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  1. I was lucky on my Vista TA last month. As a solo, I was able to get out of the GDR and the specialties within 70-80 minutes each time. I would have been frustrated to have to wait like you did.
  2. Food is subjective but while I liked VVs specialties, I thought O was better. But I agree with you about everything else. Very LOW chairs. Bedding subpar. Bathrooms very small unless you are in larger veranda. Hammocks are nice on VV though.
  3. VV even has a Modern Mexican specialty restaurant. I suggested this for O some time back but was questioned by people whose view of Mexican food was limited to Taco Bell. I liked VV but felt the food on O is better.
  4. I wouldn't think many---but I do think that many/most of the female passengers on board are mothers! Or Grandmothers/Great-Grandmothers!
  5. True. As a non-drinker, I can't really find any reasons to sail on a Luxury line.
  6. Not if you have very limited texts and downloads. But if you want to make calls, should sign up for one of the data plans since they include calls. I always buy the data plan because I upload a lot of photos and the basic T-Mobile Wi-Fi in Europe is pretty slow.
  7. " When you put a wet bar of soap on smooth glass, it will stick. In fact, it can be a challenge to pull the bar off that glass. After a few days our steward put a folded face cloth on one shelf in order to avoid the problem. Great idea!" I had the same problem. Ended up pushing the soap to the back of the back of the tray so that I could push it up from below when it got stuck.
  8. Yes, I will ask. Not expecting legal advice. Just post-Covid past experience.
  9. I am looking at booking an Allura Transatlantic in 2026 that ends in Rome. However, the port right before Rome is Naples. Do you know if Oceania would allow me to get off the ship in Naples?
  10. I try to get a hotel on the beach in Miami Beach. Not cheap but worth it. Uber to port is around $25.00.
  11. Interesting how tastes are different. I liked the scallops but the portion was much too small for all of the crust. I didn’t like the prime rib at all. Minor quibbles though.
  12. I would expect that crossing would be cold and windy. But maybe not. How far south is the crossing?
  13. There was nothing wrong with OLife. You could use the OBC for excursions and other things.
  14. Have you heard of anyone complaining up the chain about this Simply Worthless credit (that you paid for when you booked the cruise).
  15. Regarding the canceled excursions, it is criminal that you just lose that money. Has anyone tried going up the chain of command to get the Simply More changed to usable onboard credit?
  16. Except those over 18! I would prefer a 25 year age limit. LOL.
  17. VV app is absolutely essential. Pizza is great. Ice cream is decent. Some of the specialty restaurants are "different". Bathrooms in regular sea terrace rooms are very small.
  18. They also have kombucha if that is your thing. I drank a few of those a day. But came nowhere near making a dent in my bar tab.
  19. What does it mean???
  20. I love all types of Mexican--including Modern Mexican. The food in that article looks amazing.
  21. I think it is a generational thing. When I grew up in New Jersey in the 70s, Mexican food was not available. Italian food was king (and still is). Mexican food is so ubiquitous these days that that is probably the favorite of the younger generation (The kids I know in Tennessee would get Mexican every night). But O does not cater to the younger generation and it's not the favorite of the older generation that O does cater to. Virgin Voyages caters to the younger generation. So, I've changed my mind and I think a Modern Mexican specialty restaurant is not a good match for O.
  22. And if you have ever eaten in Frontera Grill in Chicago (Rick Bayless), you would know that being near the Mexican border is not a disqualification for great Mexican cuisine. FGMENU_DINNER-3.13.24.pdf (rickbayless.com)
  23. To each his own. Virgin Voyages has a pretty good Modern Mexican restaurant. Mexican is the second most popular Ethnic food in the USA. Top 10 Most Popular Ethnic Cuisines in US – All About America (voanews.com)
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