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  1. Not at all. If you win the upgrade, you will keep your reservations and perks and will be assigned your new room.
  2. I agree. I couldn't imagine, I just lost my baby in a terrible tragedy but I choose to go on TV to blame a cruise line. WOW, if that happened to me I would have a hard time even getting out of bed each morning.
  3. My opinion would be no, not on the Dawn. I have sailed in the Haven on the Breakaway twice and Haven/Suites on the Gem 6 times and will only sail in suites as you are treated like gold!!! We just got off the Dawn on 6/1 and stayed in the suite and it was definitely not worth the extra $$$. The breakfast/lunch in Moderno is great but other than that, nothing special at all. Matter of fact, I think I saw my butler twice the entire week, he was non-existent. Not usual for all other ships that's for sure.
  4. To me, Haven/Suite worth every penny and wouldn't sail any other way. Once you book a suite, you are truly spoiled from then on.
  5. You have to try the Haven at some point! Its absolutely amazing.
  6. Yes and yes. If you win the bid, you keep all promotions you are booked with but will not receive any new promotions.
  7. Good luck! I have won bids in the past for barely over minimum so keeping fingers crossed for you!!!
  8. Great! Yes, if you win the bid for the spa balcony or spa mini-suite, you should be able to cancel your passes. If not prior to sailing (they will notify you one way or the other 48 hours prior to sailing) I think you can cancel once onboard.
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