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  1. On late port days they were ok with people arriving about a half hour late for early seating.
  2. Believe they are only available on non Guy burgers ships
  3. Seems like a higher and higher percentage from Eastern Europe. Find it a very interesting mix of people.
  4. Why in the world do people care what others wear to DR?
  5. Eagle beach is nice but lots of great beaches. We take island bus which takes us right there and very cheap
  6. At the same time they added more passengers they reduced the size of the two main lounges. Seems it would make for a much more crowded ship
  7. Between that and the strange drink specials at the platinum/elite lounge they have helped to reduce our bar bill by quite a bit.
  8. Thanks for the review, we sail on the Royal in less than two weeks
  9. It is the equivalent of 4 slices.
  10. They were supposed to replace it with someone else but so far have not
  11. We find it pretty much useless and toss them. Only useful one is first night BOGO at specialty restaurant but we prefer to meet our tablemates and waitstaff the first night.
  12. We have used it for me and DW For me we had booked a 4K interior they gave us o/v and upgraded to extended balcony. For DW we booked o/v and than used diamond upgrade to get a balcony. One was for Hawaii and the other was for a Journey cruise
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