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  1. Can anyone recommend an excursion that would be a tour of some highlights of the island and then drop off and pick up at a nice beach? I've looked at the Carnival excursions and don't see anything similar to that. We are 2 middle aged women who will be porting in Montego Bay. Somewhat concerned about safety being just us girls but willing to book through a private individual/company if I can get first hand recommendation and experiences. We have cruised and toured with private companies before without any issues. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  2. Are the buses on the he main street near the docks where the shuttle boats drop guests off???
  3. I was on a getaway last month and had $200 free play + DOU. The casino was crowded but not overwhelming. They called names for free play but it was like $100 or so. I think it was $500 the last night. We got cookies, strawberries and 1 beach towel, overall great time but personally I would choose the $500 OBC if it includes DOU, you can use the OBC in casino or wherever you want. But then again I never win drawings anyway.
  4. For those of you who have had a massage on the beach in Progesso what did you wear during the massage? Are there changing areas?
  5. I have priority boarding for a getaway cruise in April and I have an 11:30-12:00 check in time. Should I arrive at the port (NOLA) earlier than 11:30?
  6. We did a private tour booked through Tours Plaza in September and Victor was our guide. We had been to Cozumel many times and this was the best visit yet. He took us all over the island, to the tequila factory, shopping are, and to the west side (wild side) of the island where we had lunch and drinks at Coconuts. We ended up going past the 3 hours and just paid extra plus tips.
  7. I love the extensions! Only change to face cleaning routine is I don't have to rub off mascara. Had them for several months with no problems.
  8. Just looked at my luggage tags and boarding pass and it does have 'priority' on them. So, that's not an issue any longer.
  9. I've read where some people say they booked a getaway cruise and there was a drinks on us card for them and one for their cabin mate. Does anyone know about this?
  10. CruiseMomTx how was the cruise? I am going on my first getaway cruise in April and was also told that I will have priority boarding but it doesn't show on my boarding pass. They said when I check in and the boarding pass is scanned it will tell them. I don't know about you, but it's been my experience in New Orleans that the staff just yells at everyone to get in line and only looks at your arrival time on your boarding pass. I'm not sure if they have a special line for casino fares. I'm not able to select a check in time yet, but I will try to get an early one so getting in a special line won't be a big deal, but just in case I'd like to know.
  11. So when my passport is scanned by security it won't reject since I've changed my name on my social security card and drivers license?
  12. I recently married and changed my name but I have not changed my passport. If I book a cruise under my old name can I use my passport? I'm not sure if somewhere in the government world when you change your name on your social security card if it flags your passport??
  13. jcgld62

    Tours Plaza?

    Just returned from Cozumel and we had a tour with Victor. We kept him past the 3 hours minimum and could have spent the entire day if we had more time in port. We had been to Cozumel many times and this was absolutely the best visit yet. I don't remember who recommended them on this board but thanks!
  14. Eduardo was prompt in responding to my email and I have reserved a tour. It will just be me and my friend. We are pretty low key, but hopefully the guide will show us a good time. I was pleasantly surprised that the private tour was within our price range, they usually run above what our budget is. Looking forward to it.
  15. Thanks c-leg. Unfortunately there is not a role call for this cruise. Even the other page is very quiet with only a few members. I checked out ToursPlaza and I think we may use them. I've requested information. I'd really like a tour guide that will make suggestions of places to see, after all they know the island better than I do. Do their guides speak good english? We know zero Spanish. Thanks again for the recommendation.
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