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  1. Rich, thanks for the daily report. I made it to Florence for two nights. Happy birthday and hello to all. That is one cute dog. Love the flower pictures; and the sun pictures Roy.
  2. Tomorrow is a travel day. I will arrive at the coastal town of Florence Oregon. It will be my first sight of the ocean since we got off our cruise March 11. Thanks Rich for all the information. I look forward to your report each day. Hi everyone.
  3. My travels have brought me to Albany Oregon and today I saw workers in the fields picking blueberries. I sampled some fresh off the vines of a friends and got fresh tomatoes. I have been dreaming about fresh tomatoes so tonight I’m having tomatoe sandwiches for dinner.
  4. Thank you. I think it will be cooler and easier to handle while traveling. They said they cut off about 16 inches and five pounds. When I pass a mirror my image does not look like me. Guess I’ll get used to it.
  5. As always it’s a joy to check in here. Tomorrow is another travel day for me and my trailer.
  6. Thanks Rich for doing the daily even on a holiday. We do appreciate all you do.
  7. Thanks Rich for all the information. So glad for all the good news, pod recovery, dog return, chocolate, and good doctor reports. Today my sister is taking me to get my hair cut. I think it’s been 19 years since I got it cut. I will either be crying or cheering this evening. Wine either way.
  8. Thanks for the daily report Rich. Today I hook up the trailer and head out. First land trip alone in 28 years. Well at least the dog will keep me company and I will get to see old friends and family. I may even treat myself to a meatball sub tonight.
  9. Thanks Rich. Hi to all. I think I’m basically packed. I’m going to Washington to visit sister. I’m bringing my trailer so easy to social distance. My dog gets all my real hugs right now.
  10. Thank you. No kayaks this trip but son came for a visit and we spent most of Saturday exploring up river. He says we clocked in over seven miles total for the day. That’s a lot for these old bones.
  11. Thank you Rich. Love tapioca pudding. Getting ready for a land cruise to Puget Sound and then down to the southern Oregon coast. First major trip alone and with my new trailer. Nervous about what the governor might close now. Numbers are up for our state and my reservation is at a state park.
  12. Thanks Rich for all the information. I was interested to see the Maasdam moving today. I booked Alaska in May on her. I hope she isn’t going relating to her sale. All of the meal suggestions sound wonderful but the name of the wine reminds me of dirty dinner plates and I don’t worship dirty dishes.
  13. Thanks Rich. As always you provide great information.
  14. Congratulations. Hope there is one you can grab and enjoy.
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