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  1. Thanks Cat for checking in on me yesterday. I have been battling winter introducing itself. I woke to ten degrees and trailer had frozen pipes. Today I get my 4 wheel drive serviced and a tire rotation in preparation for a trip with my trailer to parts unknown but warmer. Here is my sunrise from yesterday. Today I was driving into town.
  2. Soon my sister and bil will be here for a visit. I am excited to see them. I have my little trailer pulled out of the barn and set up for their visit. What more can they ask for then a room with a view. And dinner of course. Happy anniversary and birthday. Thanks Rich and everyone.
  3. I found this postcard from the old Statendam. Cancelation is from the Canal Zone in 1969. Card sounds like it was a long trip but fun.
  4. Good morning all. Woke before sunrise as I was worried about the temperatures. This weekend we could see eleven degrees over night. We are in for a cold stretch. I am hoping I got everything fixed right for the cold. Thanks Rich and everyone for keeping this thread so encouraging and fun.
  5. Went out and snapped a picture. Quite a production next door. I was amazed to see all that went into pouring a garage floor.
  6. Thanks Rich for the daily. Thanks Roy. And everyone who contributes. Up early as they seem to be pouring the garage floor and have quite a crew already at seven. Guess I will need to find a project to distract from the noise. I didn’t know you could pour when the temperature was below freezing. Yes it’s getting to be winter. This weekend will see our first teen temperatures. Time for a cruise.
  7. Good morning all and thanks for the daily. Walking the dog today I caught this sunrise to share with Roy and everyone.
  8. Thanks everyone for this daily, from Rich and Roy to all who contribute. My sister requested meatloaf as her meal of choice when she and my bil visit this week. She says hers doesn’t taste like our Mother’s and she wants to see what I do different. No pressure, first time they have been to visit my little cabin on the river. This will be the only dinner I have made her in years as she is a gourmet cook and does all the cooking for family holidays. It better be a perfect meatloaf.
  9. Thanks Rich for the daily. You always surprise us with the most interesting choices. Today is looking to be a good day for a short kayak adventure. Thanks everyone for posting.
  10. Good morning all. So glad your luggage arrived and in good condition. Thanks Rich for the daily. Thanks everyone for all the posts. Please keep the s word north of the boarder, I’m not ready for summer to be over yet.
  11. Good morning all. Thanks Rich. As always, thanks for the care list Roy. Beautiful here with the sunshine but today there was ice on the windshield.
  12. Good morning all. Thanks Rich, and all. Today is get serious about getting a flu shot day for me. They have been hard to find in stock and I heard my local clinic just got them again.
  13. I am thankful of the rain we are getting. It started last night and should rain all day. We haven’t had any rain in months and months so this is good for stopping the fires. Thanks for the daily Rich and happy thanksgiving.
  14. Good morning all. Thanks Rich for the daily.
  15. Good morning all. Thanks Rich. Looking forward to your next travel update Roy. Curious to hear if any of your methods worked for skunk removal. I think going up in a hot air balloon is one thing I haven’t done. Maybe another number to add to my bucket list.
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