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  1. We've had pea soup fog until about 10min. ago, snow supposed to be on the way.
  2. I like the little sheep grazing in his hair.
  3. I was just looking at my reservation, flt info, and it said to call XXXX for update info. It was a main Celebrity number who passed me onto Flights by Celebrity, he said that AA is updating their flts for this summer. From what I've read, they will POSSIBLY be adding flts. I sure hope they get it all straightened out before our final pmt which is due in 2 weeks. Anyhow, please keep up-to-date, don't wait for the last minute.
  4. We've had more problems with luggage not arriving, for 7 days, we'll just carry-on.
  5. We always have a steak "planned for leftovers" and use the rest in fajitas or Chinese. Fajitas w/margs tonight.
  6. We are doing our first Sky Suite, usually in Aqua, for St Maarten in Aug. We saved so much money from having 5 cruises canceled last year that we decided it was time to start splurging a little. We have over 60 cruises, but usually plain veranda. We also decided to fly biz class. Both are vaccinated, but still prefer to "socially distance" and thought the Retreat would be better than usual crowds. Can hardly wait, I will be following closely, the cruises for June and July.
  7. That's why I haven't been doing much baking in the past few years. (also TRYING to loose weight)
  8. I have Jeff's bread recipe saved in favorites, just checked and its still there, I really have to try to make it someday.😋
  9. Another form for our trip to Cozumel, thanks.
  10. If all the major resorts in the Caribbean can test for flying to the US, I assume ships could also.
  11. I just discovered that we have plastic luggage tags that are the right size for our vaccination cards, they are longer, but so what. Just an idea for everyone.
  12. I HAD to copy/paste and send to friends, hope you don't mind.
  13. My travel agent office had that on a pillow. Finally taking that advice and we don't even have kids, no sense leaving it to our siblings!!!.
  14. Hopefully, they will leave the kids with grandma.
  15. Sure glad that I booked an Aug cruise, things SHOULD be worked out by then.
  16. Well, I fired my TA since "$200 commission isn't worth her time", my Azamara Nov xing and 2 Silversea cruises for 2022 are her loss. I've put up with her bad attitude for too many years, finally today was the final straw. I booked Aug 14, our first sky suite. Hopefully all restrictions will be gone by then.
  17. I didn't know I could transfer it after deposit made------#@$%
  18. I could have booked my cruise on line at 7am in about 5min. but NOOOO I gave the info to my TA so she would get commission. Still waiting to hear from her an hour later, yesterday I told her I would be getting up early to do it. All she had to do was roll out of bed and turn on her laptop.
  19. I just hope all the assorted cruise unions start doing something to get all those s. FL jobs back.
  20. Another new email from Celebrity with a count-down until tomorrow, but still no actual info about flights by Celebrity to get us to St Maarten, guess we have to wait until tomorrow and make a last minute decision.
  21. Tomorrow is Mar 24, if I'm not wrong.😉 Of course you could contact your TA to stand by.
  22. 3 channels and you had to move the rabbit ears between them.
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