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  1. You can buy them right at the entrance to the aviary and walk right in whenever you are ready to do it. Last year I think it was $15 for adults. It's right behind the flamingos.
  2. The steps can be a little slick and sometimes the waves are crashing against them, so you just have to be a little careful, and you need to swim away from them fairly quickly so you dont get pushed back into them. It's about 4 ft deep or so right and out from them shore a little its probably 15-20 ft deep. I think you need to be at least a moderately decent swimmer to do it.
  3. They've been on the Dream and Breeze. I would think they would be on the Magic too
  4. What route do you take? Do you go on the roads or is there a path along the shore? Thanks.
  5. I've enjoyed a Cuban Coffee there while watching the band or karaoke in the evenings.
  6. Last year we cruised with our two year old granddaughter and her mother didn't want to put her in a cab so we were limited to walking distance and ended up at Sunset Restaurant. They have an upper dining room at street level and outside tables and small beach area with entry into the ocean in back on a lower level. There is no charge, they just ask you make a purchase. We had snacks and drinks and lunch - reasonably priced and tasty, Not like a beach resort, but kind of the best option for walking to. We had a great day swimming, relaxing and enjoying the sun. From where Carnival usually docks (puerta maya) it was about a 15 minute walk with lots of shops and things to look at along the way. https://maps.app.goo.gl/oVoDJgLtHfuxLmvs5
  7. Paradise is definitely more laid back in comparison. We are the same age and prefer Paradise.
  8. No, it's just on the Spirit. Also, if a class shows as full on the app, you can wait at the door at the start time and get in if there are no-shows.
  9. There is no tram. It's about a 5-10 minute walk for mobile people. There are benches on the way where you can stop and rest.
  10. We sailed the Spirit last Halloween to the Caribbean and loved the ship. Really had a great vibe and feel as you moved around the ship. Not only does it have the Guys/Blue Iguana, but it also has a larger Red Frog Pub that has live music at night that we really enjoyed. One thing it has that your daughter may like is the Soul Play free art classes. Just make sure you sign up thru the HUB app on the first day.
  11. We loved "Bahamian Cooking". Its one block up from the port on Parliament Street. It's 3 generations of women making home-cooked Bahamian comfort food. Absolutely delicious. Prices were reasonable too. https://maps.app.goo.gl/CVxfKWzgLEuWWsfn6
  12. When our kids were smaller (pre-teen) we did five in an ocean view on the Elation. Two pullmans folded down from the ceiling and the brought in a rolloway bed. It was tight, but it saved enough money to allow us to cruise at that time - we had a blast.
  13. Haven't been on the Freedom, but have sailed on her sister ships Glory and Valor. Also have been on the Vista. I would choose the Vista because of more options for food and entertainment, specifically JiJi's alone would do it but also more stuff on the sports deck (ropes course, sky ride). Loved the gelato station in Lido Buffet, The Havana Bar, etc,etc.
  14. Our last crusie was on the Spirit with almost the same itinerary (HMC instead of Princess Cay) over Halloween and this is bringing back some fantastic memories. We loved the Spirit. If you want some delicious conch fritters, in Nassau, on your way to or from John Watlings (those Pina Coldas are excellent) stop in at Bahamian Cooking on Parliment St. one block south of the port. Everything we had was top-notch.
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