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  1. Christmas time is the busiest time on Rottnest Island, as it is our summer break with NYE. Recommend you pre book ferries for your preferred departure date & time and also for your return. Ferries are VERY reliable as our weather is not likely to be adverse, being our summer. Ferries depart from Perth, Fremantle and also from Hillary’s Marina, north of Fremantle along our coast. There are schedules a few times per day. The ferry from Perth will give you a great scenic cruise along the Swan River before getting to Fremantle , our harbour. The most popular means of transport for most people get around Rottnest is by push bike, these can be hired when you get to the Island. (Vehicles are not allowed on the Island) This can depend on how long you will be staying there for. For a short visit the buses that go around will be frequent and you should not have a problem getting a seat at all. 85% of people are riding their bikes! For all info go to www.rottnestisland.com
  2. I am an Aussie, you will find 99.99% of places here in Australia now accept credit cards for payment of just about anything, e.g, from a coffee to a newspaper,restaurant, tours etc, etc. Tap n Go is just as easily accessible too. ATM withdrawal with your card will give you the better exchange rates. Unfortunately our airport currency exchange outlets is awfully costly. enjoy your stay Jane
  3. Thank you for all that have replied, I have entered details and have been referred.
  4. Referral please. We have just booked our first ever Regent cruise, and it was confirmed yesterday. we would love to get a referral for this savings if US250.00 my email - janeabbott1953@gmail.com. Many thanks for any replies!
  5. Hi all I am back again. one reason for asking about Regent VS Oceania, is they BOTH do a 10 -11 night itinerary thru Tahiti in March 2020. This is an ideal time for us to do this cruise, and the weather is pretty good too. Windstar nor PG are doing 10 nights, they are both cruising elsewhere. Besides one does pay for all the extras on both ( from my research) I think costings are certainly set up differently dependant on where one looks from. I have previously booked all our cruises on U.S. websites, but our exchange rate at the moment is awful. Great rate if you are coming here from the U.S. !! (Note I am from Australia, so we do not get any significant airfare deals on cruise costs from AUS. So this is not a consideration) Oceania do have the 4 O Life inclusions, but, again, there are 200 more PAX on the ship. Cabins are much smaller, and with more cruisers that is enough for me to decide on Regent. I am now looking forward to cruising with them! Thank you for all your opinions, Jane
  6. Yes that is correct. I am in Australia and the O offerings are included in this Tahiti cruise. We decided not to go with PAUL Gauguin cruises, nor Windstar. A little too costly for us. Also Windstar does not do their 10 night itinerary in March. so gets down to Regent or Oceania.
  7. Good morning everyone. We are weighing up a cruise 10 nights Tahiti, March 202. Was fixed on Regent but then Oceania has same itinerary with inclusions quite a bit cheaper in Concierge cabin. Regent only have Concierge available too at higher cost. I keep reading negative reports on Navigator. But the ship has a few less passengers but the crew seem to be more personable. what we pull save on Oceania could be put towards some nights in a nice resort on another island somewhere. any recommendations and comparisons appreciated. We cruised Azamara Last cruise and enjoyed the smaller size with less passengers. thank you for any feedback.
  8. We will be on Journey next Sunday, and as I am enjoy a variety of wines, I am considering the Ultimate Beverage Package, just a couple of questions if anyone can assist. This is our first cruise with Azamara, we are Elite Plus with Celebrity. The wine list in the Specialty restaurants (as per website) differ from the Ultimate Pack Wine listing, per glass selection. is one able to select from the Speciality Wine list? or does one only get the wines on Ultimate Package listing? my reason for asking there does not appear to be the Package listed wines on the Wine list at Speciality restaurant menu. my partner is not too fussed so will not get Ultimate Package, is it a requirement both to upgrade? cheers J & B
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