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  1. Micah's Grandad

    Upsell Call today

    Way to high for an upsell to balcony
  2. Micah's Grandad

    Upsell Offer Opinion Sought

    Would do the deluxe unless the location is a problem
  3. Micah's Grandad

    Pacific Princess Dec 22-Jan 5th view on a small ship

    We were on the TA just before your cruise. First time on such a small ship. Crew very friendly got to meet quite a few performers and had some nice conversations. Buffet smaller than anything we have seen before and was limited. Nice having homemade ice cream. Did miss IC. Overall a very nice cruise but we do prefer a larger ship with more stuff to do
  4. Micah's Grandad

    LOVED our 1st Princess Cruise but..........

    We are Diamond on Carnival and few years ago decided to see the world and these days mostly sail on Princess. Think buffet on Princess larger ships much better than Carnival. Production shows far superior. Service superior on Princess with nobody asking us to accept 1x stateroom service. We do miss comedy club and piano bar but overall Princess is far superior
  5. Micah's Grandad


    Most Cabins on Sunshine do not. We also accumulate stuff we want to keep cold during a cruise and these days would not cruise without one. If you prop the useless wooden door open it will keep stuff reasomably cool
  6. Micah's Grandad

    Meet and Greet

    As it turns out Rosanne told me the coordinator is Lawrence Andrada and she forwarded email to him. Thanks all for your help.
  7. Micah's Grandad

    Meet and Greet

    We will be on the Emerald Princess next month and I volunteered to set up an onboard meet and greet. Just called Princess and lady I spoke to had no idea what I was talking about, put me on hold for 10 minutes and told me it was done once you were onboard. I know that is not correct. Than she decided we really wanted to host a cocktail party so finally told her I would get more info and call back. Can someone please give me a dept or phone number at Princess to get to where we want to go. Thanks so much
  8. Micah's Grandad

    Ship shows question

    Not totally correct. Shows are typically on multiple ships. For example have seen Epic Rock on at least 4 different ships. Odds are OP might see 1 or 2 shows on the Dream they saw on their last cruise.
  9. Micah's Grandad


    Kind of think that stopped about 50 or so years ago.
  10. Micah's Grandad


    Electric no way they would do wood fired on a ship
  11. Micah's Grandad


    The difference is Carnival Corp owns Half Moon Cay. Will say HMC is a beautiful island not to be missed
  12. Micah's Grandad


    You can drink as much as you want but you do get to pay for your drinks. they do not seem to know how to handle cheers while at HMC or perhaps they do not want to
  13. It might depend on the mood of the MD that week. Why would they think it is a good idea to change it depending upon the ship?
  14. Micah's Grandad

    Medallion on new Sky Princess?

    Probably built in but apparently still working on getting it working correctly. Wonder how many programmers have come and gone.
  15. Micah's Grandad

    Coffee Card Basics

    Sorry but I see no reason to roll over and be taken advantaged of.