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  1. From a legal standpoint it is much better for RC if something happens to someone under 18 if they are under their parents supervision than under their RC's.
  2. They would always come around serving us drinks in the Hot Tubs and definitely in plastic.
  3. I'd be calling RC back and escalating this until I got results.
  4. Plus, it will save you the cost of ever sailing with RC again.
  5. Found this statement on a site describing cruise ship capacity. The "full" cruise ship passenger capacity is based on double occupancy (2 guests per cabin). Example: Oasis 5,400 passengers at double occupancy 6,296 maximum
  6. One big way they fill the ship in the last few months is with up-sells. They can make a lot of money with a chain of up-sells filling all those higher priced cabins rather quickly. Then they are left with a lot of lower priced cabins just waiting for the last minute bargain hunters.
  7. From what I seen the cost for the oasis class ships is less out of Florida then either the Anthem or Oasis cruises are up here. Flights from this area to the Port areas are very low. Still for us we love how convenient Bayonne is for us.
  8. If you think in the future you will have an opportunity to cruise out of Florida I would definitely save the Oasis class for the Florida cruise. There are a lot more open venues on this class which is better suited for the Caribbean. The Quantum class(Anthem) was designed with more closed venues which is a better choice for colder windy cruises. With all southern cruises out of Bayonne the ships are usually running close to full speed. Another topic you should look into is what your going to do in the ports. Port Canaveral is a tricky one since the 1PM arrival limits your choices.
  9. RC probably figures there is not much of a financial or social benefit to them to have the M&M's now so they are not given that much priority. With well over 1,000 hosted each year and the low attendance I wouldn't be surprised to see these disappear to help increase their bottom line.
  10. Where's all the negativity coming from???? This is the final sentence in the article from the above video. "I'm going to be on cruise ships as long as I'm healthy and as long as I'm having fun," he said.
  11. Any storm can cause rough seas. Our worst cruise for rough seas was at the end of October. The Captain said the seas were 3 to 5 meters. I thought it was fun. Ships are supposed to rock although a lot of activities and shows were getting cancelled.
  12. It looks like Enterprise has a drop location right at the Manhattan port that does one way drops. You could save money by staying outside of the city and driving to the port in the morning. You would probably have to pick up the car from an airport. The drop fee is $100 but you should be saving this much by staying outside the city. It looks like this location is only open till 1:00pm but you may be able to drop after hours if you want to stay in Manhattan and unload the car the same day.
  13. Mostly this would be for an accident and stopped traffic, etc. If this happens I may op to jump off at #10 even if I think #13 is still reachable. Heavy traffic I would just use #14. We're usually don't get to the port until after 11am so traffic is not as heavy.
  14. There is a big difference between how luggage is handled by the cruise line and air line industry. On a cruise all the luggage is laid out waiting for the passengers to get off the ship. Generally with airports the passengers are already off the plane and waiting for the luggage to arrive. If you have easily identifiable luggage you should be able to identify your luggage as it first appears greatly reducing the chance of someone grabbing it without you knowing.
  15. Thanks for the replies. Depending on the situation it may be better to jump off at exit#10 instead of chancing going up to #13.
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