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  1. From port to San Cristobal is about .5 mile. some of it is slightly uphill but nothing bad. I have MS and while I get around decently, I don't do well uphill or stairs and I can mange it all right. The trolley takes about 15-20 minutes I would think depending on traffic. I am not sure as we have always walked, the trolley's tend to be pretty full a lot of the times but they do have buses too so be sure to stand at a trolley sign so you can get on either. It is about a mile walk from San Cristobal to El Morro...that is pretty flat though. It is about 1.2 miles back to the ship from El Morro, mostly down hill.
  2. I haven't looked at PIT, but keep watching. We have been from IND 6 or 7 times and it flucates from $330-800+ RT. We have a family of 6 and try to be ultra flexible so we hold off until about 6-7 weeks beforehand and that seems to be when they go down if they will.
  3. San Juan doesn't have any typical Beach bars like many islands (that I am aware of anyway). There are many nice bars in old san juan with some cool ambiance. Condado area has a nice beach that isn't too far but not the Tiki hut type beach. There is TONS to do in Old San Juan if you just explore though, no need for an excursion.
  4. There be many, many flight changes and price changes that far out. You could always rent a car for the day and explore if you got a later flight. Tons to do within an hour of San Juan and even in Old San Juan. We have flown to San Juan 6 or 7 times and flights are crazy...usually find the best deal by being flexible about 7 weeks out. For a family of 6, we hold off as we can't afford $800 a person that can be a going rate.
  5. The forts are amazing, that would be my top suggestion. As for beaches, There is a beach across from the Capital building (playa pena) that is the only really walkable one in Old San Juan. It can be rougher waves at times and is rocky. Further down (over a mile walk) there is Playa el escambron which is a nice little beach for swimming. Cool fish right there to see for kids and safe. Barrachinas to me was ok, a little high priced but not bad. One of our favorites is Pizza Rustica. They have things other than pizza but it is just a cool ambiance. We haven't gone to as many places in OSJ to eat as we are usually staying in Concado.
  6. Tons to do in Old San Juan...walking around and exploring is amazing. Lots of cool little shops, bars, restaurants...historic buildings, cobblestone roads, beautiful plazas and plant life. Gorgeous vistas. All walkable. one of my favorite places
  7. Definately too far to walk. I would say 2-2.5 miles or so. Pan-American pier is off by itself.
  8. I don't have any tour suggestions, we have rented a car to go when there the day before a cruise starts but El Yunque is amazing. If you like adventure, the hiking is nice. lots to see and gorgeous!
  9. I am not sure about uber...i am sure there is but there is a free trolley in Old San Juan. Here is a link to info on it. https://sanjuanpuertorico.com/trolley-old-san-juan/ The walk to San Cristobal isn't bad from port either. From there, it is a nice walk to El Morro too if you are willing.
  10. We have stayed at the Comfort Inn in Condado with a free breakfast. Waffles, the usual fare. It was decent and location is great.
  11. I agree, and they have other things besides pizza, we loved it...so unique whether you stay downstairs or head upstairs!
  12. Driving isn't horrible unless you are in the city. Then as long as you know how to merge and let others merge, you should be all right. Just be aware and watchful. It isn't any worse than any other city in my opinion and I only drive them a few times a year.. To El Yunque isn't as bad either. You shouldn't have any trouble.
  13. The National park's access pass works as well to get in free with whatever stipulations it has (I think it is card holder and 3 adults can get in free)
  14. we have walked around late at night and never not felt safe!
  15. We have found lots of Sea Glass on St Kitts. Our first time going there (we had read about it somewhere), we were a bit nervous and it seemed a bit shady. Having done it a few times now, we realize that it is absolutely fine. If you head out of the port area to the road, you will take a left. Follow that road about 10 minutes past the bus station. It will continue on along the bay. While it is not a 'beach' nor clean, there has always been sea glass to find. Even at high tide we found a good amount that had washed up on the sidewalk. Last two times there wasn't as much as the first time but definately take a ziplock baggie or two, you can find some nice frosted pieces in varying colors. Our first time there was the absolute best. There were a couple of local children about age 5 or 6 that were helping us collect and were very, very sweet. A highlight for sure!
  16. We went on an all day tour with Javin with My Island Tours last March and it was amazing! We were able to hike in the Rainforest, go down to some black rocks, go to a beach with TONS of shells and those comfortable could snorkel out, then we went to Cockleshell beach. there were other stops, some awesom empanadas and breads for lunch. We had a blast....oh and he brings his family's pet monkey. Highly recommended!
  17. Honestly, I really like both of them. If I had to choose one it would be El Morro. With the lawn out front, the gorgeous cemetary next to it and the views (make sure to look in the bathrooms) it is gorgeous! They are open 9a-6pm. If you went straight there, and got there when it opened you MIGHT have enough time to see both depending on how fast you walk and how involved you are looking. You can walk between them, it is about a mile straight down the road. They are both very cool and massive! There is a free trolley but it gets pretty hard to find a spot. Once at El Morro, it is mainly all downhill back to the ship which is nice!
  18. I have neoprene booties I like to wear if I am going to snorkel. Otherwise I like to wear Fitkicks.
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