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  1. We have the Good Friday Liturgy with Communion but no Mass on Good Friday. The Easter Vigil will be on Holy Saturday at 8PM and the Alleluia will be sung Before the Gospel. It was last used on Shrove Tuesday. Goods Blessings to You during the Easter Season and Always!
  2. Boy I hope they are not banned. I am scheduled to be on HAL the first two weeks in June. Does the judge have friends at RCI or Celebrity?
  3. To Our Jewish friends I say HAPPY PASSOVER. To our Christian friends I say HAPPY EASTER
  4. Sorry to learn of the illness of the passenger but thank you for the reports. Glad to here that the helicopter was able to safely transport the passenger to a medical facility.
  5. Sorry, I did not catch the typo/ I meant to say I have been on the BOARDS. since 2000. Actually I have been on the ships since 1996.
  6. Why do so many have a problem with dressing up?
  7. Ir is nice to see the Volendam sitting in the harbor. We will not see her for quite a few months. we will see her in Alaska.
  8. I was at sea on the Westerdam II when HAL celebrated her 125th birthday in 1998. The Captain announced that HAL would continue to build smaller and smaller. (That did not happen!) The joke was HAL had been around for 125 years and you might meet some of the original cruisers.
  9. Jacqui I am not saying much but following your voyage with great interest. All the best to you.
  10. have been on the boars sice September 2000 and I have learned much over the years from the postings on this page.
  11. The train from Seattle stps at the Central Pacific Station and that is a cab ride from Canada Place,
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