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  1. The latest on European cruises (changes daily) is starting September 15th, all guests have to be vaccinated.
  2. Interesting! My cruise is in 10 days and have received nothing so I assume there is not biding on all cruises.
  3. How many days before a cruise does MSC send out bidding upgrade solicitations?
  4. Thanks for your response. Just got off the phone with MSC Rep and they say the web site takes precedence and even fully vaccinated need the Covid test regardless of what my email stated. On a related subject, were you required to take MSC tours if you wanted to debark in any of the Italian ports? My understanding is you can travel independently in Spanish ports but must take the tours in Italy.
  5. The MSC web site currently states this about Covid tests: "NEGATIVE TEST REQUIRED*: All guests 2 years and older — regardless of vaccination status — must provide documentation of a negative COVID-19 test at the pier. The test must be taken no more than 3 days before arriving at the terminal for embarkation and the guest is responsible for the test and cost. Fully vaccinated guests must provide either a negative RT-PCR test, negative NAAT or negative antigen test. See below for more details about tests." On August 31st, I received the following email concerning my Sep 18th cruise: " All Guests need to present one of the following: A molecular or antigen test certificate, taken within 48 hours prior to the ship’s departure. The test is not required for Guests under 2 years old. A vaccination certificate (full set of vaccine shots* received more than 14 days before the start of the cruise. Vaccines accepted: Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson). *This applies also to Guests recovered from COVID-19 with one shot of vaccine, if their green/health pass is complete (or if they have all the relevant medical certificates) Does anyone know which set of guidance is governing - mandatory tests for vaccinated guests or the guidance I received which states a vaccination certificate can be presented in lieu of the test?
  6. You are correct but it doesn't hurt to get as much information as you can given MSC's frequent policy changes. In the course of the last few weeks, with regard to Europe cruises, MSC exempted vaxers from the insurance requirement, then required purchasing insurance only through MSC and, within the last couple of days, now permits 3rd party insurance purchases.
  7. Cruise Critic rules do not permit naming specific companies; however, if you google "covid travel insurance", I'm sure you will find many options. I am on a European cruise so insurance is mandatory even for vaxed persons - don't believe that is the case for the Caribbean.
  8. I spoke with an MSC agent this morning and she confirmed 3rd party Covid insurance is acceptable as long as it meets their minimums. I purchased 3rd party insurance at 1/4 the cost MSC was quoting even though my military retirement medical benefit would completely cover any illness incurred. But, avoiding the hassles as you put it.
  9. I am being quoted $426 from MSC for a 7 day cruise. I can purchase 3rd party insurance for $141 so I think I can accept some degree of hassle.
  10. I am trying to keep up with the insurance requirements for a September Med cruise. Previously the MSC web site indicated you were required to purchase Covid insurance from MSC. This morning the web site says: "TRAVEL INSURANCE REQUIRED: All bookings are required to purchase a Travel Protection Plan with coverage for COVID-19. If purchased from MSC Cruises, this must be purchased prior to making final payment on your booking. You must either purchase insurance through MSC Cruises or present at the pier documentation of sufficient coverage purchased from another provider, or you will be denied boarding." Is this a change or am I missing something?
  11. I thought that you were required to purchase insurance from MSC. To be clear, are you saying they will accept any Covid insurance notwithstanding what they are saying in print or did you book your cruise before this was a requirement?
  12. Were you required to purchase the MSC Covid insurance and, if so, was it checked at embarkation?
  13. This sure makes me feel better as I'm booked on a Sep 18th cruise out of Barcelona. Does anyone on this thread disagree with 8420PR's analysis?
  14. Good question. This is the reason I'm waiting until I'm within a week of my Sep 18th cruise before purchasing MSC insurance. By the way, they are quoting me $426 for my 7 day cruise in YC.
  15. Are you required to take MSC excursions or can you debark independently in Italian ports?
  16. Spoke with an MSC rep yesterday. If you are on a European cruise, you must buy the MSC insurance direct from them even if you have your own insurance. If you are in Yacht Club, the price quoted was $426 for 2 for a 1 week cruise.
  17. Could you answer a couple of more questions as we are sailing on Grandiosa in two weeks. (1) Is MSC requiring you purchase insurance direct from them or can you use your own insurance and; (2) does MSC prohibit you from leaving the ship in port visits unless you are on one of their tours?
  18. I'm not an expert on this so maybe someone else on this thread can answer your question. My experience was to become a member first and then ask for the status match. I also already had a cruise booked. Once I joined, I saw my number in Voyages Club and then was given a different number with the status match upgrade. All of this was done without any communications from MSC or my TA.
  19. I submitted a number of status match requests but heard nothing from MSC. Today, I went to the MSC web site and under Voyages Club and I noticed they did match my status from HAL. So those of you that are waiting weeks might want to check the web site periodically.
  20. Thanks, this will be very helpful. I am planning to pre-order 3 Italian excursions on my cruise departing September 18th; one would think MSC would indicate if a Green Pass is required. On a related subject, we are flying to Barcelona with a change of planes at Heathrow. From what I'm reading from the GOVUK Covid web site, transiting passengers are not required to take any Covid tests if you don't leave the airport. Can anyone confirm this?
  21. Yes, 72 hours. I did a dummy application for the Italian Green Pass. It asks for embarkation and debarkation ports among other things. However, the only debarkation ports you can enter are Italian ports so it doesn't appear possible to get one unless you are departing from Italy. I guess you could enter the intermediate stops at Italian ports and get multiple Green passes that way. I also read somewhere, contrary to your understanding, that a health pass from any EU country is acceptable through the EU excepting UK and Ireland, I believe. It is beyond confusing so your experience will be invaluable.
  22. I read on one of these posts that all guests, whether vaccinated or not, are required to have a negative Covid test within 712 hours of embarkation. Please advise us of your boarding experience on Saturday in this regard also what insurance requirements they are accepting. Thanks in advance.
  23. It appears that I will have to fill out the form 48 hours before flying to Barcelona. Then, possibly, again on the ship 48 hours prior to debarking in Barcelona although this part of it is unclear.
  24. Well, there is no way to enter a final destination port on the form unless its an Italian port. I tried unsuccessfully on a Barcelona top Barcelona cruise. So I have to conclude this form is only for folks entering and staying in Italy. Where am I wrong?
  25. I didn't get a communications either. If it wasn't for these boards, I would have shown up without the required test.
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