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  1. Or Marburg virus, legionnaires disease, etc. The specious attempts at correlation are becoming hard to take.
  2. WA state not much better. As office working European descent folks sub 55, they haven't even put up a category for when we could get a shot. Will take longer to give the shots than it took to research test make and deliver the vaccine
  3. Nah, wasn't burned or had its windows broken. Should see Olympia of late, a wonderful town, all boarded up
  4. Saw her on Friday as we were driving home from Cannon Beach. Nice ship
  5. None have reached the level of mandating individual actions. To do so would indicate a facist abuse of power.
  6. Certain states will run any vaccine through their own criteria in conjunction with other local states. Because power is nice to wield. And these inter state agreements are expressly banned by the Constitution. So some of us will be forced to wait even if available.
  7. And just when will these restrictions be lifted? Two weeks has become 200 days. Always a new condition, hmmm
  8. Reluctantly canceled on the Nov 13th sailing week before last. Funds have been returned to my account already. Oceania has its act together as far as I'm concerned and will hope to cruise with them soon.
  9. No whites for me, 38B, 42B,38A for the Army. I do have the sword of an ancestor, eagle head, ivory handle. Very early 19th c. That would probably not be allowed on.
  10. We were 1st timers on a Miami rt, but we followed guidelines. Still can't get my wife to let me leave the tie at home
  11. This itinerary looks awesome. I will keep playing the lottery in hopes of financing the trip. 🙂
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