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  1. We have sailed her before. The Dream is a beautiful ship. Bit of a different experience vs Royal. You will enjoy yourselves- no doubt.
  2. No we are staying on the ship for some pool deck time. Been here before and don’t feel like tendering over.
  3. Some random pics.. The one with TV is the lounge type setup in the casino where they had the games on yesterday.
  4. Paper compasses are being delivered to our stateroom everyday. Different from our last 2 Mariner cruises. I prefer the app though.
  5. Last night was good. DW won a bit at the roulette table. I tried out some Video black jack - blah 🤮 Out of 6 hands dealer had 4 blackjacks. really come on won’t be doing that again 😂 Opted for cafe promenade snacks, lots of white russians and tito’s capped off with free room service. Royal Burger was good. Tried out the Cobb Salad too. So so. Didn’t realize it would come with Bleu Cheese dressing so that ruined it for me. DW says the coney island hot dog was good. They brought it with sauerkraut on the side instead of the relish we ordered but still good.
  6. for sure - pleasantly surprised and glad we finished strong. Keep building in the off-season
  7. The Lavazza coffee machine in the room is a game changer. I always hated those terrible coffee mate single serve drip makers.
  8. Yeah - I did too. Miami pulled off the win so we are officially out of the playoffs. Oh well , honestly didn’t think we’d even be in the conversation at this point of the season.
  9. Steelers game was not on but casino and tavern had bengals game and bills game.
  10. Izumi dishes - sorry, forgot to take the pics beforehand so presentation was better until i messed it up. I had totally forgotten that Izumi on EX does not have hibachi. No worries, still good 👍🏻 Izumi freezer is broken so waiter said desserts were chocolate lava cake or sesame balls only. No mochi and a lot of melted ice cream he said. 😱
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