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  1. Looking at the original post - isn’t Millenium in the Caribbean in Feb 22 ?
  2. We have sailed Celebrity several times from Rome & Venice and no form was needed as the legal drinking age is 18
  3. Thanks for all your replies Think the plan is now to fly on the Thursday from London to Orlando and stay in an airport hotel . Will then get an early flight on Friday to San Juan and have an overnight there ready for the Saturday cruise
  4. My next cruise is Summit from San Juan on a Saturday . We will probably be flying from Orlando. Does anyone have advice about flying the morning of the cruise for an 8.30pm departure or do you normally go out the day before ?
  5. I’ve already transferred to a US travel agent
  6. If you book on board and then see a lower price online do you lose the additional obc you receive for booking with future cruises
  7. Is this from one of the bars or the coffee shop ?
  8. I sail in less than two weeks yet there is no information in the App yet . When can I expect it to be updated . Anticipation is killing me
  9. Sounds like you may have bought a cruise only deal as if it included perks it would be in your confirmation
  10. Looks like I’ll be spending more time in the martini bar then 🍸
  11. Anyone who has been on recently tell us what shows and entertainers have been on board . Hoping to see something new this time
  12. Interesting ! We also had mini bar charges appear on our paper bill when we had not used anything . And you have to ring USA to get a refund . How can so many ‘mistakes’ occur
  13. Just got off infinity and didn’t see one person tipping - there is no need as you are already paying 20% gratutity
  14. Interestingly I was in the same cruise as you but never saw bikinis or bare chests in the buffet ! Agree with you about the ports but thought that there were far more beggars in Naples Think the comment about but Lin’s is a bit harsh as most of the time there was just back ground music and a beautifully empty ship . The ‘entertainment’ in deck was only towards the end of the afternoon. We we went to the quiz everyday at 4. Which was a great break from the heat . Didnt see anyone dressed inappropriately at 2nd sitting and table next to us were
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