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  1. I just signed in on the Royal Caribbean webpage and our Nov. 8 cruise that had said “Voyage cancelled” for a few days does not say that now. Links to view our set sail pass and luggage tags worked no problem, Not sure what to think. 🤷‍♀️
  2. It's been on my bucket list for a while, too. We had it booked for next April on Radiance and they cancelled it about 2 weeks after I booked. Great pricing, low capacity...couldn't pass it up. I still think we'll just get up early and take the test. We can sleep later. There are so many scenarios.
  3. I had considered that. BUT...IF we test positive I’d rather be home than in quarantine in LA. I don’t think they will let us fly home until we have a negative test. And our return ticket home is from Miami since this is a Panama Canal cruise. If we were driving it would be a completely different scenario.
  4. This post sets my mind at ease a little. We fly out early on what is 2 days before cruise. We originally planned on taking the test the day before we leave which would be in the former requirement of 3 days. Now we have to get up around 3:30-4:00 a.m. to do 2 tests/calls so we can leave home for an hour and half drive to airport in order to have a date stamped 2 days before our cruise. I, too, questioned the after-midnight timeline to get the correct date stamped. It will make for a long day. And an adventure we won’t forget.
  5. Changing the flight is a consideration, but more than likely we'll get up way before the crack of dawn and do the ag card test on Day 2 before cruise (also flight day). We can sleep later. As someone earlier said, "Where there is a will, there is a way."
  6. I thought I had this all figured out and ordered the tests from emed so we could take them 3 days before the cruise and fly on the 2nd day before. Now that we need to take the test 2 days before do we get up at 4:00 am before our flight and take the test before we leave at 5:00 am? Or take the tests with us (carry-on or checked luggage??) and take the test at the hotel 1 day before the cruise?
  7. When I called in about a price change on our Panama Canal sailing from LA I inquired if there would be a 2 day cruise from Seattle to LA. I was told no because it did not meet the PVSA as it could not stop at a foreign port. That is also why there is no 2 day sailing from Miami to Tampa after the Serenade arrives in Miami at the end of the Panama Canal cruise.
  8. This sounds perfect as we have a cruise booked in Oct and another in November. However, my husband does not have an iPhone. Once in the app can we both be connected to the one login or will we each have to have a separate login?
  9. Are there any hotels that offer free parking if you stay there one night? We wouldn’t object to the Port Parking lot. I checked it out and seems to have competitive pricing. We are doing B2B in November. I assume we just make 2 reservations, one for each trip? No need to tell them we won’t pick up car after first cruise has ended? We usually use the Galveston Park N Cruise, but they don’t have parking for Adventure of the Seas cruises.
  10. Great information! Will be on Adventure in a little over 2 months.
  11. Thanks for the reminder to check-in for our B2B Nov. cruise out of Galveston. It has been over 2 years and I kind of forgot the protocol. : ) Easy-peasy doing it on the app!!
  12. I just checked my account and indeed I have the refund from our cancellation made a couple of weeks ago!! Although, I’m still missing the deposit back. Hopefully that will be on there soon, too, so I don’t have to call. I was surprised .
  13. 😂 I wish I could pack as light as Jack Reacher! Love that character! Agree with 3 changes of clothes, one being a swimsuit, but have been known to get away easily with 2. I think we have even done 1 set of clothes if we went to the Windjammer for dinner. Depends on how hot it is and if we spend much time out on the open deck.
  14. hmmmm...I’m thinking that booking with Air New Zealand directly will be worth the extra money. For such a long flight I want to make sure I get the seats we want. ANZ is actually quite a bit less expensive than we anticipated, so we’re still saving in our minds. Thanks for the quick replies!
  15. I will do that if we book through them. Is calling them as easy as making those reservations online?
  16. Booking directly with Air New Zealand is over $300 more than Air2Sea, so Air2Sea is a good price at this time. We have no problem paying in full right now with Air2Sea. If we pay in full right away will they go ahead and ticket us so we can choose our seats or will they wait until final payment date? Thanks for the quick response!
  17. We would like to use Air2Sea for one-way tickets from Sydney to Iowa with Air New Zealand in Nov. 2020. We will book Premium Economy. Will we get to choose our seats when we book? I thought I had read somewhere on these boards that with Air New Zealand you didn’t get to pick your seats. Did I recall that correctly? Does anyone have any experience with Air2Sea and Air NewZealand? Shirley
  18. How’s the weather? We’ll be there Oct. 26, 2020 and uncertain what clothes to take.
  19. Those are some awesome pictures! I’m following along to get new ideas for our 2nd Alaska cruise in 2021. So far, I like your choices!
  20. What is particular was bad about it?
  21. We just booked a NZ cruise on Ovation of the Seas for Oct. 2020. We booked a balcony on the port side. Is this the better view leaving Sydney and cruising up the New Zealand coast line? Or does it matter?
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