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  1. Plenty of days left for your luck to change! However, I'm not understanding that sandwich....cream cheese and spinach on bread is a good thing? Hmmm.... Can't wait to see what shenanigans you get into on your sea day.
  2. On our last cruise, I asked my husband if it would be too much for me to bring my own hamburger buns! Those buns are way too thick and always slightly stale. I blamed it on their supplier but maybe they're just old.
  3. Thank you for taking the time out of your vacation. I really enjoyed your review. I'm not a runner by any means but it was fascinating to see you stick to your goals during a cruise. My next one is in March and I will certainly take the elevator but I want to push myself to do steps more. I will think of you! Safe travels home and looking forward to the race review!
  4. I live in Hollywood and dine in Miami maybe every other month. It's rare that we tip additionally, maybe $5-$7 if the server was extra friendly which can be rare in Miami! However, I'm also not eating in super fancy restaurants so maybe that is a factor as well.
  5. I think I have this charger box and it hasn't been confiscated in 5 cruises. Hope I'm not jinxing myself for spring break!
  6. Just a coincidence. Same colors on Allure spring break 2022.
  7. What a fabulous, perfect day! I much prefer the authentic experiences like being in that packed mini-van. It did look crazy! Grenada is definitely on my list now.
  8. That was soclose! But you're now on a cruise so have a fabulous time!
  9. So true. I double checked the post header to see if it said Live! Good for them!
  10. So much going on! Best Live I have read in ages. Is Mr. IT going to be making steaks for Wolf's dog all week? How was your dog doing when you left? This is gonna be one hell of a week with your out-of-pocket travel mates! And even though this is CC, you can assure Dupable that many of us enjoy all of the shenanigans that lead up to cruise day!
  11. I think what others are saying is that anyone else would also have to go to the website and use all of the filters. There's not really a shortcut. This might be where a travel agent really comes in handy. And I'm a slave to the school calendar as well so I understand your plight!
  12. But you woke up on Oasis of the Seas! What a win that is! Don't be too bummed about missing the run.
  13. Oh, my. Your sunrise pics are absolutely beautiful. While ICON is a beautiful ship and I know everyone is having an amazing time, just being able to wake up on any ship and seeing that sunrise is wonderful.
  14. What a beautiful promenade. It looks like people just strolling around a mall!
  15. Baker's playing with both an ankle and rib injury so both have issues.
  16. We can find professional shots all over the internet. It's so cool to see these sights "with" you. Thank you for taking the time to post. I appreciate Bucky not being totally annoyed with it as well!
  17. Media sites are using Tik Tok videos to write stories. I'm sure they all appreciate the extra views. https://www.businessinsider.com/ultimate-world-cruise-passenger-reboards-after-days-brazil-trip-2024-1?amp
  18. Yes, please! One post and I'm already wanting more!
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