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  1. Are we mad? we haven’t booked it yet: looking to go on a transatlantic on the P&O Britannia in October. we have cruised quite a few times pre-child, and once with him last year (with 2 non-consecutive sea days). I’m just worried there won’t be enough to keep him happy: although granted with his autism he doesn’t need much, opening and closing the gate at the park is his currently favourite activity! on the positive side there would be 4 (maybe 6) adults travelling with him so we could each do a day in the kids club with him if necessary.
  2. Ah thank you so much everyone: it’s so reassuring, especially hearing from people who have taken Autistic children on cruises. We cruised quite a bit pre-child, but we were always “easy passengers” and never had to seek any help or anything from staff, so I think this will be a different experience! And a very good point about my Dad: he wouldn’t be able to stand in a queue and we would be booking together so I will definitely contact Head office to discuss options. thank you so much 🙂
  3. That’s really helpful thank you 🙂
  4. Hello! has anyone cruised P&O with an autistic child? We have taken him on a cruise when he was a baby and it wasn’t an issue then, but things are very different now and I’m not sure what to expect. Routine is a big issue so I think a Cruise will be good in that respect. His diet is very very limited though so that does concern me. Also the Muster Drill and getting on and off could be difficult. We would be looking to go from Southampton (during term time) as we would (hopefully) be travelling with my parents and one of them is disabled so I think avoiding a flight would be a good idea!
  5. Sadly not: we are in lovely Sa Coma (although I miss the ship - having to fold down my own bed sheets at night seems such a chore!)
  6. Just been doing a mock online booking and it’s only letting me book a single person cabin, rather than a double and pay a supplement. Is this a standard Thomson/Marella thing? would I just have to book and pay for 2 people and just have the 2nd person not turn up???
  7. Ah don’t worry, free 4g from my internet provider in port don’t worry :) It’s a lovely ship so I don’t mind spending a few minutes reassuring people :) The books seem to be a good mix (some passenger donated, others supplied by the ship). New and old (including new best sellers like Eleanor Oliphant is Fine) and a good range of factual and fiction. The board game selection is relatively good too if that’s something you like. Have a good holiday everyone: it’s a a good ship and overall really happy :)
  8. Mystery solved: the Attic is the Library mid-deck 8. Also connected to the gamer zone with PS4. Selection of books and games in library with no librarian so held yourself :)
  9. Other cruise lines might not charge extra for booking a cabin for £45: it’s a lot more expensive than that! Booking a guaranteed cabin is often a few hundred cheaper than booking a specific sub-category/room. It’s all the same just worded differently :) But back to the OP: never been upgraded for free for anything except a hotel room on a package holiday (from pool view to sea view)
  10. It’s always advertised as new to Marella, not new to the universe. Besides brand new to the world ships are notorious for teething and snagging problems: you are never going to get away from works being done Maintenance and replacement of elements occur on all ships all the time: the ocean is hard on the structure, as are large numbers of people.
  11. At least it will be light relatively late, but with a toddler in tow I doubt we will be out passed 6 anyway! It’s just a shame we will have to squash our sightseeing in to the afternoon. It’s not a big place is it!? I’m sure we will be ok with 2 hours... :s
  12. I hadn’t noticed, but I posted the other day saying the itinerary seemed different on the port timetables to what we had been told (haven’t had a change of itinerary since we booked actually...). What time does it get dark in Gibraltar? I was looking forward to seeing it, but if it starts setting early it will be a short visit!
  13. Even if you were right next to it the smoke would dissipate anyway in to the sky. I really don’t think it would be an issue. I’ve been on cruises where the next door cabin occupants smoked and I didn’t smell it at all. You will get more fumes from the funnels when they are stoking the engines.
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