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  1. I understand that Luggage Valet isn't currently being offered--but can someone remind me what the earliest flight departure time qualified for the program? I'm thinking your flight departure time had to be at least 11:30 AM. Hopeful that it will be back in place on Apex in January/February... Thanks!
  2. Thank-you so very much, Kreative, for the photos and great info! Happy Trails! 🛳️
  3. In Dec 2019 we walked through the Spa and onto that deck right before sailaway--we weren't sure it would be open, but nobody stopped us. A few other passengers were there, but otherwise it was empty. There was a tray of sparkling wine/bubbly flutes, so we enjoyed a toast. It was an amazing sailaway!
  4. Hi Kreative03! Enjoy your cruise! If you're able to do photos, there are several places I'd like to see. I've sailed on Edge and understand there are a few changes. I'd love to see photos of Grand Plaza/Martini Bar, Craft Social bar (formerly Casino Bar), the walkway on deck 5 between Blu and Eden--the one where you wind your way through all the interesting sculptures, and Sunset Bar. We're on Apex in January; we're interested to hear about everything! 🙂 Thanks!! Have a wonderful time!
  5. Date of Cruise: 12/8/2019 Ship: Edge Cabin #: 10124 Deck #: 10 Cabin Category: C2 Cabin Location: starboard forward Bed Position: by balcony Balcony Type: IV Balcony/Window standard Size: Balcony/Window View/Obstruction: unobstructed view Balcony Overhang?: none Magic Carpet Issues?: none Noise Issues?: quiet; near elevators but no noise noted Wind Issues?: none Connecting Cabin? Where Does it Connect?: no Suite Details: N/A Advantages/Problems/Comments: Very convenient to forward elevators and stairwells Would You Book It Again?: Yes Photos or Photo Links
  6. This thread is originally from July; of interest, this article was online today: https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/cruise-ship-demolition-photos-aliaga-turkey/index.html
  7. Just to follow up on my own post to complete the refund timeline, for those who are interested. Today, the balance of our refund is on our online credit card statement! So to summarize: Cruise date was to be May 22, 2020 Celebrity cancelled the cruise and we requested a full refund on March 24 Most of the refund was received on May 6 (43 days/31 business days). This was the cruise fare including deposit. Balance of refund received today May 14 (51 days/37 business days). This was the taxes/fees/port charges + prepaid grats. Previously we had received a refund for our Shore Excursions on April 4th (10 days after cancellation). We did not use a TA; we booked this online direct with Celebrity. In other news, United has refunded all of our airfare for the flights that they cancelled--we made our own arrangements and did not use Flights by Celebrity. Also our travel insurance provider states they will refund our travel insurance premium for this trip. I know many of you are frustrated and still waiting--I hope this info is helpful, and I hope you have good outcomes.
  8. Two successful refund scenarios to report--I hope this gives you guys some hope that your refunds will come through! Alaska cruise/tour, scheduled to depart Vancouver May 22, 2020/Millennium. Final payment was Feb 22. Cruise was cancelled by Celebrity on March 24. We requested full refund online on March 24. At that time it was stated we would receive refund within 30 days. Today, May 6th, most of my refund appeared on my credit card online statement! Yesterday (May 5) was the 30th business day. I check our credit card online this morning--no refund. I called Celebrity and quickly got through to someone who was very helpful. He stated that two specific $ amounts (equal to our deposit and our cruise fare) had been dispersed to our credit card on May 2. And he checked and could see that two other specific $ amounts (which exactly equal the pre-paid grats and the taxes/fees amounts) are in an accounting queue for "approval" and should be dispersed soon. After we hung up I got back online and voila! There were the two credits for cruise fare plus deposit! Recent transactions are quite visible on my credit card site, so there's no chance I overlooked them earlier this morning when I check before the phone call. I feel confident that the remainder will be forthcoming. I'll update when that comes through for those who are interested. Summit Caribbean scheduled for Feb 27 2021 Cancelled by me on April 2, long before final payment was due. We had booked this cruise in February with a $500 deposit. On April 24th, the full $500 was credited to our card in 3 odd amounts: $133.96 + $217 + $149.04. Note that the original timeline was supposed to be 5-7 business days, instead it took 16 business days. (Not complaining about that--it's understandable--just noting a discrepancy.) Someone from Celebrity did call my husbands phone a few days before 4/24 to apologize for the delay, which was nice and a bit unexpected. In all this I did call Celebrity twice--the first call was on April 2nd to cancel the 2021 Summit cruise. During that phone call, the representative did verify the status on the Alaska-Millennium cancellation/refund request and said it was "processing" but we would not see any refund before 30 days. And the second call was today's call. Both phone calls were courteous and as helpful as possible. I'm a bit curious about today's posting of the credit that apparently occurred during my phone call to Celebrity. Odd coincidence. But, hey, I'm very relieved and pleased. So far Celebrity has come through in a reasonable timeline. I'm sorry that so many of you are having a different experience....
  9. Yikes! Yes that should be possibly late in 2021 and absolutely for 2022... Thanks 🙂 (Can't go out in the time machine anyway right now---we're locked down)
  10. Interesting question! This year -- No, never. Next year -- Maybe. I would possibly book something late in 2011 In 2012 -- absolutely! For $25 I'd even do NRD.
  11. As the OP did, we also did a Spenser Ambrose tour to the Pitons of St. Lucia, and just had one of those perfect days! After we watched them disappear in the distance during sailaway, we wandered up to the Mast Bar. There we were enjoying an adult beverage when we happened to look back and were delighted to see the Pitons waving good-bye, framed perfectly by the ship. We took several beautiful photos during our outing that day, but this one, while not as scenic, is such a fun memory!
  12. We love the unexpected solitude and the beauty of the decks at night. This was taken during a walk on the Silhouette.
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    Test for how photo appears and text location
  14. We had Manhattans on the Edge in December at the Martini Bar. I'm pretty sure they were Maker's. Don't recall what kind of cherry they served. I had both rocks and shaken/straight up. I think we also had Manhattans at the Eden bar as well.
  15. Ah--great information! I've only been on S-class and Edge, so I wasn't aware of that! Thank-you so much for your help! Exactly what I needed 🙂
  16. Hi all, can't find this on the the M class cabin spreadsheet. Does anyone know about bed location in cabins 8035 and 8037 on Summit? Also if there are any problems with these cabins I'd appreciate that info also. And pics would be awesome! :) Thanks!!
  17. Thanks again to all of you for your most helpful thoughts, info, and beautiful photos. Jim_Iain, I followed your journey through Greece and across the Atlantic--so fun! (funny story, for quite a while I thought your name was "Jim Lain"--the capital I being a small L-- then I realized there was both Jim & Iain with the beautiful Gaelic spelling.)
  18. Thanks vtcruising! Very helpful, as always! The Edge info that you share here on Cruise Critic is great. Can't wait to be onboard in just a couple of weeks! Our previous port sail-in/away invites seem to be related to Concierge class--otherwise we're "nothin' special". 😊 Fingers crossed that someone will be able to post some current dailies from the Caribbean!
  19. A few questions for the Edgxperts! Thanks so much in advance for taking your time to share some info!! I'm curious about the Magic Carpet: On embarkation day, where is it "parked"? Is it a popular spot for Sailaway? On sea days, is it used as a bar? Is it located on the pool deck at that time? We're sailing 12/8. The MDR menu's for each night are on the app. Are these menu's generally reliable/accurate for the specific cruise? In the MDRs--are there two-top tables available by the windows for Select dining? On S-class ships we have occasionally been invited to the helipad to sail in or out of ports, which we always enjoyed. Is a similar experience available on the Edge? If so, what location? Who gets invited? There is an open deck forward, just outside of the spa area and seems to be accessible only from the spa. Is this deck open to everyone? Is it a sailaway location? In which dining room in the Concierge embarkation lunch served? If anyone is on the Edge Western Caribbean sailing departing this weekend 11/24, please post the dailies if you're able! THANKS!!
  20. This is exactly how it went for me. Our internet and beverage package showed up in the Order History and on our Xpress pass 26 days before our cruise. Just be sure they're on your confirmation
  21. You can try emailing your request to CelebrityDining@celebrity.com. Worked for me-- we were assigned to late dining and preferred Select. I heard back within 24 hours that I was switched to Select. Enjoy your cruise!! We'll be boarding when you're disembarking. Please leave her in good shape for us! 🙂
  22. In Concierge class we just go to the Concierge desk with our Reservation/confirmation number and ask them to check us in and print our boarding passes--usually quick and easy. We've done this on Silhouette several times with no problem whatsoever. I would hope that this would apply to Aqua class as well?
  23. Thanks for this info! We have Premium Drink pkg and Internet as Perks--so we never actually "ordered" them, we just checked the box when we booked the cruise directly through Celebrity. They are not in the Order History or on our Xpress Pass (but they are correctly noted on our booking confirmation). Should they be there in the Order History, even though we didn't place an order for them? Where on the Express Pass would that be listed?
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