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  1. No country large or small will want COVID entering from travellers. The requirement of a mandatory COVID test 72 hours prior to arrival may be a solution. My concern as a potential traveller is whom else is being allowed to enter a country I may want to visit. This is a once in a 100 years epidemic, as we have a saying here is Australia, “we are all in this together” let the powers that be direct us.
  2. I am going to butt in here. I reside in W.A. We have had NIL ...zero community transmissions for 3 months..then we had one in March, quickly eliminated. There are a few other states in Australia that are the same position. And tourism related businesses have suffered pretty bad, like all other industries. (Especially cruising for all of us.) Nobody wants to open borders IF there is a risk of COVID getting in. New Zealand has not been alone in ZERO community transmissions, most Pacific Islands are in this same situation, and they are screaming out for tourists from N.Z., and Australia as soon as feasible. Whether flying in and then eventually cruising in. Just google FIJi and Trans Pacific Travel Bubble. We do not have to go to Victoria to get to NZ from here. Same for other states. I strongly agree Victoria have to eliminate Coved ASAP. Im sure a vast number of us would go to Pacific Islands to support their economies if we were able, it’s not all about cruising, nor all about NZ. We are all in this together.Unlike NZ we have States where we are able to close our own borders etc. Note we have had to cancel a French Polynesia cruise earlier this year, and we will probably have to cancel the next one. Have a great day everyone.
  3. Hi Petoonya, I see you have mentioned your concerns re Windstar going “under” a few time’s now. As they are offering some quite good pricing on some of their cruises, this does NOT mean they are in financial trouble. If you have any information please share it here, and your sources, rather than speculation. I have been a TA for a number of years, 35 plus, (now retired) When things get tough out there in the tourism world, companies want to generate people back to their products or services, the best way to do this is to offer some great tempting prices. Over the years I have seen not only WindStar but other cruise lines extend some great deals to encourage passengers to enjoy their cruises again, along with airlines, Hotels, resorts etc. let’s support them as much as we can when we are able to. I was going to re-book a Regent Seven Seas cruise around Tahiti in 2021, but their dates do not suit, consequently always thought Windstar to be No 1 in FP, so will not be hesitating to book one of their extended cruises in 2021. Just a note..in the Regent Cruise forum, there has been some concerns in the Travel Cruise Media about certain issues, people posted links to these concerns whereas we could make our own assessment. Refunds are flowing back on the NCL lines.
  4. Refund to AMEX card today...phew!
  5. Update on where some ships are on this travel news site yesterday https://www.traveller.com.au/cruise-ships-and-coronavirus-ship-cluster-together-at-sea-with-crew-still-stuck-on-board-h1nynb
  6. Navigator. Sail date. 28 March FCC re booked 20 March for Feb 2021 Tax & Excursion refunded 25 March 2020 cancelled FCC booking on 2 April 2020 Refund submitted. On 2 April. for original booking. No refund 11 May.
  7. just read on the Oceania Roll Call, that French Polynesia HAVE now banned ALL ships from Entering their waters. Pax have received an email from Oceania. are now going to call Regent re our 28 March, departure. Gosh the whole world has gone into panic mode, let’s sincerely hope this does not get much worse for everyone.
  8. I would be very interested to see this announcement in writing in relation to Regent Navigator, we are on the 28 March 10 night ex PPT back to PPT around FRENCH Polynesia only . We have not received any advice from Regent. Every person must produce a Medical Certificate min 5 days before entry, whether flying or cruising. please elaborate your source. (there was a bit of noise about NOT allowing the big cruise ships to call into French Polynesia on their way north, but, nothing official about this yet.)
  9. To do an overnight in Bali is a wonderful idea. Ubud would be lovely place to experience. There are so many great driver / guide in Bali that could provide a private Tour, car, driver / guide and give you a bit of tour on the way and return to Ubud, or further afield. you can check different places in Ubud to book, there are many gorgeous villas and small boutique hotels to check out. Plus Ubud is a foodies heaven. I am sure this forum on Bali destination will have suggestions. I live 3.5 hours flight away in Aus, and have been there many times.
  10. Indonesia does not Have any figures on any cases. They have THE highest number of Chinese tourists in all of Asia. But They do not yet have the ability to test. Amazing ah? this comment does not relate to this Princess Forum, but is worthwhile mentioning.
  11. Thank you for responding, yes, we did WL the E category, as it was full. I was advised that if we paid deposit our WL will become a priority and the likelihood of E Cat becoming available would be much higher than F cat. , (and we were the only ones on the WL.) We have since paid in full earlier than the due date, hoping we may be advised of a cabin number. Our booking it is now showing as a GTY in E category. We will be happy as to whatever they offer, as we know the cabins are all relatively the same size, it is will get down to the Deck level. thank you for your advice. Jane.
  12. we are booked and now paid in full on the Navigator, E Cat, WL with GTY. We do not depart till March 2020, and wonder when we may be advised of our cabin. They have advised us that we may not know until we board. I realise that if E Cat is not available we will be upgraded to next Category. Has anyone had experience of Guarantee cabins on Navigator previously. How soon before cruise depart date we’re you advised? Or was it when you boarded? There are not many cabins left and only Penthouse & upwards only available now for quite some time, even for departure end March. curious as to how they work this. It is our first Regent cruise and are really looking forward to it. thank you for any replies.
  13. Christmas time is the busiest time on Rottnest Island, as it is our summer break with NYE. Recommend you pre book ferries for your preferred departure date & time and also for your return. Ferries are VERY reliable as our weather is not likely to be adverse, being our summer. Ferries depart from Perth, Fremantle and also from Hillary’s Marina, north of Fremantle along our coast. There are schedules a few times per day. The ferry from Perth will give you a great scenic cruise along the Swan River before getting to Fremantle , our harbour. The most popular means of transport for most people get around Rottnest is by push bike, these can be hired when you get to the Island. (Vehicles are not allowed on the Island) This can depend on how long you will be staying there for. For a short visit the buses that go around will be frequent and you should not have a problem getting a seat at all. 85% of people are riding their bikes! For all info go to www.rottnestisland.com
  14. I am an Aussie, you will find 99.99% of places here in Australia now accept credit cards for payment of just about anything, e.g, from a coffee to a newspaper,restaurant, tours etc, etc. Tap n Go is just as easily accessible too. ATM withdrawal with your card will give you the better exchange rates. Unfortunately our airport currency exchange outlets is awfully costly. enjoy your stay Jane
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