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  1. Micah's Grandad

    Royal Princess -"good" choices in MDR?

    Thanks had no idea it was a member of catfish family
  2. In the long run they are better off with telling management what a great job the crew did via the comment card.
  3. Perhaps he could but from the other thread there seems to be some doubt as to exactly how much of the 15% they were getting. Makes me wonder if all of the auto tips goes to the crew as well. Have heard it both ways.
  4. Consider that as prices of drink goes up the 15% tip brought the crew more money at same time
  5. We have cruised over 25 times and have never thought to bribe our steward for good service and we have always gotten good service. The auto tips give them a nice return on the time they spend in our cabin (we pick up after ourselves and keep cabin neat) and generally see now reason to pay more.
  6. Has it been established how much of the 18% actually goes to the crew as pay?
  7. Micah's Grandad

    Missed paid upgrade, another opportunity?

    Would be very unusual to get a second call or email.
  8. Micah's Grandad

    Is the $50 deposit the best deal?

    I would agree with you on booking under ES but since the OP is unsure that the date will work would not book that way.
  9. Micah's Grandad

    CD On Carnival Conquest?

    We saw him for first time in October and not impressed at all. First time ever on a cruise since they created position of ED never saw the CD out and about on the ship the entire 8 days we were on it.
  10. Micah's Grandad

    Moveover offer Majestic 6th December

    Wow that is a great deal
  11. Micah's Grandad

    Is the $50 deposit the best deal?

    Than do not book ES. We book that way as we are confident the date will work for us but stuff does happen.
  12. Micah's Grandad

    Question about hotel and cruise transportation to port

    Train took about 90 minutes and made about 6 stops from Waterloo.
  13. Micah's Grandad

    Is Princess turning off their customer base?

    Their market is an older one and they still go after it
  14. Micah's Grandad

    Electronic Devices settings on board and in port

    We keep our stuff on airplane mode all the time.
  15. Micah's Grandad

    Mega upgrade

    wow what an awesome upgrade