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  1. I guess if they have the opportunity to turn sea day into a revenue generating day they will add the extra stop.
  2. She can't count on getting her passport back in time so as others have stated she should travel under her current name and only use the passport for ID. This is done all the time. If it was a honeymoon you really don't have choice.
  3. I would doubt there will be very many cars left at the pier for a TA cruise. It would be too much of an inconvenience for anyone to get their cars when they return. Both with logistics and it's expensive. The lot is only open when ships are in port.
  4. The advice to use a travel agent in this situation is probably the best way to go. That will keep all the finance's separate. You should be able to find enough benefits from one to get you close to your onboard booking. And even if you can't if will isolate you from taking a financial hit if the other couple backs out.
  5. Ignore most of the replies. Contact the cruise line with your friends needs and see what their response is. Once you have this information your friend should contact her physician with their reply and go over her options. Her physician may prefer she get the shot at least once on the cruise.
  6. You could rent a car or small SUV and drive yourselves up to Peggy's Cove. This way you can go at your own pace. That's what we did and had a nice time. On the way back into Halifax we stopped at the Gardens in town. Driving is nice up there. Once you get out of town you hardly see any other cars on the road.
  7. Wasn't the helium pumped back into tanks and the balloon stored away before the hurricane?
  8. You do realize that RC was spending time and money dropping off supplies and transporting some of the people that lost everything.
  9. I would think a full refund would be in order.
  10. Finally they are letting people smoke on their balconies.
  11. Exactly, there is no escape in this case. Looking back the best option would have been to stay in port if possible. Hopefully by looking back over past decisions better decisions can and will be made in the future. Cruisers need to understand that significant changes can and should happen when faced with possible dangerous situations. It currently seems like RC is trying to be more cautious now. There is too much at stake if it is just left to chance.
  12. I understand that this side of the storm has the lowest wind speed. I remember when the ship left thinking to myself what is that captain thinking putting that ship and 6,000+ lives on a path with no escape when the weather forecast all were talking about the storm increasing in force. Looking back it seamed the cruise line/industry as a whole was taking too many risk not avoiding storms back then. I am glad they are being much more cautious now.
  13. On our first cruise my wife and I were wondering what the lounge was on the Explorer. I don't think I understood how the Crown and Anchor program worked until after our 2nd cruise when I discovered Cruise Critic. I wish I had discovered this forum prior to our 1st cruise. That first cruise was very overwhelming. Exciting and fun but definitely overwhelming the first few days.
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