for the tip on walking 50 ft
  6. No shuttle from airport but the rail system is doable and free right from the airport and drops about a block away from Hampton Inn Brickell. we rented a car this time but have done the rail in the past. Didn’t like dragging luggage on the sidewalk for a block though. shuttle sign up to port is at the concierge desk on the first floor. 10, 11, 12 and 1 times available
  7. Thanks!! She is a great ship. Excited to see/hear what she gets in her dry dock. Probably just need to book a post dry dock cruise to see for myself 🤔🤪
  8. Quick side note: we originally booked a center hump JS. I had bid on royal up (at low levels but not bare minimum) for all levels of full suites except the 2 bed GS. 3 days prior i received notice our bid was accepted for a GS. YAY!!! LOVE IT!
  9. Quick comparison of home vs Miami. Yeah… can’t complain about this weather in Miami.
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