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  1. I repy only because no one else has. I have not been to Mahogany Bay BUT I have wandered though the website more than once. The complex was designed to offer passengers everything they could need if wishing to stay in at the Port, food, shopping and what looks like a huge beach. With that said, I believe one is missing the opportunity to hire a private driver and learn about the island from a local. Additionally, if snorkeling is your thing Roatan offers some of the best in the Caribbean, mostly on the opposite side if the island from Mahogany Bay. It all comes down to personal choice. Enjoy your holiday!
  2. As you said, Paradise and Infinty offered day passes in the past....perhaps email them for, from the horses mouth, answers. Bananarama also has offered day passes in the past with transport included. If ya find out the current statues of day passes let us know. 🙂
  3. And then I remembered, it is possible Taxi can get much closer to the beach and Thirsty Turtle than it would be able to at Paradise. It is just the way the resorts are designed. Then again Paradise may have a way to solve the problem.
  4. Due to the horrible history and practices of Little French Key I would not give them a dime of my money. Paradise and Banarama both have plenty of shade. I think Paradise now has a restaurant or at least runners to their beach, also they have a pool off the beach a bit if that appeals. If you are taken with Thirsty Turtle it would be steps any. Tough choice, I think I would choose Paradiase due to the variety of amenities.
  5. I think it a grand idea, you could plop your stuff, if any of your party wishes to get off the beach for a bit of quiet and it would be very handy for showers and changing of clothes. I have no idea if Infinity would offer you this option. I say contact them and then tell us what they said.
  6. The chairlift and beach are part of the Mahogany Bay cruise port which is owned by Carnival. I have never been there, from past posts I understand there is some snorkeling to be had it the far end near a pier. Roatan can boast some of the best snorkeling in the Caribbean, most of that is located on the other side of the island. The easiest to access reef snorkeling is literally steps from the sand in West Bay. If snorkeling is the primary goal then West Bay is the answer.
  7. I have not seen any for rent, there maybe only two on the island. Roatan is not really golf cart friendly, hills and dales a plenty plus the roads are narrow and the taxi drivers are mad as hatters. Captian Van rents a variety of convayance. :0) https://captainvans.com/rentals/
  8. Yes, Infinty Bay is. Additionally, if you enter the water on the wall side of Infinity's pier you will not be fighting boat traffic. It doesn't matter where I stay on West Bay Beach I walk down to Infinity to enter the water, snorkeling to the wall along the inner reef and back along the outer reef. The reef system runs the length of the island but the farther away from Lighthouse Point you get the farther out it is through West Bay, then it evens out. I am on my phone or I would Google you some pics.
  9. Can you not book directly with Infinity?
  10. Infinity Bay Resort offers a limited number of day passes and shares a property line with Tabyana. The next resort beyond Infinity that offers day passes is Paradise Beach Club. The other side of Tabyana is Grand Roatan, they do not offer day passes.
  11. I know very little about Golf save the delightful walk. I understand there are now Two golf options on the island. The original Black Pearl to the east and a new one at the top of Foster's road above West Bay Beach. I was going to say I don't know the name butGoogle was kind enough to offer "West Bay Golf Club and Villas". I reccommed having a click about the website to see what they offer, another option is to contact them. A third option is to hire a driver. You didn't mention if golf is your wish for this port.
  12. I think there maybe 6 zip lines on the island these days. I have not done any of them BUT I have walked past Gumbalimba where the line stops at the beach. Any of this look familiar? Oops, it seems Utube will not let me post the video, search for "Roatan Ziplining at Gumbalimba Park" It was posted by Little Birdie Travel. If that is not the one, ask google to list all the zipline on the island then have a look at their websites to see if anything seems the one. Also, as above Utube maybe of help.
  13. Yes, the village of Coxen Hole is walking distance from the Coxen Hole cruise port. Coxen Hole, is the largest city on the island of Roatán, and the capital of the Bay Islands department of Honduras, with a population of 5,070 as of census 2001. It is also the location of the island's Juan Manuel Gálvez International Airport. Wikipedia Oops, I meant booths, kiosks, offered all manner of tour.. Bananrana offers good value for the money due to transport being included. That was all pre-covid. There is a heap of info HERE, but I am not convinced it is currrent, the ship schedule is not posted.
  14. If you are water people at all it would be a true shame not to visit West Bay for a snorkle. Before Covid there were boths in the port area for any last minute planning, Bananarama offers day passes and tranport. I have not seen current pics of the Port of Coxen Hole, I know at one point they were making huge changes. There were shops before the renovations started and maybe one could still accss them during. Also if you are walkers, it is a fair easy distance into Coxen Hole.
  15. Contact Bodden or Rory, they will set up anything you want to do.
  16. West Bay Beach is the premiere beach on the island, there are heaps of videos on utube. Good food is mostly subjective and consistency can be a challange, island third world country, sometimes supplies can be tough to come by. With that said Infinity's Palapa Bar gets mentioned offen for serving good food, I saw a post the other day about Mayan's food being good. Along with those the whole of West Bay can be walked in about 30mins. This means you can eat anyplace you like. Oh, Beachers, Bananarama (offers day passes) and Las Rocas also get mention often for their food as does the restaurant at West Bay Lodge. Most of what is served on West Bay Beach is Americaized. Ya know there may be some current reviews on Trip Advisor to help narrow your search. If you can pull yourself away from West Bay or if good food is more important Ginger's in West End on Half Moon Bay Beach gets heaps and heaps of votes for good food. Unfortunately, they were closed that last time I was in West End. My apologies, I don't visit the island for the food, I go down because the people are warm, and the snorkeling is the best in the Caribbean. Ya know, there is a very active Facebook page Roatan Travel / Support Discussion....you may well be overwhelmed by the number of replies, some would just be posting in their own interest BUT you may be able to glean some very current information.
  17. I don't know about AI. I think there are only three places on West Bay Beach with pools that offer day passes. Mayan Princess Infinity Bay Paradise Beach Club Of the three I would choose Infinity because amazing reef snorkeling would be steps from my lounger. Then again Paradise is only a couple mins up the beach and Mayan is just a bit farther.
  18. My apologies I do not understand. What companies did you go with in the past. Trip Advisor has lists and lists of tour companies as does Google. Off the top of head I only know of Bodden and Rory. Bay Islands Adventures may do what you ask. Due to Covid it is darn near impossible to tell you what will be allowed the day you are on the island...last I hear ships were only docking at Mahogany Bay and guests were not allowed past the gate. Additionally, all employees of Mahogany had to have a negative covid test within 48 hours. I am sorry, due to covid things may have changed greatly, you will have to do the leg work yourself. Were it me I would start by searching Google "Roatan Snorkle Tours". I would have a click through their websites and send them emails asking if they are offering what I seek.
  19. While there heaps of boats coming and going from the village of West End, I would not expect any of them to be waiting on random tourists, nor would I wish to waste time trying to locate one and negotiating price with zero frame of referance. The guys in West Bay near Bananrama are in fact waiting for random people to take snorkeling, still I don't like to negotiate with zero frame of referance and either way you still have to get to one of those places from the ship. For me the better course of action would to set it all up ahead of time with a reputable company. You have plenty of time, have a look at all the tour companes to see if they offer what you seek. If not make a private day of it, ask the tour guys what they would charge you specificly for transfers and snorkling of Blue Channel.
  20. As said above you can not walk to West Bay Beach from either one of the ports on the island. You can get a taxi, have them drop you off at the road between Bananarama and Paradise Beach Club but it is a bit more hassle than it is worth, ya still gotta get back to the ship. You can hire a driver for the day ( pay him upon return to the ship) and make West Bay one of your stops or pay a day pass at Infinty Bay Resort, with transport included, right next to Tabyana. There are several other options along West Bay which offer day passes. If you are going for beach and snorkeling only I don't see much reason to do it indepentently.
  21. The easiest access to walk-in reef snorkling is directly in front of Tabyana Beach, the cruise ship guest only bit of West Bay Beach. By the by ~ many people believe Roatan to offer the best snorkeling in the Caribbean.
  22. I am hopful things will be more normal by then as well. Maybe contact Rony early 2022, perhaps his policies will have adjusted.
  23. This is interesting information, definitely something to keep track of. Thanks so much! Hmmm I wonder if allowing ships to port will be worth it to the islands if only ship sponsored.....
  24. They are both very reputable companies. Perhaps with the lost of income (covid) Rony is attemtping to minimize the fees he pays. This is just a guess. With that said, I would not be finalizing my excursion plans until after I know for sure cruises are going to be in operation.
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