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  1. Refurbishing a ship is a big task to accomplish when it has been planned. Materials would all be ordered in advance. Trying to pull off an unplanned refurbishment in these times would be impossible to do.
  2. Times are changing! Not wearing a mask is considered "Topless".
  3. Chief, I see your have over 17,000 post. That is a lot of expert advice you have given us. I started reading your post way back with the Concordia. You would explain the reasons behind the decisions that were being made with the recovery of the ship in addition to a lot of the legal matters that were going on just as you are still doing with other topics. When I am looking through threads I always stop and read your post hoping to learn something new and knowing it will be accurate information. It is great to have a qualified expert on this forum. From some of the responses I know many others feel the same way. Thank you.
  4. They were all American shipyards. Now I think they mostly only build Military vessels.
  5. And a lot of the money was not repaid as it bailed out pension funds and unions. Plus the government was playing games with the stock prices they were using in the repayment figures. Not only is the cruise industry not American companies they don't have a super strong union to grease the wheels to get a bailout through since hardly any of the workers are U.S citizens.
  6. Yes, were left with what everyone is most concerned about.
  7. Mondays will probably continue to be really tough as the situation is getting worse. The 2 extra days of declining news leads a tough start for the week.
  8. Unless it changed I believe NCL's Pride of America is registered in Hawaii.
  9. Yes, same as all Hawaii cruises must stop in Mexico.
  10. Don't be too fast buying RCL stock. Just looking at the next month outlook for the industry it is not good. The stock has little chance of increasing in the next month. More than likely it will decrease. It is down 77% for the year and closed down over 30% yesterday. Pre-market trading have it trading up right now but don't let that fool you. It is probably a small bounce back from being hammered this week.
  11. I think it all depends on how long it takes to get through this. Once it's behind us demand will come back but it may take some time. And hopefully for everyone sake it is sooner rather than later. We just don't know if this will die down like the flu.
  12. It's definitely not a straight line to bankruptcy. Keeping the company whole would be the best way for the creditors to get their money back. After all if gets bad enough for bankruptcy the value of the assets would be extremely low as the whole industry will be in the same condition. The way things are going we may start seeing cruise cancellations and that would mean no revenue from those cruises until things start improving. Going with the FCC was a smart move. It allows them to keep the cash now.
  13. Plus, why would there be a bailout for a company that has a very low percentage of American employees.
  14. Because there are not 6,000 people stuck in a theme park for 2 weeks. Not much sensationalism about a theme park sitting there empty.
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