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  1. Good morning all. Thanks Rich. I made vegetarian lasagna once in Dutch ovens fir a special event. Because half of the family were vegetarian it was made clear that the menu had to be too. I used a lot of red cabbage and ended up with several who chewed me out for adding meat. Don’t know if it was the red color or the texture but they were sure I messed up. Once they believed there was no meat in it the food disappeared with no leftovers.
  2. Thanks Rich and all that contribute. My last cruise was on the Rotterdam through the Panama Canal. I think it was the last time any ship went through the canal with passengers. I’ve been through the canal before and tried to take pictures of the locks opening and closing but they are so massive it didn’t photograph well. This time I was with my son and granddaughter. I love that cruise. I just enjoyed the view and the company. If I had known when we were passing through that it would be the last time for a long time I may have savored it more.
  3. Navigator just told me I have to wait 129 days 9 hours and 27 minutes.
  4. Second attempt at posting. Cyberspace ate my last one. Thanks Rich and all who contribute. The winds have changed and we are socked in with smoke from the bootleg wildfire not far away. The smoke has hidden the sun and we do not even have shadows. At least the moon was beautiful last night as the smoke came in. Bright red and full.
  5. Wow, it will be a memorable cruise getting to meet so many famous people.
  6. Thanks Rich for the Daily. Thanks everyone that takes part here. I too am looking forward to seeing you guys in Dec. Camilla is so cute. All this grandma has is four teenagers so I’m past the sweet baby kisses stage. I am looking forward to hearing about the first cruises. I see that Lisa has started her blog of the journey.
  7. Thank you for your live report. I am so excited that cruising is back. Cant wait to hear all about it.
  8. Good morning all. Thanks Rich for our Daily and thanks Roy and all who contribute. Today I am being brave and driving into town for lunch with a friend. It’s a new place I’ve not been to yet but have heard it’s good. Then I will try to get one project done on my “town to do list”. It was cold this morning, down to 52. Is it fall already? And the fires still rage. The bootleg fire has gotten so big it has combined with two others. At least we are sharing with the rest of the nation. I hear New York is enjoying great sunsets due to our smoke.
  9. When we cruised with my granddaughter we just told the cabin stewards she was going to sleep in the tree house. I do know the mattress is very thin up in the top bunk but she enjoyed being up and out of the way when we got up early and she slept in. It does make more work for the room stewards as it is hard to make the bed but does add so much more living space.
  10. Thanks Rich for the Daily. And thanks to all who contribute daily to our family news letter. I’ll pass on the drink. Too many raw eggs in one glass. JazzyV I did love your hat yesterday and hope your eye has improved today. Roy I am thinking of you and your busy schedule. Be safe and let us know how it comes out. Happy birthday. Happy anniversary. Today I will be me.
  11. Good morning all. Quiet day here. I think the most excitement today will be reading the Daily. Thanks all.
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