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  1. Us too on both counts, really looking forward to this new ship Denise
  2. Thank you, I have looked at so many hotels! Just booked, the Ginn Hotel for Hubby and myself we are British ex pats living in the South of Spain. Denise
  3. Hi Preziosa we are also on this sailing., Just looking at hotels would you mind letting us know which hotel this is please as it sounds perfect? Denise
  4. We live in Spain so fly Ryanair and Vueling a lot. Not had a problem with either. If we fly Ryanair we pay the small surcharge for priority, it gives you hand luggage and another (un- weighed and decent sized) bag. Pre booked seats the ability to print boarding passes early and priority boarding. Well worth the extra. Denise
  5. Hi DanDM just a thought, but if you have the time and Ibiza is on your bucket list the flights from Barcelona to Ibiza are only around 40 dollars return (plus luggage) and just under an hour each way
  6. We booked inside Cabin initially, then paid for upgrade to Mini Suite Guarantee late last month (Epic transatlantic November 2020). Cabin assigned last week! Denise
  7. Totally agree, but I may need a double dosage
  8. Thank you both I think I will sleep tonight now. Its been a up and downer of a booking. First no Havana, then no deposit refund, then flight times changed and now this. Think we will need a cruise after all the changes. Denise
  9. Earlier this morning I was looking at some excursions for our January 13th 2020 cruise on the Armonia. Couldn't work out the day change and then realised our cruise has changed from the 13th to the 12th! We were due to arrive in Miami really early on the 12th but American Airlines changed the times and we now don't arrive until 7 p.m which would be after the ship has sailed if they really have changed the date. MSC U.K. say its probably a website glich blimey we hope so. Anyone else on this sailing or the one before or after which have also changed on the U.K. site?
  10. We found the Europe choices very disappointing, setting a limit of 6 euro when most drinks were 6.10 was a big let down for most of our fellow travellers . Luckily it was not too much to upgrade for the two of us. Our next cruise on MSC Armonia we have gone premium but its out of Miami so will be interesting to see the difference
  11. Wasn't available on our March/April 2019 Med cruise on the MSC Opera. Just Morgan's Spiced Rum. With that and only one beer available under 6 euro we upgraded our package onboard. It wasn't much and was well worth the cost. hth Denise
  12. Hi Touringmum We have the same on our January 2020 sailing. They were there before they took Cuba out but all there is now is a three excursion package with no details just the ports of call and the price. (just checked and now these have been removed!) I emailed MSC U.K. and got an instant and very polite reply. I was informed that it was too early for excursions to be added to our cruise (strange as they were there before Cuba six months ago) and they will be added later. I was asked to email back in a couple of months if they still did not appear. Denise
  13. We also are new to MSC (NCL is our line of choice) but have sailed on the MSC Divina and recently on the MSC Opera. For the price we paid we can say that we certainly got our monies worth but would we sail her again then the answer is sadly no. The crew to a man/woman were fantastic and the itinerary, like yours the main reason to sail to such fantastic places at a really low cost. It is a really old ship and it shows, the food in the main was passable but not really cruise food (just in our opinion). The dining room staff will sort you a table with no problem at all. We started with a request for a table for 2 then met some friends so changed to 4 then again to six and the staff could not have been more helpful. Our Fantasia cabin was small but then again we could have paid the extra to upgrade. Our main gripe was the entertainment which was the worse we have come across and one of the joys of cruising for us. We had bubble blowers, sand sculptures and other poor efforts in the theatre but admit the Dirty Dancing show was well worth the effort of going. Most bars/areas had dance lessons (we would go to bed with 1,2,3, 1,2,3, 1,2,3 still in our heads lol. If your just interested in a ship to take you to fantastic places, with an amazing crew at a really low price then like us take it. If you are looking at 4/5 star luxury cruising then I would look at another of MSC ships
  14. We are booked on this T/A. When booking our NCL C/C (U.K) told us that it is the first sailing for the Epic after dry dock. Lets hope there is no delay, really looking forward to it
  15. We are on the T/A Barcelona to Puerto Rico embarking on the 23rd November 2020. Our C/C mentioned that its straight over dry dock for the Epic. Denise
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