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  1. Two weeks ago the rate of shot went over 1/2 million shots a day with that number increasing daily. Next week in addition to first shots they will be injecting the second shot to those people. This will require a lot of inventory. And they certainly have not been given accurate information on past or current supply amounts. The entire processes needs to be straighten out quickly.
  2. Because they don't know when they are getting more vaccines they need to hold back inventory for the second shot for all those that only received the first shot.
  3. Because people need time off on weekends and holiday to get together with others and spread more Covid. Maybe some places are open 7 days but the Government workers that track the data certainly aren't. But seriously the places are running out of vaccines and not getting accurate information on when and how much more will be coming. This is making it really hard for them to plan anything. There is not much of a point working 24/7/365 if there isn't enough vaccines.
  4. Moderna said their vaccine should last at least 1 year. Hopefully Phizer's would be similar or better
  5. That rate will keep on increasing. The issue will be if production can keep pace.
  6. That should be no problem since we are already at that level. Last week 6.3 millions shot where given out and that was with a holiday(MLK) in there.
  7. Don't waist any more time with them until you try you CC company. That is if you used one. I have had good success with CC disputes in the past some were issues I didn't think they would deal with. Now if I have a dispute and get blown off or don't hear back I just go to the CC company give them the information and within a few days or sometimes a little over a week my reimbursement goes through.. A lot let stress. My only concern would be the length of time but definitely try.
  8. This is not true. A lot of doctors are still prescribing opioids. Probably most are allowed. At some point patients with chronic high levels of pain that require larger quantities of meds are usually sent over to pain Management. I don't know if this is a law, insurance rule or just the doctor comfort level. I know a person with severe pain that goes to a pain management. They need to give a urine sample each office visit to insure they are using the medication themselves. I guess they want to make sure your not selling it.
  9. Do I have this correct if we make it through Covid and cruising starts again you are going to want to see people back in mask? Be careful what you wish for!
  10. Maybe the best thing to do is to leave the shows instead of not wanting to be rude or staying because there isn't anything else to do at that time. RC needs to see which shows are not holding peoples interest. This is especially true up here in the northeast when dealing with limited ships and shows that run for years. That leaves us with fewer venues for entertainment so it is really noticeable when they are not good.
  11. I think it is the realization that the only time you won't be required to wear a mask on the ship is in you cabin, eating and swimming. Cruising is not going to be as enjoyable.
  12. It's absolutely OK to use leveling up as an excuse to take a cruise..
  13. So your saying we should get a balcony cabin in case we are stuck in the cabin because of Covid. I'd go insane if I was stuck in a cabin. We aren't planning on going on a cruise until Covid is gone. I think we are more afraid of being stuck in a cabin than getting Covid. Covid could become the next reason people jump overboard.
  14. Because each individual point really isn't worth that much in future benefits. If you miss a level by one cruise for not taking a longer cruise you will get there on the next one. It doesn't make any sense to go on a cruise that you don't think you would enjoy as much just to up your level. And that's why I think it should be at the bottom of the list.
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