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  1. Love lamb, I have an Indian recipe that is yummy. Of course rack of lamb on cruise ships.
  2. I can't believe SS would put an "updated" Sept 21--TODAY and still show the Nov. cruises that you know will/are canceled. Ridiculous!! Back in my cocoon.
  3. We've had 3 SS cruises canceled and since we have yet to cruise, we don't even have a Venetian society number.
  4. This was what my TA said after talking to them today, decision was supposedly made TODAY, will probably take awhile to change the website etc etc
  5. My TA just called Silversea, today they canceled the crossing, also (obviously) FLL-LIM, our LIM-FLL would be the next cruise, ours still is showing but 100% chance of canceling. BOOO--HISS
  6. We had 6" last Tues with a high of 30--around midnight. Long gone and back into 70's here.
  7. We got up on Sat to discover that our freezer had died, ref/freezer in garage and rv ones now over flowing and a dear friend has the rest in her freezer. Since we live aways out, we always buy several of everything. Went down 30 miles to the "big city" and checked all the big box stores looking for a new one. Could only actually see ONE at one place, it seems that they stopped making them when covid hit. We now have one ordered on line which won't be delivered until Oct 3, at least. They will have to take the old one out & bring new one in through outdoor stairs since they won't lift anything over 6 inches and the main stairway has my "chair lift" built into the side. (great for laundry, suitcases and groceries) This is also why my main ref/freezer with a broken ice maker is still in the kitchen--that wouldn't fit thru the patio doors from the outside stairs. OK, I've vented for the week, back into my cocoon.
  8. We are thinking about going to Jamaica for a week and staying at an AI, you do need a negative covid test 10 days prior and an authorization from the country, but according to several Facebook groups, its definitely do-able. You have to stay w/in the tourist corridor, but just being able to get back in salt water and snorkel would be worth it.
  9. Why is it that every time I put on a mask, my nose starts running?
  10. I wouldn't worry about snow at this time of year, it will either evaporate or be plowed off fast. Now if you were DRIVING to Jackson there might be problems. Denver is used to snow.
  11. I think the only time I've seen a bull moose was in AK and didn't get a photo. Larry is doing a large salmon fillet in the smoker and I'm going to stuff some zucchini, really wish I could have a garden. Deer even ate my lilac bush, not the Russian sage though. (pretty, but really stinks, bees and hummers like it.)
  12. We can see our flts for RT Tokyo Apr 2021 cruise--would you believe---DEN-LHR--NRT(BA) talk about round the world flts!! Home is nonstop NRT--DEN on UA, why didn't they do that outbound??? Won't complain too much until we know the cruise actually goes. Then obviously we'd want DEN-NRT nonstop. The flts are long enough.
  13. BTW the collar on her is a tracking device. They call her "steak sauce"
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