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  1. We are on this sailing and are actually scheduled to sail at 3 pm although I see that Port Everglades says 5pm
  2. You can get off the ship whenever you want as long as its not before the assigned tag time. The luggage is unloaded and is piled together by the colored tags, so no problem being later, you just cannot exit earlier than assigned time.
  3. We are booked on a 21 day Norway cruise leaving Amsterdam that is also available as a 7 day and a 14 day itinerary. Will we be required to get off the ship in Amsterdam on our return after the first 7 days?
  4. We just got off the Repositioning Ft Lauderdale to Montreal last week. First load sent in the morning, received that night. Next two loads sent in morning, received next day in the evening.
  5. Yes, we stored any bottles opened in the main diningroom. We had opened a new bottle in Canaletto and they asked if we wanted to take the remaining wine so took the bottle back to our cabin. The next day we carried the open bottle up to the Lido and as mentioned as soon as we sat at a table a waiter arrived with wine glasses. Not sure how they know, but we were not questioned.
  6. We just got off the Zaandam last week and enjoyed one bottle from our package in the Crows Nest. The bartender even provided a ice bucket. We also took our partial bottle from the Canaletto to the Lido the next day at lunch and a waiter arrived right away with wine glasses.
  7. We caught Covid at the end of our August NS cruise and had to stay in Boston another 8 days, as we are from Canada. Filed with HAL mid September and just received our reimbursement check two weeks ago. Our travel agent contacted HAL in December and was informed it had been approved. We still had to wait almost 3 months to actually receive the money. Hang in there.
  8. We found this Viking duck on our Iceland/Greenland cruise. The person who hide them went to a lot if trouble finding suitable souvenir ducks worth keeping.
  9. Yes, Chai tea was available and covered at Exploration Cafe. Smoothies were also covered and listed on the pool bar menus. The Sip and Savor wine at $5 was not covered and milkshakes on Nieuw Statendam not covered as they are made at Gelato bar. Also the ' advertised martini tasting' at the Panorama Bar wasn't covered but the bartender made us several different martinis over the cruise and all were covered; chocolate martini, coffee martini, Appletini, Lemon drop. Just ask, the waiters will find you something that is covered by your package.
  10. Indoor only, unless you are actively eating or drinking. You can remove them at the pools , when out on the promenade deck or sports decks. Also were required on tenders, although your outside because you are seated close together. Always carried with us and didn't feel wearing them was an issue.
  11. Enlarged picture, just past Lee's Ave apartments, Peace Tower on Parliament Hill and across canal Chateau Laurier.
  12. The rain actually makes the Fall Foliage colors more vibrant
  13. On the Halifax boardwalk there is a Smoke's Poutinerie about a 10 minute walk from the Pier if you really want to try it.
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