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  1. Thanks for the fleet report. I will be on Retreat this week and will not post.
  2. Hi Rich. Thanks for the Daily Fleet Report. I love the Wisconsin beer brats. On my way to Concelebrate a Memorial Mass for the victims of the 9/11/01 attacks.
  3. I have heard of this drink but I never had one. Ely Whitney told his wife: Get your cotton pickin hands off my gin.
  4. Thanks for the lists. I also pass on shrimp.
  5. Thanks for the Ketchikan pictures. It brings back good memories. Is the Christmas store still open.
  6. Lisa you are docked long before 7 AM at Ketchikan. I hope there is not too much Liquid Sunshine. li
  7. I just checked the Ketchikan Web cam and the Nieuw Amsterdam is docked at dock one.
  8. Rich: Thank you for the DAILY Fleet report. I have always enjoyed my trips to Sitka. When I was a boy, my mother used to make Date and Nut Bread. I loved it! Thanks to all who contributed to this thread. ;
  9. Thanks for both lists and for the reminder that the Jewish Holy Days begin today with ROSH HASHANAH
  10. Good morning Rich. Meal does not appeal to me and I am not into drinking beer. I love the quote. Tanks for the fleet report. Thanks to all DAILITES who have made contributions to this thread.
  11. Lisa: The ones who would know me are Phil, Blue, Deb or Scott.
  12. I ALWAYS carry a passport when going out of the country, including the Caribbean..
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