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  1. Thank you for posting this. Very interesting. It reminds me of a time when I was eating at the buffet on Cunard. I was approaching the sushi station and a family was selecting some sushi. A little boy about 4 years old was picking up sushi rolls with his hand, and rejecting some of them. I skipped the sushi. If this happened in the time of covid I would chew the Mum out for allowing it. I did let the staff know 🙂
  2. There is definitely an increase in the number of covid patients. It's very sad for the patients and families. The seriousness of what is going on has changed the atmosphere too. There used to be a bit of banter at the nursing stations, smiles, small talk about our families, traveling etc. I used to have long talks with patients (sit on a chair in their room and talk to them) and family members, and meet lots of new people. But almost no visitors are allowed now. Now it's just head down and work. I don't even easily recognize my colleagues now because of the scrub caps and PPE every
  3. I work in a hospital and I got the Pfizer vaccine on Monday. Most of my colleagues in the hospital have also been vaccinated now and everyone I know is doing fine. I get the second dose 21 days after the first dose.
  4. I filed a dispute with Amex plat over the insurance premium. It was a large premium because I missed the 14 day window for pre-existing conditions and the insurance broker had to use a lesser known insurance company called United States Fire insurance. I've read a couple of people did have luck getting their travel insurance dispute resolved in their favor. Has anyone else here filed a dispute over travel insurance.
  5. Thank you for that info! I logged in to CSR using your directions and found my temporary credit is now permanent
  6. Thank you. I emailed my TA to get the date she requested the refund.
  7. Thanks for all the info from everyone this thread. It's very helpful. from what I understand I cannot dispute a charge with the credit card company (Chase Sapphire preferred) until 90 days after my TA files for a refund? Or has anyone successfully disputed the charge with Chase in less than 90 days? This was for a cruise that Crystal cancelled that was supposed to sail in July 2020. I did not ask my TA to file for a refund until last month.
  8. I"m going to use them in future. The insurance company I used doesn't do refunds 😞 They will hold my premium until December 2020 for another cruise but I don't anticipate booking anything this year
  9. Crystal should process all the refunds from April. I"m waiting for a refund but not from April. It's ridiculous that some people have been waiting 4 or 5 months. they would generate a lot more support and confidence if they would do that.
  10. I looked at Chase's website and it says you have to file a dispute within 60 days of making the charge. for a lot of people you paid your cruise when the final balance was due (pre-covid days) you paid it way before the cruise was canceled. Anyone had Chase refund their card when it was longer than 60 days since payment was made?
  11. There are probably a number of people here like me who have large insurance premiums "on hold" that were rolled over from canceled cruises. I think some companies (Allianz?) refunded premiums from canceled cruises. The chance I'm ever going to be able the use the money I paid the insurance company is looking slimmer.
  12. sorry I was meaning in terms of a liquidation or bankruptcy. would it make any difference in getting money back for a pending refund (assuming it hadn't been paid out yet) vs. money paid on a future cruise. Maybe no one knows for sure. If I ask for a refund now I"m sure I'll go into a queue for 4 months at the earliest :(
  13. I appreciate the discussion of what theoretically would happen to a pending refund vs a deposit on a future cruise. How does a fcc factor in? Crystal canceled a cruise of mine this summer and I had not make a decision yet whether to ask for a refund or ask for a future cc (with the extra 25%).
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