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  1. True but our next two one in August and a TA in October are not looking like they will happen.
  2. Sure wish the cruise did not have to be cancelled. Were so looking forward to this cruise
  3. No way to know uncharted territory for all
  4. taking their people home to the phillipines
  5. Final payment date for our August cruise is now June. Gives us more time to decide if we want to go even if cruise does go off as scheduled. How in the world could they handle social distancing on a cruise ship?
  6. Make sure you do it in a nicely worded letter or email. Might not get an answer for awhile but in the long run they should make good on this
  7. I question whether our October cruise on Enchanted will happen. Until rules on social distancing end how can we go on a cruise?
  8. As far as I know the ship discharged all passengers in Australia when they ended the around the world cruise
  9. We can speculate until the cows come home but at this point who knows?
  10. We bought it at 18 about 10 years ago and got at least double that in obc. Still planning on cruising several times a year but with the dividends presumably being stopped for now it is not as good an investment.
  11. I wonder what percentage of the crew is still on board?
  12. I think the stock will come back but it will be awhile before they start paying dividends again.
  13. We will certainly cruise with Princess again. We have now had two cruises cancelled and they were very generous with cancellation future cruise creditsd. We will wait until things settle down before we book more but still have two others booked for later this year.
  14. We got confirmation a couple of minutes after completing the form
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