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  1. We will be joining you on the Reflection 20/1/20. I will try to out bid you its offered. May the best man win Mr T.👍 Our future cruises or listed if you scan way past our previous cruises.
  2. Good choice on cruising with Celebrity and congrats on the wining bid. Now you can enjoy room service on your balcony.😁
  3. I'm sorry my post wasn't helpful for you. Thank you for informing me about your rules for posting.
  4. I won my first moveup bid today Went from cat. 12 inside to 2b veranda.
  5. What is the cost of a mans haircut aboard ship. D you ever get a haircut off ship in port?
  6. Less cruisers picking the drink package = shorter lines at the bars.
  7. I just called Chase all my pre-existing conditions that I take meds. and under care for are covered. You can call 1888-320 9961 to verify your coverage. If you incur a new injury or illness in the prior 60 days to booking a trip then that's considered a pre-existing condition. I hope this helps understand the pre-existing wording.
  8. Celebrity hasnt' announced anything yet. I called 1 Touch and they don't have any info yet. I will wait for the official announcement from Celebrity.
  9. I don't think this will be available to upgrade if you chose a drink pkg. as a perk with your booking. Read the part in bold letters in additional term & conditions.
  10. Looking for tips to help with the adjustment from staying in ov's and balconies previously.
  11. Southwest rules state if your late 2 hours or less they will put you on stand by for next available flight.
  12. Where does the line start for luggage self carry off on the Equinox and what deck do you disembark from?
  13. The totals don't add up to the daily amount charged.
  14. What deck is disembarkation on on the Equinox? is it possible for one person to wait near security with luggage while other stands in the line?
  15. What is the procedure on the Equinox and what time does it start?
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