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  1. Seriously, abs are overrated. And famine resistance is underrated
  2. Naval surface warfare-officer. Pardon me if I'm off a bit.
  3. And that one has real meaning
  4. One thing is the fervent nature of opinion lately. I like masks, because they improve my appearance, but regardless of efficacy, I get sick to my stomach about the use of government force to ensure their usage. Maybe they help and I do wear them out, but...
  5. We need to start cruising again. People getting all cranky.
  6. A prostitute sells their own body. A pimp or madam sells someone else. Human trafficking contributes to a legacy?
  7. Maya Angelou. Wasn't she a madam before she became a poet?
  8. Still working from home. Lots of things off the round to it list. Becoming worried about the governor inciting enough people that Olympia sees civil unrest or the rest of the state seals us off. We're closer to trouble than people want to believe.
  9. We really enjoyed our Alaska trip a few years ago and want to do more HAL trips. Very interested in Mediterranean and South America travel. Are some of these trips truly exceptional?
  10. Hmm, I may bring my seal and book if I go on a long trip like this
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