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  1. Thank you Coral! This is worth gold!
  2. Thanks for all your information, I look forward to Thursday!
  3. Okay I should be clearer (nothern) winter season 2025/2026.
  4. Does anyone know the itineraries for Diamond Princess and Coral Princess for the 2025/2026 season? I thought I saw on Facebook that Diamond Princess Asia itineraries was releasedatum, but can't find anything on Princess.com. I guess Coral Princess is doing South America and Antarctica?
  5. Yes that is what I understood too. I could only book deck 6 and deck 7. Deck 6 fixed times at 5 and 7.30.
  6. Whole Europe will usually be released at the same time. Last year the sale date was one week earlier for the Southampton based cruises, than the Mediterranean ones. https://www.princess.com/en-int/news/news-releases/2023/05/new-star-princess-and-sun-princess-headline-2025-europe-cruises-and-cruisetours-season-as-princess-cruises-celebrates-40th-anniversary-sailing-in-the-mediterranean
  7. Summer 2025 for Europe was published in May last year, so perhaps something similar.
  8. I saw that the cable car is closed for maintenance until end of February. I am on the third sailing so we will still go to Santorini.
  9. This year all of Sky Princess vists have been at Stadsgården in the central part of town. However Port of Stockholm haven't yet published next years cruise call, so hard to know.
  10. I did a 4 night cruise with Regal from Southampton, 1.5 years ago. I wouldn't call it a booze cruise. But it was more of a party atmosphere and it continued long into the night.
  11. So where is Enchanted Princess going then? I can't find any sailings for her after March 2024 on the website.
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