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  1. "We've heard you loud and clear and today I'm pleased to announce that Windjammers fleet wide will be open for dinner!" My guess.
  2. On Allure Dec 2019 the staff in the Windjammer were a bit upset with me dumping the cups of flavored water or regular water into my water bottle. It is certainly much safer than putting your bottle up to any dispenser. You might have to take it to your table first but you can certainly load up on anything offered. Also would make my own ice tea starting with hot tea in the Cafe and a cup of ice.
  3. Coming from the UK you're going to be much better off buying consumables locally before boarding rather than bringing them with you. Unless you are very particular about brands or flavors. Stockpile what you can for food from the restaurants and room service when they're open for these off hours. We brought bottle soap and a little drying rack/ brush kit with us and washed all bottles and pump parts in the bathroom sink. Also did magnetic hooks and shower curtain to hang from the ceiling to wrap around the pack and play during sleep.
  4. None for ours for April. Curious if they'll offer the disney option as we'll have our little ones with us. The transportation only option would kinda make the bubble moot wouldn't it?
  5. It is the only place onboard I've seen them offered so bring a mug or bottle to fill if you need it throughout the day.
  6. Just heard from our TA tonight about this email below from Royal. Swapping our days around on our 3 night Freedom. Looking at the port schedules the best guess is Nassau can't hold more than 4 ships with the construction. Will be interesting to see what else shuffles around considering this cruise isn't until the end of February. Dear Guest, We're looking forward to welcoming you onboard Freedom of the Seas for our cruise. As we countdown to your sailing, we have an itinerary change to share with you. Due to a berthing conflict, we've swapped the days we'll visit our private destination, Perfect Day at CocoCay, and Nassau to ensure you have an enjoyable time exploring, free of crowds. While we'll lose some time Nassau as a result of these changes, the good news is, we're still visiting the same extraordinary destinations on our itinerary - just in a different order. We're sorry for any inconvenience caused by this change. However, we're confident you'll have an excellent time. Below, please find our revised itinerary. Day Port of Call Arrive Depart Fri Miami, Florida 4:30 PM Sat Perfect Day at CocoCay 7:00 AM 5:00 PM Sun Nassau, Bahamas 8:00 AM 5:00 PM Mon Miami, Florida 6:00 AM Day at CocoCay is a private destination unlike any in the world. While there, lounge in the Caribbean's largest freshwater pool, Oasis Lagoon, or take the plunge down North America's tallest waterslide, Daredevil's Peak! Soar to new heights on Up, Up & Away or just unwind at your leisure. In Nassau, the Bahamian capital, you're never more than a few steps away from rhythmic percussions, appetizing flavors, and some of the clearest waters in the world. This picture-perfect paradise was once a pirate's haven¿ and you can explore its colorful past of buccaneers, blockade-runners, and bootleggers along historical streets and at the three colonial fortresses that line the shores. Whether you're looking for thrills or simply want to chill, these ports have something for everyone! Our Shore Excursions team will automatically reschedule any pre-paid Royal Caribbean International shore excursions affected by this change. In the next few days, your updated tour information will be e-mailed to you. In the meantime, feel free to browse all the exciting shore excursion options for your sailing in Cruise Planner. Thanks for your understanding. We can't wait to welcome you onboard Freedom of the Seas!
  7. On some other ships I have seen the family rooms in both interior and ocean view. These hold like 5 or 6 with some of them having bunk beds. An internet search came up with these ship classes: Radiance, Voyager, Freedom, Oasis (as well as Vision of the Seas, Rhapsody of the Seas, and Enchantment of the Seas)
  8. They must be rolling out out by ship. I don't think it's correlated with the adventure dry dock but who knows...
  9. Oddly enough only my Adventure cruise next September has an interface that looks like this. My 3 earlier cruises between now and then don't.
  10. Looks like royal IT is at it again. Was browsing the cruise planner for a Bermuda cruise next year and suddenly got a new interface. The highlighted excursion has this when you click on it . I can't wait to meet the Buddhists of Bermuda! Local Life Experience Day 3 - ROYAL NAVAL DOCKYARD,BERMUDA Day 4 - ROYAL NAVAL DOCKYARD,BERMUDA From $83.99 / per adult $94.00 onboard $56.99 / per child $64.00 onboard (10% OFF)PRE-CRUISE SAVINGS Reserve Availability Day 3 2:00 pm Day 4 10:00 am Duration 3hr Activity Level Strenuous This tour is not recommended for guests with pre-existing medical conditions such as... Read more Restrictions Maximum weight: 300 pounds Overview Explore the historical town of Chachoengsao, home to extraordinary Buddhist temples, Chinese shrines, and interesting markets. Drive through the towns picturesque countryside until you reach Klong Suan Market. Situated on the banks of the Prawetburirom Canal, this market, which dates back to King Rama V, offers a glimpse into the city’s nostalgic past. Continue on to the sacred Phra Phutthasothon, or Luang Pho Sothon, the center of spiritual faith of the local community. BP37 Highlights Sailing Catamaran Cruise: Enjoy the sea breeze and island sites with casual commentary from your crew. Lively Return Cruise: Enjoy unlimited Rum Swizzles and music as you cruise back to your ship. At your leisure: Anchor at a secluded cove, with the freedom to relax on-board, swim, snorkel, kayak or paddleboard.
  11. Very true. With the no solo supplement sale earlier it was probably cheaper to put 2 in a cabin then book another solo. Definitely ran into this issue of higher categories trying to find connecting cabins.
  12. Yes 2 cabins. You do realize that you and your wife get level matching? As a couple you get the level of the person with the most points. So the one of you with the most cruise points you should put in the solo cabin. Put everyone else in the other one for a total of 2 cabins. Unless you really need 3 cabins in the end.
  13. This. Just did the same putting me in one cabin and my wife and 2 kids in another for 2 cruises. One connecting and the other across the hall.
  14. Maybe it's more product differentiation. They have Brillance scheduled there too doing similar Mexico runs. Might have decided there isn't enough market for both ships to be doing similar things on just slightly different days.
  15. It seems as though a ton of these cruises no longer have a solo supplement. Do we still get the extra solo point with these fares as long as we're in a 2 person cabin not a solo only?
  16. Here are the fees collected by the Bahamas "Departure Tax (Passenger Tax) Passenger Tax is collected from all persons departing for a port outside The Bahamas. This tax of BS$25.00 and BS$18.00 by cruise ship is collected from every person" I wonder if you pay for every island. Nassau, Freeport, CocoCay. Then the ship pays for dockage, shore side staff, longshoremen, pilots etc.
  17. The cases they just had they offloaded the whole party in Freeport (where they happened to be). Then flew them home on private plane and then transported them to their house. The articles used "home" a lot in talking about where they were taken. Not sure which home that is. Their house or somewhere else?
  18. It really depends on your interests. For me I like a mix of beach sitting, sight seeing, and some local cuisine on my port days. With Cococay and Labadee you essentially get just a beach day. Also there are a ton of itineraries that go to them. For me Allure has the best itinerary as it goes to more out of the way places that have more options in things to do. The ships have some differences but unless there is something that is very important to you that one has versus another it wouldn't matter to me. They're all roughly the same. With 2 sea days any of them have more than enough to keep you quite occupied.
  19. If the system isn't up at any of the bars on the island they will write down your info on a pad to punch in when they get back aboard
  20. I would say get there a couple of days early if you can then you can enjoy more of the island before the cruise. Don't be afraid to get a rental car and go out of San Juan for a couple of days before the trip. Puerto Rico is a great island with history, beaches, rain forest, bioluminescent bays, terrific food and culture. Many cruises stop in San Juan but it is much tougher to see the rest of the island during a stop. Old San Juan can be done in the hours on embarkation day if you wish. Chocobar Cortes is one of our go tos whenever we are there. Barrachina has a great Flamenco show if you're in town for dinner. Explorer was my first cruise and it was during a major hurricane and we still had a great time. For active things there is the FlowRider and also the ice rink that are pretty cool.
  21. Perhaps you can contact a local boat to take your group out once you've arrived there.
  22. You should probably edit and blur out your portion of the CVS texts to be safe.
  23. There is also the Walgreens there too. My favorite is going to Chocobar Cortes. Their regular food is quite good if you don't like chocolate.
  24. This has certainty piqued my curiosity. Where was it and which air force?
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